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ICE – Episode 8

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Mi so quickly went to the airport to book for the next day night flight.


After that she went home to get ready.


She helped in packing Carlisa’s clothes then she went ahead to pack hers.


She then saw a picture of little Carlisa.


She carried it and smiled.


“Right from when you where small, you are a darling even though you don’t like


showing it. Am taking you back to where you came from. Am taking you back to


your real home and your real self.”


She kept the picture in her bag.


“Mi so are you done packing?”


Mrs. Geum asked.


“Ye eomoni(yes mother) ”


She hold her hand.


“Darling you are going back to a world you have always been in. You are going back to those supernatural. You are taking Carlisa back to her family. Be careful. Always know my prayer will remain with you. I will always be with you”. She said and bless Mi so.


“Thanks mother. I love you”.


Mi so said smiling.








Carlisa sat down on the cell floor.


Luckily for her, she was the only one there.


She looked at the bracelet on her hand.


Its been with her all her life and it grows with her which always got her wondering.


She always talk to the bracelet and surprisedly, she feels better anytime she does it.


“Mr. Bracelet, am leaving Korea tomorrow to California los Angeles”.


She said.


“I don’t like that place, how will I fit in. Have heard a lot of scary stories there. Am




She said.


Carlisa hate showing her weakness and fear to people but with the bracelet, she says everything about herself. Her fears, her pityful moments and so on.


She held the bracket with her other hand.


“I love you Mr. Bracelet”.


She said and immediately she felt relieved a bit.


She stood up.


“I can do this, have survived so many times in korea so I can survive in LA. I will show all of them that the queen is me. And they don’t mess with the queen”. She smiled.


“Thank you my bracelet”.


A police officer came to her.


“Annyeong(hi) ”




“Hope you are ready for tomorrow? ”


She asked and Carlisa immediately understood that she is the one.


“Yes officer”.




The officer said and left.








Maren sat on her throne looking defected.


“First time you look defected”.


Gab said.


“How wouldn’t I when that daughter of mine disappointed me. She failed a simple test. That portion is important and because of her now, they have hidden it in a place I can’t tell”.


“Is there not any other way”.


“No. No way again”. Maren said angrily. “Am so mad right now”.


Gab sighed.








The next day evening.


Carlisa sat down waiting patiently for the officer to execute her plan.


Soon next, the officer came and did as if she was giving her a lunch box.


“Listen here, there are CCTV Cameras here. So we have to be careful. Your mom gave you a master key so do as I say. Am gonna start a fire soon, immediately you



see a smoke, run out of here. I kept your cloth right at the back of the station. Don’t escape through the front door but the back door”. She said and left.




Ten minutes later, some part of the station caught fire.


Smoke filled the area.


Carlisa tried looking at the installed cameras but couldn’t see it cause of the smoke.


“Great they won’t see me cause of the smoke. Brilliant idea officer”.


She said.


She began to coughed. She used her hand to cover her nose and mouth but she kept coughing.


She opened the lunch box Mi so gave her and found out that there is a mask there.


“Why didn’t I see this here before”.


She asked.


She covered her nose, opened the cell and ran out of there even though everywhere was smokey.


She find her way to the back door and ran out.


“Free at last. ”


She said.


She saw the cloth waiting for her there.


She picked it and quickly wore it with the face cap.


Someone will hardly notice it was her.


She left the police station like a normal person who have never been to the prison








She boarded a taxi which took her to the airport.



Immediately she got there, Mi so came to meet her.


“You are here”


“No, am still in the prison. For God sake am standing right infront of you”.


“I don’t have time for you yet. Let’s get out of here, our flight leaves in two hours.


So be careful and don’t let anyone see your face”.


She said and left while Carlisa followed her.








Imogene sat close to nana who was busy with some spell.


“Nana, have always wondered, who are in that dungeon”.


Nana looked at her.


“Why do you wanna know”.


“No reason, just curious “.


“They are the red blood vampires”.


“Vampires? ”






“They lived on earth. They where a big family but your mother destroyed them.


After that, the chosen one was born from their lineage”.


“Wow….. But why did mother destroy them”.


“That you will find out yourself, don’t wanna tell you myself”.


“I don’t know why I want to see them”.


Imogene said.


“I will help you with that “.


“Really nana? ”


“Yes, anything for my darling”


“Thank you”.








Carlisa hid her face sitting in the departure lounge. She can’t risk been caught if not she will spend her entire life in jail.


“Hungry? ”


Mi so asked.




Carlisa said with a straight face.


“Why the face? ”


“Mom why California of all places? And worst of all, why Los Angeles? ”


“Are you asking me that? ”


“Yes mom. You know I hate California”


“Why? ”


“I don’t know but I just hate it”


“No there must be a reason”



“Fine. I hate it cause people think there are supernatural there. LA is no fun. There are bullies there. I just hate it”


“I don’t know what issues you have with the supernatural, but LA is a great place. Have stayed there before and its an awesome place. You will love it”


“No mom, I will never love it and am not going there”.


“Fine”. Mi so said pissed off. “Go back to jail, or still, wait here for the next flight to anywhere you want to go and get caught by the police. And when you do, thank that police officer and tell her that she shouldn’t have risked her job helping you to escape. That she is a fool for doing so. That everything was just for play. And when you are done, consider yourself motherless”. Mi so said angrily.






“Don’t mom me. You can go, am sure the police are waiting outside”.


Carlisa closed her eyes.


“Fine mother, am coming with you”.








Nana gave Carlisa a soldier constume to help her get into the dungeon.


The both of them sneaked into the dungeon.


Nana led her to a cell far away from the dungeon gate.


“Why this far? ”


“Don’t know darling, your mom knows that better”.


She stood in front of a door and opened it.


There sat in front of them, Michael, Ashton and Marcus.



“Hello Marcus, Ashton and Michael”


Nana said.


“Long time no see”


Marcus said.


Imogene kept stirring at Michael. She felt attracted to him.











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