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Blood Doctors – Episode 8

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Rebecca pov


We did all the surgeries and it was all successful.


I yawned going back to my office.


Am really tired, I can’t remember the last time I was as tired as this.


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My head suddenly began to pain me.


“What the, what’s going on. Why am I having headache now”.


I asked cause am surprise.


A vampire, headache, its impossible.


The pain increased.


I held my head in pain.


What’s happening to me.


The pain left immediately.


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But what just happened.


I stood up and ran to the restroom.


I stood in front of the mirror and look at my reflection.


A green line appeared on my face.


“What the”.


I said.


I touch it.


What’s happening to me.


Someone came into the restroom but before she could see my face, I us my hand to cover the green line so she could nit see it. She did all ah want to do an then left.


I brought my hand down an signed.


I need to find out what is wrong with me.


Nicole pov


I checked my wristwatch.


And it was 6:30pm


I stood up from my chair about to go but my head began to pain me.


I held it.


What’s happening, headache.


This is the first time my headache.


What’s happening.


I held and immediately it stop aching me.


I touch my face and felt something.


I took a mirror to check what it was and I was shocked to see a green line on my face.


What the


I took my phone and snapped my face.


I quickly log into SVA.


I post the picture and search fo the cause.


‘the green stitch.


It occurs when an evil event or person is about to come to earth’.


That is what it says.


Oh no I need to show grandpa.


I pick my phone and called him.


“Hello Nicole, how is it going over there”.


grandpa asked.


“Grandpa there is a problem, we need to talk and its urgent”.


I said.


“Urgent? Okay am coming”.


He said an I disconnected the call.


I looked through the tilted glass, all the interns where busy except sour beans who wasn’t there.


But right now I don’t care about that.


Thirty minutes later.


i went to grandpa’s office.


He just called me to inform me that his in his office.


I entered inside and bowed.


“What is so urgent, that made you to tell me to leave the meeting”.


He asked.


“Grandpa, its the black blood vampires”.


“What happened”.


He asked.


“They are bringing someone to earth, they’re bringing someone to destroy us”.


I replied.


The evil realm.


The black bloods.


King Amacius sat on his throne.


He would never forgive the Granduwella’s.


He would never forget what thy did to him.


He will revenge on them.


All the memories are still fresh in his brain.


All the pain are still opened.

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200 years ago.


Author pov


Amacius dream is finally coming to reality.


His finally going to become king.


His finally going to rule the world just as he have dreamed.


He sat on the throne smiling.


He have finally won the war.


He have killed all obstacles preventing him from being king.


He smiled relaxing o the throne.


But the unexpected happened.


Lucius the head of the Granduwella came onto the palace to ruin his happy






Lucius called.


“You mean king Amacius”.


He said smiling.


“Well that is a bout to end now, you will never hear of that name again”.


Lucius said and brought if the fire golden sword, the only sword that can kill a


vampire. The sword of the dragon.


“The dragon sword”.


Amacius said standing up from his throne.




Lucius asked.


Amacius knew that was his end.


He knew it was over so he decided to give up.


He knelt on the fall.


“Please lucuis don’t kill me”.


He said.


Lucuis laughed.


“Oh the great Amacius, no king Amacius is on his kneel begging for forgiven “.


Lucius said.


“Please lucuis don’t do it”.


“Well am not as wicked and evil as you so I won’t kill you. But I hereby banish you into the realm of darkness. You and your families”. Lucuis said.


“Leave my family out of this”.


Amacius begged.


“No. The children of evil are evil”.


Lucuis said smiling.


“Leave now”.


He added.


“Lucuis please”.


Amacius begged but it was too late.


A mighty light shined on his face making him to disappear from the earth.


All his families too disappeared with him.


Back to present day.


Granduwella hospital.


Lucuis sat worriedly on his chair.


Who could it be.


What is Amacius cooking under his sleeve.


“Grandpa I have a question yo ask”.


Nicole said drifting Lucius out of his thought.


“Am listening”.


“What made you banish the black bloods”.


Nicole asked.


Lucius smiled.


“Cause they where evil”.


He said.



“They kill whoever comes in there way. There king, Amacius killed his own father


so he could become the king but I banish him. His killed a lot of innocent people


abuse his power as a vampire”.


Lucuis replied.




Was all Nicole could say.


Rebecca pov


I really need to take an excuse from Dr. Nicole but he is not in his office.


The green line have disappear but am nit feeling good.


I want to take a permission to go home but the idiot I not in his office.


Handsome fool.


This is so frustrating.


I looked at Mi so who was busy with her phone.




called. “Huh? “.


She asked still focus on her phone. “Do you know where Dr. Nicole is”. I asked.


“Well he went fo speak to his grandfather”. “Grandfather? I thought he wasn’t in the hospital toady”. “Yes he wasn’t but he came back this evening”.


Miso replied still not taking her eyes away from the phone. I signed.


“Why am I going yo do, I feel as am gonna collapse anytime soon”. I said.


“Huh? “.


She asked looking at me. “Am not feeling too good”. I said.


“Then go meet a doctor or go to the hospital pharmacy. “. Mi so said.


“No, I need rest, good rest”. I said.













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