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Must Read: Broken – Episode 5

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Written by Haryormideh Ayeni



Episode 5






I was heading home but decided to check on my boyfriend when a man stopped me.


He’s really cute and smells rich.


“Lily?” He had called out

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I stopped and turned around “who are you?” I frowned a little


“My name is Kelvin and I need to meet with Tricia, I have a business proposal for her”


Really?” I was surprised “Yeah” he replied grinning. What’s with him?


Meet with her Manager instead” I replied, he’s face looks very familiar like he’s a celebrity or something.


“I don’t know where to find her, actually a friend of hers I think recommended her to me” he said.


That’s when my suspicions began,


Tricia doesn’t have a friend and anyone who needs her go through her boss.



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This man is up to something and it’s definitely not a business proposal however, I didn’t show my suspicions.


“How did you know I know about Tricia’s whereabouts?” I asked “Someone told me, she said that’s the only way to see Tricia” This man is up to no good.


No one knows I’m working for Trish, not even her boss or my boyfriend. I looked at him with scorn “why don’t you yourself”


Then I ran as fast as my legs could carry me, weaving in and out of alleys.






To say I’m shocked would be too much of an understatement.


I’ve never been addressed this way, what did I say wrong?


I shook my head and went back to my car.


I’m going to find you Tricia, even till my last breath.


My phone rang, I groaned when I saw the caller ID.


What does the bitch want?



” Hello?”



“Stay away from Tricia, I know you came here to find her”



“The hell I will, you’ve done more than enough damage to our lives, why don’t you disappear and leave us in peace” I said with scorn



“You are mine and mine alone, go against my wish and face the consequences. By the way, I’ve got her home address, I have an idea you need it badly” she said smugly


“Why don’t you yourself” I mimicked Lily but she had hung up


There are Best friends as well as hate friends…


What are the consequences she’s fuming about?


I hope she was just bluffing but knowing Jane, she hardly bluff.


My plan to reunite with Tricia is going to ruin.


By the way, what’s Jane doing in Chicago??





I heard the door open and close then Lily rushed in looking scared.


“I just insulted a celebrity Trish, do you think he’s going to find us?” She came to grab my arm, forcing me to sit.


She looked really scared


“What did you do?” I asked her


“I swear I didn’t know he’s a celebrity, he just called me and asked me he wants to meet with you that he has a business proposal for you then he said you have friends and knowing you didn’t, I felt he was up to no good, so I asked him to himself”


I burst out laughing “Really?? You said that?”



“I’m serious Trish, it isn’t funny, I’ve unintentionally stopped a business proposal for you and you’re laughing”


“The guy was lying of course” I replied “I have no friends and if it was indeed a business proposal, he would have talked to Linda”


“I hope it isn’t all over the papers tomorrow”


“What’s his name? Did he tell you?” I asked


“Yes he did, He told me his name is Kelvin”


The room temperature dropped by degrees when I heard the name and a chill ran through my body, causing me to shiver


“You said what??”


Lily looked at me in surprise “Kelvin” she repeated


“That son of a bitch” I swore.


I was angry and scared at the same, first Jane and now Kelvin who else will be coming today.


Suddenly we heard shouts and knocks on the gate.


I guess Lily must have locked the gate in fear because the gate is mostly left unlocked.


“Go check who it is” I told her


She went and came back few minutes.


“It’s the press and they want to know if you’re Jane’s Best friend.” Her face was sour. “Didn’t you tell me you had no friends, who’s Jane?”


“Don’t answer me now, let’s find a way to get rid of the press first” she added








( Heal my heart ; the girl is mine )


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