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The Lost Princess – Episode 35

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Chappie Thirty five




“Ann what is the problem?” Max asked while driving from the airport after they have landed in Lagos.


“Huh” Ann jolted out of her thoughts.


“You are unusually quiet and you look stressed up, what’s bothering you?” Max asked worriedly.

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“Hmm” she sighed “I feel like my mum is keeping something from me, something about my identity”.


“What do you mean?” Max asked.


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“I don’t know,I just have this huge feeling that something is not right somewhere” she sighed deeply.


“It’s ok whatever it is please don’t sweat it out, everything is going to be well” he smiled “trust God”.


“Thanks” she smiled gratefully at him.


“My house or yours?” He asked smirking mischievously at her.


“Yep your house is the best, at least we will have time to ourselves without your mother’s wrath” she smiled.


“Ann, I thought you said you can’t get angry at her?” He asked with a raised eyebrow.



“Yes I said that, but am not letting the fact that she doesn’t like me slide and i like her but she con spoil show for me” she said saying the last part more like she was rapping.


“Woah babe where did you hear that?” He laughed.

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“Yes I watched comedy on Facebook, Nigerian comedians are so hilarious especially Paulscata” she replied happily.


“Well babe wait till you listen to kennyblaq’s comedy” .


“Ai Ai captain,I will put that at the bottom of my chest”. She smiled


“Huh bottom of what?”.


“Oh” she drawls seductively “I meant to say bottom of my breast”.


✓✓This story is written by Labby✓✓✓


“Ann?” Max said.


“Yes” she smirked licking her lips.


“Huh” he groaned “stop that you know that turns me on so much”.


“Huh” Ann gasped in mock horror, “I didn’t know it gives you a Bonner”.


“Hey stop talking dirty” he warned.


“Ok sir” she replied after getting comfortable on his laps.


“Sweet, what are you doing am driving people will see us” he said placing his right hand on her thigh while the other holds the steering wheel.


“Don’t be a kill joy, no one can see us this is tinted remember?” She replied smashing her lips to his.



“Ann you so sweet” he said into the kiss using his hands to rub circle on her thigh making moan in pleasure.


“Sweet we have to stop to avoid an accidental scandal this is Nigeria and we love social media and I don’t want to end up dead without taking you to the altar” he said breaking away from the kiss.


“Huh am honored” she blushed “but we got to continue from where we stop”.


“Yes we will princess” he replied giving her a wet kiss before she went to sit back on her sit.


“Um I think I found my way to the palace” she blurted.


“Wait! What?, Do even know the way to the palace?” He asked wide eyed.


“Yep something kept telling me the way and boom I found myself in the palace” she replied dramatically.


“Wow I can’t believe this” he muttered.


“Me too” she chirped “I can’t believe my dream will look so real”.


“Dream?” He asked bewildered.


“I got you” she laughed ” I got to the palace in my dreams”.


“Ann you got me speechless,here I am thinking another thing” he smiled.


“Sorry to burst your bubble” she smiled.


“What will happen to us, if Marietta comes back?” She asked with all seriousness.


“I don’t know?” He replied truthfully.


“Is there any hope for us?”.


“Sweet am stuck with you” he smiled at her while he parked the car at the garage.


They both got down from the car and the maids helped to carry their luggages.


Ann spends three days with Max before moving back to her parents house.




The day of Granny’s appointment with the dibia finally arrived and granny didn’t hesitate to get there on time.


The dibia a frail looking man in his late forties look intently at Nkechi (Ann’s grandmother)


“Old woman, you came here because of your supposed younger grandchild” the dibia said after chanting series of incantations.


“Yes wise one” Nkechi replied “but I don’t understand what you meant by supposed grandchild”.


“Do you question the gods?” The man thundered.


“No wise one” she replied not wanting to aggravate the dibia’s warth.


“No listen carefully old woman, your son and his wife must come here in the next three days and if possible bring the girl along with you” he said while dancing round the room and some chanting incantations.


“Ok wise one” Nkechi replied.


“Go well Nkechi, the gods are with you” he smiled as Nkechi walk out of the room.


“Mama what does the dibia said?” Patricia asked as she and her husband Sat with the old woman.



“He didn’t say anything much,he said you guys should come along with me in the next three days and if possible we should bring her along with her” she replied.


“What does he need us for, I thought you have explained everything to him?” Richard asked.


“Yes I did” she shrugged “but you are her parents and in better position to explain things better”.


“Ok we will but about her coming along with us that won’t be possible as she has traveled back to Lagos for some company business” Patricia informed.


“No problem we will go to first to know what he wants to tell us, good night” Nkechi replied walking to her room.






Ann has been so engrossed with work that she didn’t remember the pictures she bought from home, she stumbled across the picture while unpacking her box and she walked into the store to get her childhood picture so that she can be sure if she’s really the one in the picture.


Nkechi, Richard and Patricia all set up for the dibia house prior to the appointment he gave to them when they got there they were all ushered into the consultation room but this room is different from the one Nkechi was received three days ago.


Each sat down on the chair lost in their own thoughts when the dibia broke the silence.


“Patricia and Richard where do you both get your second daughter from” the dibia asked looking dangerously at them.


“What do you mean, they’re both her parents” Nkechi replied.


“Shut up woman,do you call the gods liers?” The dibia thundered.


“No wise one” Nkechi replied quietly.


“Now both of you where do you get your second daughter from?” He asked again.


“I didn’t get her from anywhere, she’s my daughter I birthed her” Patricia replied while Richard and his mother nodded in agreement.


The the dibia gives a sly smile before chanting some incantations.


“Now if you don’t want the gods of this land to strike you down, for the last time where did you get your last daughter?” He yelled.


“She isn’t our daughter” Patricia blurts.


“What?” Nkechi asked holding her head.


“Yes Mama she isn’t our daughter,we found her in an helpless situation and we decided to help her” Richard replied.


“Do you know her parents?” The dibia asked more calmly this time.


“We wouldn’t have taken her as ours if we know her parents”. Richard replied.


“That child is a treasure lost twenty years ago, she is seen but not heard like her father” he said shaking his head gloomily.


“What do you mean?” They all chorus.


“She’s the missing princess of this land” The dibia announced.


“What!?” The trio exclaimed.




Ann ventured into the store with the pictures firmly on her hands, she started going through the boxes in the room one by one until she came across the one she was looking for the box contained their childhood pictures.



She came across her nine years old picture and she smiled to her self,she looked like a clown in the clothes she was wearing then.


Putting the picture back where it was she came across a picture book and childhood was boldly written on it and she opened it,she came across the pictures she took with Bella when she was six and it looked exactly like the one she was holding, she opened the book again she came across Bella’s baby pictures and she couldn’t see her own she was confused.


“If our maternal grandmother is dad and granny hasn’t seen me before so my infants picture is not with her so who is with my pictures” she muttered confusedly.


After a futile searching she decided to park the boxes back when she came across a file that has her name boldly written on it


Out of curiosity she opened the book only to find the shocker of her life.


Inside this file was everything that happened to her when she was six.












she reads aloud with tears spilling out of her face “WHO THE HELL AM I?” she yelled sadly



To be continued



The truth is coming out





What Happened In Anambra



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