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Blood Doctors (Season 2) : Episode 7

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Author POV


A woman dressed in a black gown with fur long black jacket walked into the big hospital.


She caught the attention of the people there.


Her hair is blonde.


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Her heels are black.


Her jewelries are all expensive.


She put on her sunglasses and walked to the receptionist.


“Hello ma’am”.


The nurse greeted.


“Hi….. Is Lucius in his office”.


She asked in a British accent.


The nurse looked at her weirdly cause its surprising.


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A woman dressed in all black came into the hospital and asked for Lucius the granduwella president.


“Do you have an appointment with him”.


“Do I need an appointment to see him”.


She asked.


The nurse smiled.


“Of course ma’am”.


“Gosh you are rude. You need to be dealt with”.


She said.


“Excuse me? “.


The nurse asked.


“Excuse you? “.


The woman in black asked getting frustrated.


“I need to see Lucius this minute”.


She shouted.


The nurse flinched.


“Ma’am…. But….. But”.


“What is going on here”.


Orchard asked coming towards them.


Immediately, the nurses there stood up and bowed.


The woman in black slowly turned.


“Hi orchard”.


“Eliza? “.


Orchard called.


“Long time friend”.


She said smiling.






Orchard POV.


Oh my God.


What a pleasant surprise.


“Its been so long”.


I said.




She said.




Was all i could say.


Eliza is a former friend of the granduwella.


She was very close to us until she move to England.


She is a witch.


The only witch on earth and the only witch supporting the granduwellas.


“So where are the rest? “.


She asked.


“Well they are all in their office”.


“Can’t wait to see them most especially Nicole mate”.


“Wait, what? How did you know about Nicole mate”.


“Common am a witch and besides if Nicole didn’t have his mate then this world


wouldn’t be as peaceful as this”.


She said.


I smiled.


“Right.. Wow its so good to see you again”.



said. “Thank you “.


“Let me take you to father”.








Author POV


Orchard took Eliza to Lucius office.




She called when she saw him.


Lucius smiled at her.




He called.


“Its been a while”.


“Yes “.


Lucius embrace her.


“How have you been”.


“Fine sir”.




Marcus called entering the office.


Eliza looked at him and smile.


“Marcus granduwella”.


She called.


He embraced her.



“Where have you been”.


“England of course “.


Eliza is more closer to Marcus than the other granduwellas.


“Where are the kids”.


She asked.


“They are in there office”.


Orchard replied.


“I can’t wait to see them”.


She said happily.


“Let me give them a call”.


Orchard said.






Ten minutes later.


All the grandsons where gathered in Lucius office.


They where all glad to see Eliza.


She too is glad to see them again.


Eliza looked at Rebecca.


“Hi ma’am”.


Rebecca greeted when she saw how Eliza was looking at her.


“Rebecca right”.


“Yes ma’am”.


“Please call me Eliza not ma’am”.


Rebecca smiled.


“You are one hell of a beauty”.


Eliza complimented.








Rebecca POV


I can’t believe this is actually happening.


A witch is now in town.


Finally I can ask about my mom.


Am so happy for this.






Author POV


Eliza spent some time with the granduwellas talking about how life have been.


They were all laughing and talking cheerfully.


A security ran to the office.


“Sir, sir, there is a problem”.


He said panting.


“What is going on? “.


Lucius asked.


“There is a monster in the hospital. She is very scary”.


He said.


“Scary? “.


Eliza asked.


“Who could that be”.


Ivy asked.


“Could it be”.


Rebecca asked but stopped .


“Mi so”.


She said and ran out of the office.






Mi so stood looking angry.


She was breathing fast.


Her fangs where out.


Her nails where long.


Black veins where visible on her face.


She look like a monster and a zombie at the same time.


The patients, nurses and people in the hospital hall where all scared.


Some hide under the table.


Some held themselves.


Rebecca ran and stood in front of mi so.


Mi so smiled seeing her.


“Finally you are here”.


She said.


Rebecca was shocked at the sudden transformation.


Mi so is a monster.


“Mi so”.


Rebecca called.


She can’t believe this, her friend is a monster.


Mi so ran to Rebecca but she froze right in front of Rebecca.


“Rebecca are you okay”.


Nicole asked holding her hand.


The granduwellas came there.


Eliza too came with them, she was humming a song.


Every one except the granduwellas and Eliza where frozen.


Eliza came forwards still humming the song.


She was the one who make the time stop.


And that means everyone in the world was frozen at that time.


She touched mi so.


“She is been possessed by a black blood vampire”.


She said with her eyes closed.


“What? “.


Rebecca asked.


“she was bitten and is been controlled by the black blood prince”.


She said and began to hum again.


“Mi so is been possessed by Elias”.


Nicole said.


Gwen injected mi so.


“You can unfreeze her now”.


She said.


“I will take the time back so that this people will forget everything they saw. But


first take her away”.


Eliza said.



Gwen and reena took mi so back to the dungeon.


Eliza began to sing rotating her finger.


The time went back to 45 minutes ago.


Everyone came back to their senses.


The granduwellas went back to the office.


“Elias will pay for what he did to mi so”.


Rebecca said to Nicole.


“Don’t worry, he will dearly pay do it”.


Nicole said.
















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