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Love Affairs – Episode 22

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Episode 22




Later in the day, the Inspector General was already giving Mike situation update of the


murder of President Williams and her daughter. They were both seated in the IG’s office.


“President Williams Bruno,” the IG was saying with a seriousness that was unusual in him, “was murdered during the fiftieth anniversary


of the University. He was standing in the midst of the immense crowd, delivering his speech, when a sniper


took him out. The professional sniper, believed to have shot from any direction of the campus stadium which was the venue for the anniversary, has succeeded in leaving everyone in the dark till now. Just like I said earlier during the meeting in the villa, immediately President Williams was murdered, the police started investigation. We discovered a gun we suspected to be the murder weapon in the stadium car park but to our uttermost dismay, the fingerprints on it are either nonexistent or too smudged to be useful. I called in Dennis, the best agent of the Intelligence Department,


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and he interrogated a couple of high-ranking citizens that we thought would help in the


investigation, but that was abortive.” He pulled a file from the drawer, containing the


names of those Dennis had interrogated and the outcome of the investigation, and handed it over to Mike. He took it expressionlessly


and started studying it with keen interest. The IG folded his arms across his chest, waited for some minutes and continued, “When President


Paulinus Wilfred promised to reward anyone to come up with helpful information that would lead to the arrest of the sniper, Hillary Gunters called that he knew the sniper that took President Williams out. Regretfully, before he could say what he knew, he was betrayed by Lucia Brime, his girlfriend, and was murdered; Agent Dennis was wounded in the process.


While still on admission in Sydney Specialist Hospital, Lucia Brime attempted to



assassinate Dennis but she was arrested, though she later escaped. From the confession


Lucia made before she escaped, we believed that Sergio Bruno, the elder brother to President Williams, killed his brother, but we

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eventually discovered when Sergio committed suicide that he wasn’t the one that ended up killing his brother. Actually, Sergio was not in good terms with his brother and had wanted him dead. He sent Theodore Philips to snipe


at his brother during the anniversary but before Philips could succeed, some other sniper in the stadium took President Williams out. Philips was secretive about his failure to assassinate President Williams and made Sergio believe that he was the one who killed Williams. When Sergio predicted that Agent


Dennis who all know as the smartest of the Intelligence Department might end up getting him exposed, he sent Lucia to assassinate him, but she failed. Theodore Philips, on his way to get the hospital where Dennis was hospitalized bombed, ran into a police


barricade and opened fire on the cops. When he ran out of bullets and was shot on the


head, he drove into the forest. He called Sergio on the phone, confessed that he wasn’t


the one that killed his brother and then he died. Sergio, aware that the cops were coming to arrest him, left a suicide note and committed suicide. At the moment, we’re


completely in the dark with regard the murder of President Williams.” He paused and went on again, “As for Stella, she was killed when she was taking a drive around the city. I


suspect she knows something about the murder of her dad and this murderer has seen


her life as a risk to his secret and has decided to send her to her dad before she says what


she knows.” He unfolded his arms and placed his hands on the table, “That’s


exactly where we’re at the moment.” He shot him a glance that told Mike he was


through, and forced a smile.




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