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The Fallen Angel – Episode 8

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Chapter 8






“Hey guys!! I have something big to tell you” I said.. Immediately i could see a “don’t you dare” stare from Jun pyo..


“She has something to tell us” one of them mimicked and they burst out laughing..


“I live in the same house with Jun pyo” I said ignoring their laughter…


Immediately I said those words, the class suddenly became as quiet as a grave yard..


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“Oops” they gasped


“Are you his girlfriend??”


“Sort of” I replied with a smirk


To my surprise all the girls in the class starts crying.. the boys could not say anything to his face but they kept whispering among themselves..



But his two friends who were seated close to him, looks unmoved… it seems like they don’t believe me…


“Shut up!! Everyone…”he thundered and the class suddenly became quiet..


He walked up to me,held my wrist and suddenly dragged me outside…


“You’re hurting me” I cried

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But he won’t listen..if it was another person,I would have beat the hell out of him…


but i can’t hurt Jun pyo because he is my partner…A fallen Angel should never hurt


his or her partner…


He kept on dragging me until we got to a secluded place..


“What was that inside??” He asked furiously


I just kept quiet.. maybe i shouldn’t have done that.. pheeeeew


“Answer me”he thundered raising his hand to slap me



JUN Pyo’s pov


“Answer me”I thundered raising my hand to slap her….



I angrily brought down my hand to release a thunderous slap on her pretty face.. she dodged the slap and charged angrily at me….. before I could know what was

happening, she had already lifted me up in the air…. swinging me around like just


like how those fat wrestlers in the t.v do to their thin opponents…


“Pls,bring me down…am sorry pumpkin..I won’t do it again” I cried





“What’s wrong Jun pyo?? Are you okay”.. she said and i jerk coming back to reality…


Thank God it’s just my imagination..


I was sweating profusely while my hand which was still hung in the hair, was shivering like a wet fowl…


“What’s wrong Jun pyo?? You’ve been hanging your hand in the air for a while now” she asked surprised


I quickly brought my hand down and heaved a sigh..


“You scared me…I even thought you wanted to slap me” she said sadly


For a while i forgot that she was stronger than me..thank God i didn’t slap her,if not my imagination would have come to reality…I have never felt this embarrassed before..


“Hey pumpkin, go back inside there and tell everyone that you lied” I said trying act bravely


“Ok…” She Said


We were almost close to the classroom… she suddenly stopped


“But wait!! Why are my Even doing this” she asked, looking at me


What is she even saying??


“You can’t change your mind now.. you have to take your ass back in there and tell everyone that you’re just an ordinary BODYGUARD” I said stressing the”bodyguard”..


“Fine..I will do that, but only on one condition”


“Hey!! Who are you to give me conditions”I angrily said waving my finger at her..


“Hey.Mr…you are the one that needs my help here..”



Oh God!! Why did have to meet this bitch… since she came into my life, everything has changed..


“Ok.. what do you want” I asked


“It’s simple.. get me a phone, New clothes and shoes” she said excitedly “And why in the world do you think i will do that” I asked impatiently “Cus’ you need my help” she replied


“Point of correction..Jun pyo never asks anyone for help” I said “Ok.. good bye Mr…it was awful meeting you” she said walking off “Fuck you” I shouted





I slowly walked mission for him is not yet accomplished..I hope he calls me back..


To my utmost surprise,he didn’t call me back…


Mtcheeew… maybe i shouldn’t have given him any condition…


I sadly walked, not knowing where i was heading to…


All of a sudden,a car screeched beside me, causing me to jerk in fear…


The window suddenly went down revealing Mr.arrongant…


“Get in” he ordered


“What !!!” I asked surprised


“I said get in or are you no longer interested in the deal??” He asked



“Of course,I am” I happily said jumping into the car..


He roughly drove the car and as usual i shouted and cried all the way…


We got to a big house which was filled with different kinds of clothes, shoes, bags and jewelries…


Immediately we entered,we were greeted by a young beautiful lady…


She took me into a room and made me wear different kinds of clothes.. some were


short while some were revealing sensitive parts of my body….


“Excuse me,I don’t think these clothes are my size..I mean they can’t even get to my kneels” I said to the lady


“Oh come off it, you make me laugh..all these are called fashion” she replied smiling..


Fashion my butt… humans are really complicated….


Each time i put on a clothe,I could see the surprise on Jun pyo’s sure he is struck by my beauty..


He kept on staring and smiling.. there was a time he even clapped..


“Wow… pumpkin.. you look like a model on this dress” he said clapping..


“Model??? Who is a model??” I asked confused.. and his countenance changed..


looks like he didn’t even know when he said those words…


“Em….em…erm… MONKEY… yes.. monkey..a model is another word for


monkey…so you look like a monkey”he said nervously




Hmmm.. this dude can lie for African oo










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The fallen Angel



Written by authoress Ruthie


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