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Drama Queen – Season 3 – Episode 2

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[Silver house]


Mona Lisa with a calmed voice said to them, “I will do it.”


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Both managers smiled at her but there was someone whom she expected same smile from but instead, a deeper frown showed up on his face. Jeff.


“You’ve made the right decision Miss Mona Lisa. We’ll be back tomorrow and please note that it’s going to be a Live announcement so please make sure you make no mistake.” Manager Park said.


Mona glanced at the paper in her hand and nodded her head.


“So after I make the announcement tomorrow, what next?” she asked with the same calmed voice.


“Now here’s what we have for you…” Manager Park said and stretched a paper and a pen to her which she collected. “A month stay in Miami. Just one month and when you are back, silver house would be yours, empty and we are gone. Simple. Everything you want would be present there. Good shelter, nice environment, nice meals everyday, good life for you. We will all take care of it and you don’t need to pay us back a coin. I don’t see any way in which you would refuse such offer.”


Mona Lisa read the agreement paper and inhaled.


“Just sign on the paper and everything is settled. I know you are a very understanding lady. You would do this for the sake of Spark5 and yourself too. You should sign it right away,” Manager park said.


Mona Lisa glanced at the faces of the idols. She knew that Best, J guy and TedyA want her to go ahead but Jeff didn’t. He seem pissed off and disappointed. She was confused about his own facial expression.

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But what about herself? Do she really want to do this?


Isn’t it for the best of herself. She seem to be the one that would benefit more.


A one month good life in Miami and silver house back into her hands without a


return of any money.


What else can she ask for?





“What about my brother?” she asked. If she needs to leave Seoul for a month. She needs to find her brother first.


“We were able to find out that he was seen in Busan with his fiancé and we are trying our best to get to their actual location in Busan.” Manager Park said.


If only she could tell them about Leo knowing about it but it won’t help in any way.


“Before I make the travel, I would need to see my brother,” she said.


Manager park sighed. “Do you really need to see him first? You are to leave immediately after the announcement. We will find your brother and bring him to you,” Manager Park said.


Mona inhaled. “It’s fine. I will do it.”


Yes she would. Is there any thing or anyone that won’t make her do it?


It can’t be Michel. He doesn’t even have a little feeling for her. It was all fake. He


used her and that’s the truth!


She can’t say no because of him.


One thing she was sure of, is that, her world is very different from his. There’s no way her own world would match with his. He’s super rich and she’s a poor and struggling orphan. There’s no way they can match.


He was just her celebrity crush who she’s sure that nothing is ever going to happen between them.


All she need is to forget about what happened between them and going a far city like Miami would do the magic.


“So are you going to sign now?” Manager Park asked.


Mona stared at the paper for a minute then nodded. “Yes.” and without glancing at anyone’s face, she signed the paper and handed it back to Manager Park who smiled as he collected it with the pen.



“Good decision Miss Mona Lisa. We would be back tomorrow morning. Don’t forget to also get just a small luggage ready. Whatever you need would be present for you over there at Miami. You won’t regret it,” Manager Park said.


“Thank you Miss Mona Lisa. Xspark appreciates,” Manager Kim spoke after being silent all that while.


Jeff stood up and ascended upstairs.


“Please leave us,” Manager Park said to her and she did. She went upstairs thinking she would meet Jeff at the corridor but didn’t.


She had just entered her room when the door reopened and Michel walked in.


“Why do..you keep barging into my room?” she asked.


“Why did you do what I asked you not to do?” he asked, ignoring her own question.


Mona crossed her arms.” And what did you ask me not to do?”


He took a step closer to her and she took a step back.


“I told you not to say yes to whatever they tell you to do!” he said.


Mona scoffed. “And why would should I do what you say?”


“Because you should do what I say,” he said.


“As?” Mona asked.


“As my girlfriend,” he said.


A slap on Michel’s face was the next sound that was heard. None of them were expecting that. It was sudden and strong.


Michel was shocked just like Mona was or was she even the most shocked?


How was she able to do that? To Slap Michel. How did her palm get to his cheek!



What’s going to happen next! She just slapped her celebrity crush and south Koreans most handsome man.


“What…what..did you just do to my face?” Michel asked with his palm on his cheek. He looked shocked while Mona looked terrified. Her hands on her opened mouth.


“You slapped me?” Michel asked, chuckled and slid his two hands into his pants pockets.


Mona moved her hands on her mouth and tried to speak but it seem there was suddenly a lump in her throat. She was only trying to move her lips.


“I…I..I have no idea how that happened,” she suddenly spoke out and turned her back on him, also crossing her arms.


‘Argh! What have I done’


“Anyway I’m going to overlook the slap just like I overlooked the bite from you weeks ago. Hey you, I think you should be grateful to me but instead of a gratitude, what I get is a slap on the face.” he said.


Mona turned to face him. “Gratitude? What gratitude?”


“That you are privileged to be even a fake girlfriend to Kim Michel. That is an honour, a great one which you shouldn’t mess up with. Do you have an idea thousands of girls who would rush at that?” Mona Lisa tilted her head back in Astonishment.


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“You are not just a petty jerk but a proud peacock petty jerk,” Mona said causing Michel to raise his brows.




“Well I just proved you wrong that I am not among those thousands of girls who would crawl at your feet to be your fake girlfriend. I can never be any type of



girlfriend to you and I would never pray to have a proud peacock petty jerk like you as my boyfriend. Now, leave my room.” Mona said.


“And if I don’t?” he asked.


“Well, I bet there’s one animal in here that you dislike and my pet isn’t friendly to proud jerks like you,” Mona threatened.


Michel glanced at Blue who had been under the bed all the while and he chuckled.


“So it’s also a maniac like you?” he asked.

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“Leave my room,” Mona said and carried Blue from under the bed.


“Cats don’t scare me. They only irritate me and don’t get closer or watch me kill it,” he said.


Mona shrugged. “Fine then, let’s see,” she said and took a step closer then another and what happened next shocked her.


Michel swiveled her to his side, crossed his arm around her, pecked her on the cheek and took a photo of it.


“Yeah, I wanted a picture of this,” he said, raising his phone screen to her face.


“What’s that for! Why did you do that?” Mona asked, shocked.


“It’s going to my Twitter,” he said.


“What? Why? What for? Delete that right now.”


“Be my fake girlfriend Mona Lisa.”


“I’m a maniac and Maniac don’t become fake girlfriends,” Mona said.


“Be my girlfriend,” he said.


Mona paused.”What?”



He took out a paper from his pocket and showed it to her. “Be my girlfriend for eight months. It’s an agreement. Your salary would be a 150 million won each month. It’s there on the paper. It can change your life forever. Just eight months of fake relationship and it’s over.”


“Why are you doing this? I can’t believe it,” Mona said.


“I just want to proof to some people about something,” he said.


“And what’s that?” Mona asked.


“It’s none of your business. Your business here is to sign the paper and just do your work of a fake girlfriend.”


‘I thought he removed the fake?’


“I’m not interested. I’m going with this one and no body can stop me,” she said, raising the announcement paper to his face.


“Fine,” Michel said.


He drop back his own paper back into his pocket, then snatched the Announcement paper from her head and tore it into pieces. “Let’s see how you do it tomorrow.”


“What did you just do?” Mona asked with wide eyes.


“Expect your new phone soon,” he said, slide his hands into his pockets and left without closing the door.


Mona could only stare at the torn pieces of papers littered on the floor.


“Jerk. This won’t stop me from doing it.”







“Hyung, look at this,” Kel rushed to Zan with his phone.



“What’s that?” Zan asked as he was pulling off his sneakers. He collected Kel’s phone and saw what his younger brother was telling him.


His eyes widened at what he saw and read.


“Isn’t that Mona Lisa Silver, my classmate. The blonde hair girl who crushed on you like there was no tomorrow,” Kel said.


“She’s the one. Mona Lisa,” Zan said.


“Taebaaaa! I couldn’t believe it hyung. She’s really the one Kim Michel is dating right now and not just that, her house is now the residence of the spark5 members,” Kel said.


“Good for her,” Zan said and handed Kel back the phone.


“What? Just that? Don’t you wish to like see her or wished you gave her a chance then?” Kel asked.


“If I did, do you think she would be in the news now as Kim Michel’s girlfriend?”


Kel nodded. “Yeah you are right. But what about you seeing her?” he asked.


“Leave, I need to my private time,” Zan said.


Kel nodded. “I totally understand you brother but take it easy please.” Kel said and walked out but didn’t leave the door.


Zan rushed his laptop and entered the Internet.


“She’s really the one… Mona Lisa.” he said minutes later with his eyes on the screen. “She’s become so much prettier. Why?…”


He flashed back to the days when she was all over him but he disliked her because he thought she wasn’t as pretty as he want his girlfriend to be. Second, he was her senior and haven’t dreamt of dating his junior in school. But Third which was the



main reason, he was chasing after Nadia, the school’s popular cheerleader but ended up not getting her and loosing Mona Lisa too.


“She had the sweetest smile but I never realized that,” he said and sighed.


“I crave to see you Mona Lisa. It’s really good that you are dating a celebrity so it won’t be so hard for me to find you.”







[Silver House]


Mona Lisa’s door opened and Zara, Mi soo and Shin hye walked in.


“Oh my God! What did I really hear?” Zara asked.


“Is it true?” Mi Soo joined.


“It’s fake. Who doesn’t know in this house?” Shin hye said.


“Shut up Shin hye!!” Zara and Mi soo said together.


“What’s she doing?” Zara asked, seeing Mona Lisa picking up torn papers, arranging them and seal tapping them together.




Hours later



It was evening already and Mona was famished. She haven’t heard a meal since the day broke and since the time that she was able to seal tap the pieces of paper back into one, her focus has been on it.


She had read until she slept off and then she wakes up feeling her stomach crying out loud for food.


Have she even heard her bath?


She instantly smelt herself and sighed.



“Zara and the others must have gone, it’s 5pm already.” she muttered and sighed again.


She struggled herself out of bed and went into the bathroom to have her bath first.


Fifteen minutes later, she was out of the bathroom.


While walking to her closet, she widened her eyes when she saw a new phone on her bed.


It was on top of it package.


The new phone.


She knew who had brought it. Michel but when did he?


Was it when she was sleeping or when she went to take her bath?


“I think I have to find the key to the door lock!” she said.


She picked up the phone and widened her eyes when she found out that it’s the exact phone of Michel.


She could vividly remember. The one that he held two days ago while walking towards her. No, towards the door and she began fantasizing.


“Why did he get me the same phone. It’s the most expensive phone.” she said and when she woke up the screen, the screensaver is the picture he took few hours ago. Where he suddenly pecked her on the cheek and took a selfie of it.


Mona scoffed. “Who’s this guy!? He must be kidding me!”


Just then, a call came. The caller name, My Boyfriend.


“My boyfriend?” Mona scoffed and picked the call.



Go on he spoke first.



Are you kidding me? she said.



What’s there that look like kidding? It is the million worth phone or the special things inside it? he asked.


I never knew you could be this generous to get me the same phone as yours. I can’t believe you can be as sweet as putting our selfie as my screensaver. I can’t also believe you could be as cheeky as to save your number with ‘my boyfriend’ How ridiculous you are starting to become oh great Kim Michel… but i don’t need all this. I don’t need the phone. What I need is my phone and my SIM. And I’m coming to get it


Alright. I’m waiting





The call ended.



Good. I don’t mind! Mona hissed and dropped the phone back on the bed.




Michel dropped his phone and picked the contract relationship paper.


“Li Sugar. I’m going to make you regret ever messing with me,” he said.




Mona came out of her room and met Jeff at the corridor. He just came out from his room also. Their eyes met and Jeff was the first to look away and walk away.


She wanted to run to him and ask what he really want her to do and she was ready to do it.


She can’t stand the way he was to he recently. She have to do something.


But she has to throw this back to the petty jerk first.


She turned to his door and knocked.



The door opened and Mona was surprised that no one opened the door. She walked in and saw Michel on sitting on his bed with his headphone on and his eyes on his laptop.


‘But who opened the door?’ she wondered.


“Are you curious?” Michel asked without looking up from his laptop.


“About?” Mona asked.


“About what your boyfriend can do,” he said.


“Boyfriend…How?” Mona asked.


He looked up at her. “Anything. Your boyfriend’s door can be opened with a remote control,” he said and showed her the small black remote.


Mona rolled her eyes. “I have no boyfriend! Get that into your head.” she said and dropped the phone package in front of him. “I don’t want it. I want my phone back.”


“You have no idea what you are returning. You should be on your kneels thanking me than throwing it back to me,” he said and Mona scoffed, pissed off.


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“Have this instead,” Michel said and stretched the agreement paper and a pen to her. “Sign it and you would get it back.”


“Fine!” Mona said and grabbed the paper. “I know exactly what to do.” She tore the paper into the tiniest pieces.


Michel chuckled. “I know you were gonna do that, so I photocopied a hundred of it.” he said and showed the pile to her.





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