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Heavenly Fight – Episode 21

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Episode 21




Contd Ashley’s pov


Hello” we said as we waved waiting for the worst while glancing at each other


They stood there for like eternity before Lisa talked


Well is not what it seems like, they were …. Ashley help me ” Lisa whispered to




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Harassing ” I whispered back


Yes harassing us, so we had to defend our selves you know ” she said but they kept on staring at us


Woah they are beautiful, I never knew my babies would seduce such pretty girls” the young lady said as she walked over to us



Hello, am Nora Archie’s elder sister nice to meet you” she said as I and Lisa stared at each other


You don’t have to feel uncomfortable, since you two are their girlfriends you are officially my friends ” she said


Oh my is this your hair is way too long and beautiful, did you dye it” she asked me as she touched my hair


No” I said


Archie and Liam I still don’t know who is who can’t you two be gentle men and make an introduction ” the elderly woman said

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Oh that’s right ” Archie said as he came and stood beside me


You look beautiful ” he said as I glared at him before turning my face to hide my red cheeks


Mom ,dad, Nora, Nelly and friends meet my……. ” Archie stopped as he looked at me


My what….. ” his dad asked


Good evening aunty and uncle am Ashley a friend of Archie and a best friend to Liam ” I greeted after Liam introduced Lisa


This is my friend Lisa and Lisa meet my aunt and uncle and cousins” Liam said as the little girl ran as she beat Lisa


So you are the one, boyfriend you are cheating on me” she said as she kept hitting Lisa


Nelly stop that” the mom said but she didn’t listen


Hey, Nelly” I called while she turned as she came towards me


You aren’t supposed to beat her, you are supposed to beat Liam he cheated but first I got iced cream for you” I said as I gave her the bag she took it happily


So would you apologize to her” I asked


Yes, ” she said as she went to Lisa


Unni, am sorry ” she said as Lisa patted her head while she came back to me


Unni, you are my best friend now ” she said



Yes, and best friends will deal with your ex boyfriend ok ” I said


Yes OK ” she said


Come on inside ” the elderly woman said


I see you are the reason why this cold brat changed ” the dad said


Am just like him” I said


What!!! ” Nora exclaimed


Yes, that’s why my hair is white and extraordinarily long ” I said


The game is about to start the first set will be the boy’s and the girls and the reward for Te winners of this set is a holiday for the summer while the losers serve the winners throughout that holiday ” Nora announced


The second set of the game would be couples, the couples who would win will get the reward that shows after spinning this rewards board . Now is time to spin” the young man Kelvin said


The board was spinned by Archie’s mom and dad , the board spinned until it stopped making they arrow point at picnic


So the winning couple would go on a picnic sponsored by the losers ” Nora said


Now the first game for the first section is drawing for the , each group choose who would draw for you”


The ladies went to a spot while the men went to a spot


Too bad we’ve been serving them every summer holiday” Nora said as we look at the drawing board


Nelly you can draw right” aunt asked


No ” she said

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No need of asking Nelly I will draw ” Nora said


I guess we will fail this round ” Lisa said as Nora finished her drawing


Isn’t it nice, my drawing has been the best during this game night ” Nora said


Then why do we always turn to their maids during summer holidays” Nelly said


Hey Nelly…. ” Nora said


I will draw” I said I really don’t know how to draw but am going to cheat OK I will wipe this” Nora said


No leave it, it is going to be useful” I said as I turned the board to another direction as I gave Lisa a sign


What is she doing ” Nora asked


I trust my best friend ” Nelly said


I stayed there acting like I was drawing while I was busy waiting for the boys to finish, immediately I noticed they were done


Excuse me ” Lisa said as she left immediately we heard a shout


What was that??” they askdd


I think is Lisa ” Liam said as he ran out while others followed him


I took their drawing board and changed it, used my powers to make the drawing board look exactly like their own but Nora’s drawing was there, I did the same I will say I stole the drawing bit not the boards


I left there to meet them


Are you ok” I asked Lisa


Yes, I was just scared ” she said as everyone went back to the sitting room


Is time to present your drawings ” Nora announced as the time keeper


Are you done ” aunt asked


Yes, I said as I smiled at her


They drawings were brought together


Is time to turn the boards and see the winner ” Nora announced


They drawing boards were turned


What the fu.ck






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