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Romeo And Juliet – Episode 15

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Chapter fifteen


Vivian pov


“Vivian?” he said surprised.


“So I have been thinking, we have a limited time left. Why don’t we make sure we spend the time to the fullest” I said.


“What do u mean?” He asked confused.


“I love u,” I said and pulled him close and kissed me.


He tightened the kiss, and pulled me inside and close the door.


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I removed his top, and he carried me making me wrap my legs around his waist.


He took me to his room.


He lied me down on his bed.


Still kissing, his hand went on my dress.


He unzip my dress, leaving me in my bra and pant.


He kissed my cleavage down to my tummy.


I moaned enjoying what he was doing.


He put his hand on my bra and looked at me.


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He was hesitating, I move my face closer to his and kissed him.


He responded back to the kiss.


He moved his hand back to my bra, and unhooked it exposing my br**st.


He went for my nipple and suck on it.


I was enjoying everything he was doing, every touch turns me on.


He went for my underwear and removed it.


I was in front of Ryan na.ked.


He brought his lips to my v****a and teased me with his tongue and I moaned.


It felt good, the pleasure.


He off his trouser, I was scared when I saw his c**k but, so turned on.


“It is Ok,” he whispered.


He insert his cock into my v****a, he thrust into me gently and I moaned softly I dug my finger into his back, enjoying the pleasure. “I love u,” he said.



“Same here” I replied moaning.


This is the best love making ever.



The next morning


The next morning I woke up, found Ryan cuddling me.


I remembered yesterday and I smiled.


It was the best.


I kissed him on his forehead while he smiled.


“U are awake?” I asked.


“Yes,” he said with his eyes closed.


“How was ur nyt?” He asked as he opened his eyes and sat on the bed.


“It was good” I said shyly.


“Good? dat is bad” he said.


“Why?” I asked.


“Mine was great” he said while I smiled.


“I want more” he said and kissed me.


“Uhn,” I said responding back to the kiss.


“I love u,” he said.


“I love u more” I replied.



Lizzy pov


“What are u doing?” Vincent asked and sat down.


“That is not a way to treat a guest especially an old friend” I said.


“U stopped being my friend the day u made Vivian cried” he said.


“What to do, am about to make Vivian cry but also make u happy” I said.



“What do u mean?” He asked confused.


“Vivian is seeing someone else” I said smirking.



Ryan pov


I finished bathing and went to the kitchen, I saw Vivian making some omelettes.


She was in my baggy white t shirt, which was so much bigger on her, almost like she was throw into it but, also making her look sexy.


I went and hugged her from the back surprising her.


“U look beautiful” I said and bit her ear making her moan.


“Thanks and if u will excuse me, am cooking” she said.


“I don’t want to” I said and hugged her tighter.


I kissed her on her neck and put my hands inside the cloth fondling her breast.


“Ryan” she called as she moaned.


I turn her to me and kissed her passionately.


I carried her and put her on the table.


We kissing roughly when someone suddenly opened the door and entered.


Me and Vivian quickly disengage.


I looked at the person who entered and it was my unit members.


“Captain” Lucas called and ran to me hugging me.


‘They just ruined the moment for me’ I thought.



“Why are u guys here?” I asked clenching my teeth.


“What else to see u” ken said and sat comfortably on the chair.


“Miss Vivian, what are u doing here?” Lucas asked.


“Yes, what are u doing here” James asked while Vivian smiled sheepishly.


“She came here to see me” I said.


“I thought u said u were not dating” ken said.


“We are not, what are u guys doing here?” I asked.


“We came to see u,” Douglas said.


“U are not welcome, u should leave” I said.


“Why will they?” Vivian said.


“Yes why will we” Lucas said.


“Since they came to see u, the least u can do is welcome them” she said while I starred at her.


“Will u like to eat some omelettes?” Vivian asked.


“Sure” Lucas said.


“How do u know the password?” I asked.


“We asked the major” ken said and pick my game pad.


“Can’t u guys just go?” I asked quietly so Vivian won’t hear.


“Why, so u and ur gf can continue with what u were doing” ken said teasing me.



“Whatever?” I said and went to Vivian.


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“Am sorry for the inconvenience ” I apologized.


“It is Ok” she said and smiled.


“They will soon be gone and we’ll continue from where we stopped” I said while she blushed.


“Come on” she said playing with her hair.


“U are cute” I said smiling.


“Stop teasing me” she said smiling.


“Pls u guys stop ur love stuff and serve us the omelette” Lucas said coming between us.


For the first time in my life, I felt like killing him.


“Oh” Vivian said embarrassed and went to serve the omelette.


For the past two hours, the guys were here talking to Vivian making her laugh while I was at the dinning looking at her


She had no time for me.


‘I can’t take dis anymore’ I thought


“U guys should get going” I said.


“What, but they came not quite long” Vivian said.


“Am ordering u as ur captain to leave dis place” I said.


They all stood up and packed their things.


“Are u guys really leaving?” Vivian asked.


“Yes, see u again miss Vivian” Lucas said and hugged her.


I went to them and disengage the hug.


“Don’t hug” I said.


“U have up till a second or else…..” I didn’t finish my statement when they all




“Dat was not fair” she said.


“The only thing dat is not fair is dat u left me alone” I said.


“Are u jealous?” She asked.


“Why? I can’t be jealous” I said.


“No, continue u look cool when u are angry” she said.


“U are enjoying dis, aren’t u?” I said while she nod.


“Am totally enjoying it” she said.


“U know we both enjoy something else ” I said moving closer to her.


“What?” she said smiling.


“Ur lips” I said.


“What else?” She asked.


“Ur body” I said kissing her.


I put my hand on her buttons I really wanted her.


Again we heard the bell ring.


“If it is you guys, I swear I’ll kill them” I said.


“Take it easy” Vivian said smiling.


I opened the door and received a punch which pushed me back inside.




Who do u guys think punched Ryan?


Till next time.


Love u guys .

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