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Blood Doctors – Episode 25

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Lucius POV


Gosh what is happening.


First it was Rebecca, now Nicole.


The eclipse is just in some minutes time.


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Where could Nicole be.


All my effort will be in vain if he don’t come back.


This is so not interesting.




Marcus said rushing in.


“What is it again this time”.


asked. “The press”.


“The press, what about them? “.


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“They are here. They said that someone gave them an information about us. An information that we are all more than a hundred years old”.




I stood up from my chair.


“This can not be happening. Who dare gave them that information? “.


“Don’t know yet sir but am sure its someone who have been monitoring us”.


He replied.


Three problem at the same time.


The press where all waiting outside seeking for an answer.


They got a message, the message sent to them by Sophia but she use an unidentified number.


They we’re not going anywhere till they get the answer they need.


The granduwella’s where all worried.


Rebecca missing.


Nicole missing.


And now the press.


Three problem at a time.


Its just a few minute to the eclipse.


“Father what are we going to do. Its twenty minutes to the eclipse”.


Marcus asked.


Orchard thought for a while.


“We will start the ritual”.


He said.


“Freda, Vanessa, the both of you should prepare the items we need for the ritual.


Gwen and ivy will assist. While the rest of you get ready”.


Ge added.


“Yes sir”.


They all chorused.


Five minutes to the eclipse.


All the granduwella’s we’re gathered round a glowing fire.


They were all wearing red robes.


“The eclipse will begin in five minutes time”.


Lucius said.


“Nicole isn’t here yet. This is so gonna be a disaster”.


Vanessa said.


“It won’t cause am here”.


Someone said.


They all turned to see Nicole standing with Rebecca.




Freda called.


Nicole POV


Rebecca and I where able to get home at the nick of time.


Rebecca looks so weak cause she used her last strength.


I looked at her and smiled.


She looks so beautiful In the red robe.


“What are you two doing? Get over here let’s start the ritual”.


Uncle Marcus said.


I walked to the center line while holding Rebecca hand.


“Two minutes to the eclipse”.


Gwen said.


Rebecca POV


They began to chant some words which am sure its Latin.


My eyes and that of Nicole was blindfold.


We were tied together.


They repeated the chants again.


I began to feel different.


As if something was leaving me.


As if my spirit was leaving my body.


Its was as if I was been electrocuted.


The pain was unbearable.




I screamed when I felt a sharp pain.


Nicole wasn’t moving and that was surprising.


The pain was too much.


My head was spinning.


It felt like my blood where drying up.




I screamed again.


I began to lose it.


My spirit was leaving my body.


I fell into the world of darkness.


Orchard POV


The eclipse was over.


Nicole and Rebecca are unconscious.


Now the only problem at hand are the press.


I went out and immediately they saw me they ran to me bombarding me with a lot of questions.


This is one of the reason why I told dad to hire securities but he wouldn’t listen to me.


Am happy that my son is save now and he will develop new powers.


The press where pushing their way to get to me but Richard, Michael and kelvin all came and stop them.



“I heard the reason why you are here. A picture was sent to you. A picture that was taken hundred years ago and a picture taken now.. And in those picture nothing change. Its the same. We did not change. Well that’s a lie, that’s all a lie. That picture was edited by my old friend in India”. I said.




“But sir why was it edited”.


“Well cause of some reasons. My father actually wants it that way cause of some


reasons best known to him”.


I said.


“Its a personal reason. So don’t believe what that anonymous sender said. Its just an


edited picture. It can’t be possible for us to be more than hundred years old and we


are still the same. “.


I said and left.


The press began to leave one by one believing what I said.


Another problem solved.


Nicole POV


I open my eyes and close it back due to the effect from the light.


I open it and again.


My head hurt a little.


I sit up.


“Gosh. Rebecca”.


I said standing up.


I left my room to the living room.


“See who is awake”.


Reena said smiling.


“Where is Rebecca”.


I asked.



“And the first person he ask for is Rebecca”.


Gwen said.




Mother called coming to meet me.


“How are you now”.


She asked.


“Fine mom. But where is Rebecca? “.


asked. Mom smile.


“Well she is in the guest room, she is fine”.


She said.


I heave a sign of relief.


“Let me get you some soup to help you feel a lot better”.


She said going to the kitchen.


“So what are your new powers”.


Ivy asked.


“Let him rest first, don’t rush him”.


Richard said walking to us together with Michael, Aaron, kelvin and Askton.


Mom came back with a plate of soul.


“Take son, drink this”.


She said giving it to me.


“What about Rebecca soup”.


Reena asked.


“Well when she wakes up I will give it to her”.


Mom said.


I drank the soul in one gulp.




Gwen exclaimed.


“That soul was so hot”.


Ivy said.


“Maybe its one of his new powers”.


Reena said.


“Here comes the sleeping beauty”.


Mom said looking at the stairs.


We all turned.


Rebecca was looking round the house.


“I think you should meet her son”.


Mom said.


I drop the empty plate and went to her.




I called.



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She said.


“How are you feeling now”.




“Rebecca darling take this soup”.


Mom said walking to us.


Rebecca collected the soul and bowed a little.


“Thanks ma”.



“Ma? Please. Mom not ma”.


“Ok mom”.


Rebecca said, the two women smiled.


“Nicole take her back to the room am sure she has a lot of question that you need to answer”.


Mom said and left.


Okay this new cause the mom I know is very bossy.


I took Rebecca back to the room.


“Nicole why did we fell unconscious and what was that ritual about? “.


She asked.


Rebecca POV


“Sit first”.


He said.


I have a lot of questions for him.


I sat down.


“So about that. Its called the eclipse. The fifth bloody eclipse. The time where the


two most powerful vampires will gain new powers. And we are the two powerful




He said.


“Wow, so we have new powers now”.


I asked.




I stood up.





The power to see far beyond an object and the power to ear from a very long distance. The power to read minds and the power to control through minds. An increase in speed and strength where all granted to Nicole and Rebecca. There is still more which is not mentioned here.













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