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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 13

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(Short episode)


Thirty minutes after Maren left, Freda began to feel pains in her body.


Her head to her toes hurt.


“What is happening to me? Am not suppose to feel this pain cause am a vampire.


What’s going on? “.


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She asked.


Her body began to itch her.


She screamed and fell on the floor.


“What’s happening to me? “.


Ivy who happened to come home that time rushed to her.


“Mom what’s happening? “.


She asked concerned.


Freda gathered her stength and stood up.


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“Nothing. Where is your father? “.


She asked.


“He is still at work”.


“Ok. So what are you doing here? “.


“I forgot an important file”.


She replied.


“You always forget things”.


Freda said forcing out a smile even though the pain was terrible.


“Let me check my room”.


Ivy said and left.


Immediately she left, Freda held her head in pains.


She couldn’t take the pain anymore so she fell on the floor unconscious.


“Mom have………… “.


Ivy was shocked to see her mom on the floor.


“Mom….. “.


She called running to her.


“Mom, mom, are you okay, mom. Please open your eyes”.


She said but Freda was not responding.


“I need to call dad”.


Ivy said and dialed orchard phone number.


“Hello dad”.




“Dad I don’t know what is wrong with mom, please hurry back home before she dies. Please”.


Ivy said and disconnected the call.


“Mom please stay with me”.


Ivy said.






Vanessa POV


It worked.


Freda is really in a lot of pains.


She won’t die cause she is a vampire but she will feel pains.


Am so happy for this.


That Maren is actually trustworthy. I will get her more butterflies if that is what


she want. Gosh, this is good day.







Rebecca and reena where set to go but there is a problem. Who will help in mi so ritual?.


“Mi so? “.


Rebecca called when Reena reminded her about it.


“Oh no, I almost forgot”.


Eliza said.


“Not almost but did. You did forget”.


Reena said.


“What are we going to do now? “.


Rebecca asked.


“Use me instead”.


Nicole said entering the room.


“What? “.


We all ask in unison.


“Rebecca is my mate so I can be a substitute for her”.


He added.


“His right he can”.


“But Nicole that is dangerous”.


Rebecca said.


“no it is not. Don’t worry i can handle it”.


He said.






Rebecca POV


In the afternoon, me and Reena started our journey.


Reena was the one driving.



I brought out the map and looked at it.


“Its five hours from here”.


I said.


“Ok so what is the name? “.


“The place don’t have a name. It seems like it a forest now”.


“Forest? “.




“So about your mother, tell me all about it”.


She said.


“Well I don’t know my mom cause she died when I was born. I don’t know whether she was a red blood or she was transformed and that is why I need to know more about her and without her diary, it won’t be possible”. I replied.






She said.


She stopped the car when we got to a traffic light.


“So where is your mother now? “.


“She is in the land of torment now”.


“What? She fell in love with a human? “.


“Yes. My dad”.


“Your dad is a human? “.




“You are an hybrid”.




“Wow. Have never seen an hybrid before, except my mom who was actually beaten by a black blood”.


She said and began to drive when the traffic light turned green.


“She was bitten? “.


“Yes, by king Amacius himself. She was a soldier before she was transformed”.


“Wow. But why wasn’t she affected like mi so”.


“Well she was affected but she wasn’t controlled by them so it was easy fo heal her without turning her back to a human. Eliza mother, who is now dead wanted to change her back, but dad fell in love with her. So he begged grandfather not to change her back”.


“Wow. But what about your grandmother”.


“My grandmother, I don’t know where she is right now. Grandfather said that immediately dad was born she left. Shr left to see the world. She love to explore. So I don’t know where she is and I haven’t seen her except her pictures”. She said.




“but will you like to see her”.


“Hell yeah, but am not sure grandfather would. His mad at her for leaving”.


“What about Eliza mother”.


“Well she is dead, she died in the war”.



“In the war? Which war? “.


“Vampires war”.


“Huh? “.


“You don’t know about it? “.


“Yes “.


“Wow. Its a war between the black blood and the red blood. They we’re banished to the outer world after the war”.


“They stay on earth before”.


“Yes, witches, vampires and werewolves”.


“Werewolves? “.


“Yes but they are extinct now”.




“THe witches and vampires where all controlled by king Amacius. They all planned to kill my grandfather who was the king. They where set of rebellious creatures. So grandfather banished them out of earth”.




“We where just vampires. No black or red vampires. But after the war we where




She said.


And I must say I don’t know anything about vampires. But its interesting.


“So if Eliza is the family friend. How old is she? “.



“Don’t really know, but she is more than a hundred years”.


“Wow. Is she immortal? Thought she was a witch and witch dies when its their time”.


“Yeah. Her mother cast a spell on her. That she will live long to be our helper”.


“Wow interesting”.




“I think that is the city hall”.


She said pointing a building.




I said.


“That is the first place in the map”.


I added.


“We still have a long way to go then”.
















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