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My Life As A Se.x Slave – Episode 4

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Chapter 4 {An escape, A deal}





By Ifeoluwa





Genre:- Erotica romance. Enjoy .




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Noted, that this story is Rated



Gloria’s pov


When I regained consciousness I was in the hospital.


With every part of my body aching.


I sat upright on the hospital bed and tears fell down my face.


What have I done to deserve this? Why me?


He dosen’t care, I don’t matter, why all this bad treatments.


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But, this seems to be the perfect time for me to escape.


I looked around the room and no one was with me.


This is it, Gloria wisen up. I tore off the drip tube which was in my hand.


It was a bit painful yes, but it’s nothing compared to what I’ve gone through from that animal.


I slowly walked towards the door as my feet and my thighs were in pain.


Gloria be smart! You need to do this right.


I reached for the door knob and silently opened the door, fortunately no one was at the entrance.


No bodyguard at all, this is it Gloria, I took to my heels and started running, I felt a surge of pain all over my body but that doesn’t matter as long as I can escape this hell.


“Ma’am where are you going to?” One of the nurses asked but I ignored her and kept running as fast as I could.


Finally, I was able to make my way out of the hospital and kept running to anywhere my feet could get me.


I have no one, no family but myself and of course Bianca.


I need to let her know about this, she’s the only one that can help me.




Robert’s pov



While rushing her to the hospital all my thoughts were centred on how to save her and plead for forgiveness.


I know I wronged her but she caused it she got me angry.


When I have never done any wrong towards her.



We arrived at the hospital and was taken in for medical care.


Thankfully she was saved by the doctors and it calm my worries.


I returned back home the next morning to prepare for work.


I just couldn’t stop thinking about her, I just wish she doesn’t hate me for this.


I strongly hope so.


I entered my room only to find Bianca lieing on my bed seductively.


Her brown skinned body so tempting and beautiful.


Her bright smile so captivating.


My jaw dropped at the sight of her body.


She bit her lower lip and winked at me.


My body couldn’t help but to respond to her calling.


I started moving slowly as she used her hands to signal to me to come closer.


This is really tempting I thought, she silently chuckled maybe by my actions.


I moved closer to the bed and she spread her legs wider with her p***y visible enough for me to see.


My body can’t resist this temptation.


I climbed on the bed and slowly crawled on her.


“Hmm… I thought am not your type.” She said sweetly.



“You really are so tempting.” I said while glaring at her face. She giggled and went for my button, I stopped her midway and moved my face closer to her’s.


“You are really good looking but what can I do, I really want to be inside you with what I’ve seen but, funny enough the only person I can think of is Gloria, you are not my type b*tch!” I yelled at her and she gave me a look of spite.




“No buts, out of my bedroom now.” I shouted stopping her from talking.


“Am sorry.” She said and rushed down from my bed and ran out.


This is so funny, I thought women are supposed to help women but how come they are always against each other.


Her fellow woman is in hospital and this is all she can do.


I really hate her, I despise every of her actions.


Later that day I decided to visit Gloria at the hospital but to my surprise all I could hear from the doctors were that she ran away.

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“She ran away?” I asked one of the doctors confused.


“Yes sir, we are really sorry ” he responded which got me annoyed.


“You are sorry? You are sorry, just know that if I can’t find her you will all pay.” I threatened and exit the hospital extremely grilled.


I got into my car thinking about why Gloria would leave me.


But, all the thought just keeps getting me angry.


I couldn’t stop beating my car steering repeatedly.


Why would she leave me? When I brought her out of poverty and sufferings.



This is so unfair.


I drove back to my house and met Bianca sitting with one leg over the other.


The look on her face, the smirk shows she has something to tell me.


“You are back?” She asked.


“Am back, so?” I asked with a shrug.


“What about Gloria?” She questioned and I ignored her heading towards my bedroom.


“What if I told you I know where she is.” She said which got my attention.


“What did you just say?” I asked turning back to her.


“Well, she called me some minutes ago telling me to meet her at a particular place.”


“Where’s she.” I replied in haste.


“Well, I will tell you if only you can meet my demands.” She said and stood up.


“What are you demands?” I asked and gave her a stern look.


What could she possibly want.


“I want you, I want to be your wife, Gloria can be your s*x slave for all I care, all I want is to be your wife.” She said which surprised me.


This is funny, she wants to be my wife? Robert, I think it’s time to play the game right. **









Why is Bianca so desperate? .






My life as A Se.x slave




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