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Lovers – My Hooligan – Season 2 Episode 4

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#Season_2 Chapter 4 ⃣(Finale)



…..In this world, a mother is the greatest warrior…..



Zoya Pov


“What lead are you talking about?” Krishna demanded.


“A road that I have been searching for, a road that would lead to my destination.” I responded with a smirk.


“Does that mean you have known who had kidnapped Harsha and Krish?” Lady Deepa asked me.


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“You will get to know what I mean tomorrow. Good night the both of you and don’t forget I still got my eyes on you.” I told them, standing up from the seat and left Krishna’s room, heading straight to the slave’s camp.


Krishna Pov



I watched as Zoya left my room then stood up from my chair and went to my bed, I was about to sit when my mother’s voice stopped me.


“You know she killed your father, we shouldn’t let that slide Krishna, we should get back at her.” My mother said in anger.


“Mum, I know but not now. I need to find out who has the guts to enter this castle and my room just to kidnap Harsha and Zoya’s friend.” I told her, climbing on my bed and sitting on it, then face her. “Once I have seen who it is, then we can think about your suggestion.” I added.


“We should act now before it gets too late.” My mother told me. “We should avenge the death of your father.” She added.



“Not now mother, please. Revenge should be the last thing in our mind right now, what we should be thinking not is who could have entered the castle tonight and how the person knows we won’t be at home.” I said to her. Now isn’t the time for revenge.


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“Alright, just remember she is your father’s killer and she shouldn’t go unpunished.” My mother told me. “Goodnight and be careful.” She added coming to meet me and peck me before leaving my room.


I stood up from my bed after my mum left and locked my room door, then proceeded to go to my bathroom to take a quick shower.


Unexpected things had happened tonight, I wasn’t expecting that smart move from Zoya nor was I expecting that sharp move that killed my father. I wondered what she put in that sword of hers that would make her kill our father that easily.


And apart from that, what lead was she talking about and who was the guy she had called?


She hasn’t gained our trust that much, that was why she refused to share what she meant by ‘We have a lead.’


Stepping out of my bathroom and changing into my night pajamas and climbing into my bed and laying down to sleep, I had made a decision to leave Harsha for Zoya. He loves Zoya instead of me and Zoya loves him so much that she could take a bullet for him which I can’t.


So for now, I will help Zoya to fight whoever that has kidnapped my hostages and after that, I would know what to do.


With that finally thought, I slept off.





Authoress Pov





“I can’t wait for that Indra.” The familiar voice told the demon. “I have been patiently waiting for this.” He added. “I just hope it won’t back fire to us. She entered the fortress without them knowing and killed Raveena Kaali right before their eyes. She is way too smart Indra, I have been watching her, too smart.”


Indra smiled, “Don’t worry about her being smart, she may be smart but I am more smarter than her, didn’t I tell you that all will end up in your favor? Didn’t I tell you that my brother would be killed by one of his children?” Indra told him. “You will win this battle.” He added.


“I will slowly kill her so that she can feel how death is.” The familiar voice said, his voice filled with vengeance.


“Tomorrow, we shall shock her.” Indra said. “My demons have eaten the priest and will be stronger by dawn.” He added.


“Zoya won’t know what hit her.” The familiar voice said with a lopsided smirk.




The Fortress;



Zoya Pov



Reaching where the slaves are, I saw there were still seated the way I had left them.


I had to clear my throat which made them open their eyes and were on their feet and surrounded me immediately they saw who had cleared the throat.


“How did your mission go?” Mehal asked me anxiously and I could see the eagerness on the slaves faces as they awaited my reply.


“It went fine, Raveena Kaali is dead and gone for good.” I replied to him and that earned a loud scream of joy around me. I had to raise my hand up to silence them



before I continued. “So first thing early tomorrow morning, you all are leaving here and going back to your various homes.” I told them.


“Thank you.” Was all I heard around me and I went to the hut I was staying to sleep.


I laid down on the hard ground and one of my hands was resting on my stomach and the other one on the bottle I had tied around my waist.


The priest told me I should use it wisely, that I will be able to use the substance in the bottle to kill anything that can’t be killed and I will only use it twice. I just hope killing my father with the substance in the bottle was the right thing to do. I now only have one chance.


I slept off thinking about the face of my betrayal. I know who he is. I just want to find out why he was doing this. Why he was betraying me.


Caressing my stomach.


Why? There has to be a reason he is doing this. But what can the reason be?


I can’t wait to find out




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