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Teens’ Heart – Episode 88

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Chapter 88




Fast Forward


#Alexandra’s POV


We got to the hospital and getting inside his dad ward room., I met a beautiful woman with Jeremy’s dad.


She turned to us and Godsh! Such a beauty.


Jeremy was holding my hand.


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“J..” She called him and his dad looked at us.


We walked to them.


“Hey dad.” Jeremy called.


“Wow.. this is she right?” His beautiful mom asked.


Now, I know where Jeremy got all that sweet look from.


Not his dad but his mom.. Woww.


His dad glanced at me.


He was sitting on the bed.


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“Yeah, She’s my girlfriend.” Jeremy said. and I felt my cheek burn.


“Your girlfriend??” His dad asked.


I got kinda scared


His tone was kinda scary.


“Yeah dad.” He said.


“But you didn’t tell it to me that way.” His dad said.


“Yeah dad .. Cos It was last night that we became lovers.” Jeremy said He looked at me.


“It’s alright son..” He said.


“And ohh.. She look so cute.”His Mom said and I hugged me So sweet! I can’t believe’s the one..




We spent some time at hospital..and soon, it was time fo me to gmo cos it was getting dark.




Jeremy drove me home. then we he pulled to stop..


“See you in school tomorrow babe.” He said.


“See you too.” I said anrmd let out a smile.


Then I got down and closed the door and walked to the door.


Huh! Lili is not yet back. I gotta call her.


And I did.


“Hello Dearr niece. Im so sorry im not home yet… I’ll soon be home. Stay safe…” She said.


“Lili please come home soon. I can’t stay all alone in mhis house.” I said.


“I will. Its a promise.” She said.


I felt someone’s behind me.


I turned and its.. its JEREMY!


He was giving me a kinda smirk smile.


I know she’s not back yet. I’ll stay with you till she gets back.” He said. Awwn! Is he so protective?


“Finee..” I said with a smile as I turned and opened the door.




We sat on the same couch and watched movies..


It was dark now but Lili is still not yet back.


I called her again..



“Oh Alex. Im so sorry, Traffic is really bad! Stay in your room if you scared.” She said.


“Jeremy is here.” I said.


“Oh.. that’s cool. I’ll be home soon. Stay with him okay.” She said.


“Okay Lili. Im missing you.” I said.


“Oh.. I miss you more Angel.” She said.


I dropped the call.


Lili just come home!!!


#Jeremy’s POV


After the call. She looked at me.


“She’s in a traffic.” She said.


I smiled and pulled her to me, so she rest her head on my shoulder.


“You scared?” I asked her.


“I guess.” She said.


“You don’t have to be. Im here with you.I’do never leave you all alone.” I said and kissed her forehead.


She got silent, so we watched the movie.




[Minutes later] Okay, in a movie, there’s always this romantic part that makes your head spin round.


Now, that scene was being displayed in the movie and I held Andra so close to me.


“I love you Andra..” I said cos the scene was really affecting me really much.


She didn’t answer.


I glanced at her and she’s sleeping..


Sleeping beauty.


I smiled and left her to sleep on my shoulder.


“I promise to love you for forever. Yeah,forever cos you really mean alot to me.


My Andra..” I said and touched her hair.


Soon, I heard the doorbell ring and it woke Andra up.


“I’ll go check.” I said.


She had that sleepy eyes. but gosh! they are charming.


I walked to the door and opened it and it’s Lili.


“Oh dear Jeremy. Thank you sooo much for staying behind..” She said and walked in.


“Lili!” Andra rushed to her and hugged her.


“You got me so scared Lili.” She said.


“Im sorry dearie..” Lili said.


They pulled away and Lili turned to me.


“Thanks Jeremy. Im really grateful that you stayed behind.” She said.


“Its fine Lili. She means alot to me, so I’do be beside her anythime.” I said.


She smiled.


I wonder if she knows Andra is my girlfriend now.


“You are such a darling Jeremy. I really wanna ask this, how’s your dad?” She asked.


“He’s been wheeled on a wheelchair now.” I said.


“Oh he’do be fine soonesttt.” She said.


I turned to Andra who was looking at me as well.


“Goodnight Andra..” I said.


“Goodnight J.” She said.


Wow… J.


“See you tomorrow. You coming to school?” She asked.


“Yeah.” I said.


She nodded.


“Do one thing for me Andra..” I said.


Lili had left to wherever in this part of the house. Leaving just me and Andra.


“What’s that?” She asked.


“I want us to go to school together. So im gonna come.” I said.


Fuck that Steph is she ever try to bring her crap car to take my Andra.


“Fine..” She said with a smile.


Yeah.. She want it!


I walked to her and planted a quick kiss on her lips.


I could now kiss this cute pinky lips anytime that I want. Hahaha..


But uh! She haven’t kissed back.


Soon, she will. I know.


“Bye my love. I love you so much.” I said.


“Bye.” She said..


I turned and left..


I’ll go home now and sleep while hugging my pillow… Lol.


but before I got home, I couldn’t help but text her,


<b> I cherished every moment I had with you Andra.. Thanks for always making me happy and thanks for stealing my heart away.

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