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Mr Irresistible – Episode 13

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Episode 13




resort to meet Baba during weekend. Sam.


didn’t mention the actual day we will


go see him, I asked about Chichi whereabouts


he dryly said Abroad, I hope isn’t what


am thinking, I hope those white niggas


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are not planning to bleep my wife. the


thought alone could send me to coma


so I pushed it to the back of my mind, the


Christmas days didn’t go down well with


me cause I refused to hang around the


fear of death, the fear was so much that


I called my dad to stay under his roof


he took the opportunity to remind me


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of my inability to zip up and wouldn’t


like me turning his maids to whores or his


house to brothel. I removed my mind totally


from sex it was a difficult task but I had


no choice, when the mind always crave


sex it leads to masturbation and frequent


sex, when I couldn’t bear the urge anymore


I masturbate, sex has nearly turned me


into a dog, I resisted the urge not to look at


asses and boobs comforting myself that


after having Baba protection I will tear


off many pants as possible, the day finally


present itself, during the drive to the shrine


like office, Sam. gist me about a beautiful


waitress who is able to resist his advances.


I wasn’t interested cause sister Gorilla has


been frequently coming to my house to


my dismay, I didn’t even understand


that girl’s problem, my two house girls


have left to celebrate the x mas hols. With


their various families, I asked them to go


anyway cause I can’t live under a food


I love without tasting it.


Baba: you are welcome to my shrine *I look around the office that he called shrine, if not of the bones and


some old stuffs, ICT supplements rob off shrine attributes, the legal license have taken their business to


another level* how may I help you?


Me: sir, I want to be indestructible.More interesting stories available on Topster Stories App


Baba: simple, *I grinned* you will just have to pay a price.


Me: and what is that?


Baba: the day you sleep with any woman you don’t love, that is the end of it *Sam. Chuckled*


Sam: sir, the price is simple, lets get on with the rituals *I glared at Sam* There


is no way am gonna leave all those goodies.


Devil harsh oohh… am doing this for wetin


em dey ask for as price.


Me: Baba, is there no other option for me to be protected from my enemies.


Baba: there is but. .*but again, I exhaled* you won’t be directly protected it will only warn you against


impending danger.


Me: thank you Baba.


Sam: thank you Baba.


He did some incantations and hand me an


ancient ring, he warned me not to get the


ring close to water or it will become powerless


I nodded, we left their after I was mandated to drop some notes for gods that will not use it to buy something.


it 30th of December.


it won’t be a bad idea to bed a beautiful


girl, me and Sambisa head to the bar to


chill out.


The girl Sambisa talked about walk up to us to demand for our ordered, I wasn’t disappointed the waitress in question is very beautiful.


no wonder Sambisa is drooling over her.


Waitress: good evening, sir. You are welcome to local bar, kindly place your order *with angelic voice*

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Me: you.


Sam: wanted to say something but I step on


his foot, he groaned but I ignored it. The


ancient ring start emanating little light,


I ignored it and continue the conversation.


Waitress; *smiling* but am not in the order list.


Me: is you I want, can I have your time. I will talk to your manager on your behalf.


The light got brighter.


Waitress: *thinking* fine *she sit close to me*


Voice: all of you get down now!


There was gun shot, I find myself under the


table sweating profusely, I heard footsteps


approaching our table but they stop when


one of them notify them of police.


Voice1: government don land oohh…


Voice2: see f**k up!


Voice3: we no go fit carry the guy, make we push, Queen go vex for us *they left* I didn’t move until I saw some policemen


inside the bar, Sam walk to one of the


officer thanking him, I did the same also,


I left there without looking for the necessarily


evil that would have sent me to the devil




my question is who is this queen. I


bath and jump on my bed,


I saw myself


in a garden, standing before me is Chichi


looking at what I don’t know, I walk upto


her and touch her on her shoulder. she


turned with teary eyes and her face changed into a beast and she shouted at me wake up.


I did instantly to see little light emanating


from the ring.


Na woow oohh…


these guys nodey smile oohh…


I for dey sleep if I no go carry this ring….








Mr irresistible



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