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Ice – Episode 22

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Carlisa slept with a revengeful heart that night. She only thought of how to deal with imogene.


Carlisa opened her eyes to see her self in the mansion again. Immediately all her anger left. “Dad.” She called and ran up to his room, the last place she saw him. He was sitting on his bed sipping from his coffee.


She ran and hugged him, “I miss you dad. Why did you go again.”


He smile patting her back.”No one left, am here. Am always here.”


Carlisa looked at him, “but I want you by my side in the real world. I want you to watch me graduate. I want you to walk me down the aisle.”


“You can do that.”




He smiled. “So how is life on earth.” He asked changing the topic.


“Awful. I was leaving a good life in korea, but I commited a crime and that made mom and I relocate to LA. I don’t like LA. Its all my fault, I should have behaved then all this wouldn’t have happened.”


“So do you want to be lawyer? ”


“No way, I would never study that. I want to be a doctor, its my passion.”


He smiled. “Am so happy to hear that from you, you want to be a doctor just like me and your mom.”


“Yes mom was a doctor, but I don’t know why she stopped been a doctor.” She looked at him. “Dad mom really misses you.”


“And I miss her too, I wonder where she is. I don’t know if she’s ever coming back.”


“She’s with me.”


He smiled. “There are lot of things you don’t know. There are lot of secrets you need to find out.”


“What secret?”


“Don’t you want to know more about me? Don’t you want to now more about her family, my siblings and my parents? Don’t you want to know more about your mom?”


“Not really, I know a lot about her. I only want to know more about you and I know you will tell me.”


“No I can’t, we have no much time again. You will soon wake up.”


“Wow how do you know?”


“This is your dream so I know everything.”




“If you want to find out about the greatest secret, your greatest secret and destiny, go to the Granduwella’s mansion. There you will know who you are.” He said.


Carlisa disappeared and appeared back to the hotel.


She opened her eyes and sat up.


What secret was her dad talking about? Who is she?”


And what secret does her mom have? She was totally confused.


She laid back with the thought of asking mi so about it.








Eliza was able to locate where mi so was through the help of Elma.


She knocked on the door.


Miso opened it and was shocked to see who it was, “Eliza.” She called.


“Hi mi so” Eliza said smiling.


“Finally, have been looking for you, I wanted to talk to you.” Mi so said.


Eliza entered the room.


“Where is carlisa?”


“She went out for a walk. Please make yourself comfortable.”


Eliza sat down.


She saw carlisa picture close to where she sat and carried it.



“Wow she is beautiful just like her mother.”


“Yes she is.”


“How are you both faring?”


“Well we managing. What about the surviving Granduwella’s”


“They are all doing good.”


“What about the key and sword?”


“They have been found but they are not together.”


“Who are they?”


“Elma, elma is the key and Carlisa cousin”


“Really? I suspected as much.”


“Yes, and I came here for something important.”


“Ok what is it?”


“I want you to do all you can to help carlisa realise the truth. You don’t have to tell her yourself, just find a way to make her go to the mansion. We need to act fast, they will all turn eighteen soon that is why we need to act fast”


“So what should I do?”


“Anything you think will help.”


“Ok. I want carlisa to know the truth as quick as possible. So I will do all I can.”









Its been a day now since she left. Her parent taunted her calling her a failure. Although she was hurt, she still kept in mind that she will surely kill the chosen one.


She will go back to earth and fight both the guy with the bracelet and the chosen one. The bracelet is still on her, no matter how much she tries to remove it, she just can’t.


Its always make her frustrated and angry.


She clenched her fist with angry and broke the window in her room venting out all her anger on it.








Nana was confused on what next to do.


Imogene is changing, hatred has filled her. All she want to do is to fight the chosen one and the boy with the bracelet. she need to go back to earth. She will turn eighteen soon and they all need to be together.


Nana was really confused on what to do.


How will she change her?


Its gonna be a hard task.








Elma was given a task to first find Aaron.


“Now that have found them all, what is my next task?”


“Firstly, the three of you have to get your powers first. And that will only happen until two weeks.”


“Aunt don’t I have any uncle or aunty who is still alive?”


“Yes you do, Aaron.” Ivy said coming to join them.


“Aaron? Who is he?”


“He is your uncle but he left and never came back.” Ivy said.


“According to the news, he is in Paris working as a model. He is popularly known as Rodney.”






“Then if he left before everything, he must still have his powers.”


“Yes you are right. He will still have them and that will make him the only existing vampire. He has a very important role to play in you girls transformation.” Eliza said.


“And that means we need to get him here.”


“I will do that myself.” Elma said.


“Don’t worry, I will do it myself.” Ivy said.


“Why mom?”


“Cause I can feel something coming, I can feel a heavy storm. Something is about to happen but I don’t know what it is and that is why you need to stay here.”


“Ok aunt.” Elma said.













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