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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 13

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“If you’re not cheap as you claim, then I want you out of my office. Go to Henry first thing tomorrow morning and resign” Daxton spat out and walked out


I sagged on the wall as tears rolled down my cheeks.


I couldn’t quit, I just couldn’t.


Even if I decided to, I had no where to go. I sobbed quietly as Daxton’s hateful words repeated in my head.




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“If you’re not cheap as you claim, then I want you out of my office. Go to Henry first thing tomorrow morning and resign”






How could I quit?


The door opened and Dexter walked in.


“Chloe are you okay?” he asked and squatted in front of me


I shook my head in tears


“look at me” he tilted my chin up and made me look into his eyes “what did Daxton do to you?” the look in his eyes was furious like I had never seen in him before


“Nothing” I sniffled and wiped my tears with the back of my hands


“Don’t hold anything back, tell me”


I shook my head




“Just take me out of here. That’s what I need”


The party was almost over and Dexter led me out of the house. We entered his car and drove to his own house.


Dexter’s mansion was the same as Daxton’s. We got down and walked inside. Even the insides were the same.


I sat on a couch while Dexter went upstairs and changed into something simple. He returned shortly and took a seat beside me.


“so what happened?” Dexter asked


“Daxton wants me to resign from his office”





“He says I’m cheap and I’m only there for his money. But why else would I be


working if not for money? I work to get paid. Isn’t that why others work too? Isn’t


that why he runs the company?


For money?”


Dexter smiled a smile that wasn’t really a smile “Daxton had too much to drink earlier. I think he was talking under the influence of the drinks”


I shook my head “He was thinking clearly”


“you’re not going to resign. Even if you work as Daxton’s secretary he didn’t employ you and he isn’t the one paying you. SBH pays you through Henry and not Daxton. It isn’t even his money. He gets his own share at the end of the day”


I sighed “even if I’m going to continue working, I’m no longer going to be Daxton’s secretary”


“listen, Daxton didn’t mean to say all those things. He was tipsy. And even if he doesn’t like you, he doesn’t hate you either”


“Dexter I poured him my drink and slapped him real hard across his face”


Dexter threw his head back, laughing.


He never takes anything serious.


“He deserved that” he guffawed


“Dexter I’m being serious. I can’t face Daxton”


“Why don’t you want to work for Daxton? Because he asked you not to or because of the slap?”


I heaved a deep sigh “both”


“Daxton didn’t mean to ask you to stop working, but did you mean to slap him?”



“I don’t know” I scratched my hair “he made me angry”


“and you lost your temper on your boss”


“I didn’t mean to”


Dexter smiled and leaned into his chair “Maybe because you were seeing him as your boyfriend”


“I don’t think so Dexter. I just lost my temper on him”


“Daxton was really mad when he heard you went out with a man”


“I didn’t also means to.. I was drunk”


“I never knew you drink” Dexter peered into my face


“I didn’t know either” I stuttered. I didn’t want to tell him Pearl and her friends were behind everything. They might end up losing their jobs. “But Daxton was there on time”


Dexter’s smile faded “that guy almost had his way with you”


“I know.. I was really stupid. What was I thinking when I had so much to drink?”


Dexter chuckled softly “all these made Daxton angry, coupled with the drinks he took”


“Dexter I still can’t continue. Even though I need the money, I just can’t”


“Henry won’t let you quit. Everyone thinks you’re Daxton’s girl….”


“but I’m not” I interrupted “and I’ll never be”


“You have to wait for a while.. For everything to settle then we announce a break up. That’s the plan”





“I’ll talk to Daxton if you want”


“you don’t have to worry. Talking to Daxton won’t change how he feels about me”


“Then you have to be patient with him. Daxton is passing through a lot. No matter how he pretends he’s okay, I know he still hasn’t gotten over Colton”


Dexter was right. Daxton hadn’t gotten over Colton and I feared he might never.


“what are you thinking about?” Dexter asked when I wasn’t saying anything, just staring into space




Dexter chuckled softly and leaned forward. He brought his face own to mine and I waited in anticipation for the kiss I was sure would follow. Just as his lips were about to touch mine, he drew back and pushed his hair back.


“it’s getting late.. I’ll take you home” Dexter said


“I don’t have a home”


He sighed “Daxton’s house”


“I’m not going there tonight”


“do you plan on spending the night here?”


I had no answer to that. Dexter arched a brow and lifted one corner of his mouth in a smile that wasn’t a smile at all.


“I’ve got a room just like the one you stay in Daxton’e house.. Come with me”


I followed him upstairs and the corridor was exactly like Daxton’s. We stopped at the third door and he pushed it open. There was a door opposite just like Daxton’s.



“The door opposite is my room” Dexter explained


“your house is just like Daxton’s”


“we built the same house.. Daxton and I used to be really close”


“Then what happened?”


“I found out he’s a gay and tried talking him out of it but instead he counted me as an enemy”


“Daxton hates you because you tried talking him out of being a gay?”


“he doesn’t really hate me”


I sighed “alright.. Whatever you say”


“You can’t go to bed wearing that dress” Dexter said. I glanced up at Dexter, his eyes were no longer on my face. Instead, he was staring at me and appraising me head to toe. Watching his expression, the darkness that had gathered in his eyes, I suddenly couldn’t breathe.


I just stood there, mesmerized by there the way his eyes moved down my body.


“I can manage” came my reply. I didn’t want to tell him that I preferred sleeping nu.de on days when I was tired like today.


“I’ll find something” he said and walked into his room.


I breathed out in relief and entered the room he had shown me. The room was just like my room in Daxton’s house. As soon as the door closed behind me, I sagged against it, working to slow my pounding heart. Unconsciously my hand went to my stomach, where butterflies still fluttered.


Dexter’s closeness was having so much effect on me. And when he tried kissing me few moments ago, it felt like I was in the clouds already, but he just had to draw back.


A knock sounded on the door and my heart skipped a beat. I got up and took in a deep breath to hide my nervousness then I opened the door.


Dexter was just standing there with some clothes in his hands.


“I found these in my wardrobe. I wore them few years ago so they should be small for you” he said and proffered me with the clothes


“Thank you” I collected them


“I’ll get you something to wear tomorrow”


“you don’t have to worry”


“you’re under my care tonight and as a matter of fact, you’re my responsibility and I have to see to that”


I forced a smile and for a moment, we just stood there staring at each other. No one was talking and the atmosphere was becoming tensed.


“Goodnight” Dexter broke the silence and walked into his room


I entered my room and slammed the door shut. When I finished showering, I wore one of the shirts Dexter had given to me with a short I found in the drawer. When I was done, I was really exhausted and dropped on my bed as I slowly drifted to sleep.












I woke up to the smell of fried eggs. I plodded into the bathroom and washed my face then headed downstairs. Dexter was cooking in the kitchen and the aroma of the fried egg was so tempting I almost jumped into the fire. I leaned on the door and watched Dexter unnoticed. Seeing him from a close look with his back at me, I just couldn’t stop myself from admiring how handsome and masculine he was. Just like Daxton.


“It isn’t polite to stare” Dexter’s voice snapped me out of my thoughts


I looked away in embarrassment “I just got here”


Dexter whirled around to face me with a grin “you’ve been admiring me”


I shook my head and walked in fully “the food brought me down”


Dexter chuckled and turned to the stove “how was your night?” he asked


“I slept well”


“I bet it was as comfortable as home”


I hated it when Dexter referred Daxton’s house as home. Daxton’s house was really far from my home.


“if you’re referring to Daxton’s house then it wasn’t a bit comfortable”


Dexter laughed and said “you have to get ready else you’ll be late for work”


I didn’t even have anything to wear.


Dexter smiled indulgently “I bought you something to wear today. You’ll find them in the living room”


I felt an ache in my throat. Dexter was just too caring than I even deserved. I smiled at him and headed towards the living room. There were few bags and they all contained clothes, and bags, and shoes. Just too much for a day.


Dexter shouldn’t have bothered since I would be returning to Daxton but he did. I carried the bags to my room and selected a gown and a pair of stilettos. After having a quick shower, I got dressed and braided my hair in a ponytail. I kept the rest of the clothes in the drawers and hurried out.


Since I had more than enough clothes in Daxton’s house, I thought it wise to keep the clothes in the Dexter’s house in case of an emergency and I have to spend the night again.


I joined Dexter in the dining room and he was already waiting for me. Having showered and dressed.



We ate our meal and he drove me to work. More to hell.


Henry was awaiting my arrival outside. Immediately I stepped out of the car, his expression turned pale. He wasn’t angry the way he used to when he sees Dexter and I together. I alighted from the car and Dexter drove off without saying a word to Henry.


“Good morning” I greeted Henry


“where have you been. I’ve been worried sick”


“I spent the night at Dexter’s, you shouldn’t have worried”


“Dexter?!” Henry’s expression was undoubtedly dark “why did you go with him?”


“Cause Daxton….” I interrupted. I didn’t want Daxton getting into trouble. Dexter


was right, maybe Daxton was drunk and hurt about Colton’s death.


“what did Daxton do?” Henry asked


“I couldn’t find him when the party ended and I was really tired so I had to go with Dexter— he was the only one available” I lied


Henry stared at me like he didn’t believe a word I said. He heaved a sigh “It’s obvious I can’t stop you two from seeing each other”


“I’m not seeing Dexter”


“It’s okay.. Let’s go see Daxton”




My heart turned. What if he tells Henry that I poured him my drink and slapped him?


“there’s something I have to check in my office” I told Henry


“it can wait, Daxton comes first”



I succumbed and followed Henry to Daxton’s office. Daxton was sitting behind his carved mahogany desk when we walked in. I was expecting a glare or one of those dark expressions but he just stared at me blankly. I mumbled a greeting and he barely replied.


Henry offered me a seat while he remained standing.


“What happened last night?” he directed the question to Daxton


Daxton first glanced at me then shifted his gaze to Henry “everything went well”


“You didn’t go home together”


“that isn’t necessary Henry, she isn’t really my….” Daxton interrupted himself with


a hiss


“I know very well that this is just an act and I am behind it but I don’t want any of you getting into trouble” Henry said


“Trouble?” Daxton asked the question I wanted to ask “what kind of trouble?”


Henry glanced at me “I found out what Pearl and her friends did to you last night”


“It’s alright.. I’m fine now” I said


“it wouldn’t have been if Dexter hadn’t found out on time. If only you and Daxton had been together, none of this would’ve happened”


“I was safe with Dexter”


Henry scoffed and looked at Daxton “Everything seems okay now”




What did he mean by everything?


“I already rented a house for Chloe, you can announce a break up any moment from now” Henry said



Daxton looked at Henry, utterly astonished.


That was exactly what he wanted.


“What happens to me when we announce the break up?” I wanted to know.


I couldn’t possibly continue working as Daxton’s secretary after the break up.


“I’ll get you a job” Henry replied “and I’ll still stick to my part of the bargain”


A lump swelled in my throat as I waited for Daxton’s reply.


“Chloe should speak for herself” that was all Daxton said and Henry shifted his gaze to me




“She’s free to decide what she wants” Daxton added


“what’s your decision Chloe?” Henry asked


I swallowed hard “I’m fine with whatever you decide”


Henry smirked “since none of you can decide, then I’ll state my own decision”


Daxton and I listened with keen attention as Henry spoke.


“There’s not going to be a break up yet” Henry stated “you’ll continue with the act until I state otherwise”


I should’ve refused, or maybe Daxton should’ve objected but we didn’t say a thing. We talked about other things then Henry announced that he was leaving. I also got up to go when Daxton said.


“Sit” he prompted “there’s something we need to talk about”



Henry glanced at Daxton, then to me before finally walking out. I sat back on my seat but didn’t dare look at Daxton. I was still finding it difficult to look into his face after the slap last night.


I know I should apologize but I couldn’t bring myself to do it.


“Last night…” he began “I said a lot of things that I shouldn’t have said. Not after you freely decided to help restore my family’s reputation….”


“it wasn’t your fault” I cut in “I should’ve listened to you and stayed inside, then I couldn’t have gotten into trouble”


“it’s a good thing you realized your mistakes”


I nodded “and I shouldn’t have slapped you”


“It was a real surprise” Daxton almost laughed “the resounding crack like the sound of thunder in a distance snapped me out of my drunken state”


I chuckled softly


“But I deserved more than just a slap” he went on


“I guess you did but I went far.. You’re still my boss”


Daxton looked at me in a way he hasn’t done before. Not with those dark expression but with a soft, warm stare like he was viewing me as a friend. “Everyone works for money, that doesn’t make anyone cheap. It means you’re hardworking”


I smiled. Dexter was right after all.


“Thanks for saving me last night”


“thanks for the slap” he said with a small smile that dimpled his cheeks.


It was the first time I was seeing him smile and I had no idea he had dimples.


Dexter didn’t have one.


That’s a very significant difference.


Point noted ✅


Dimples. ✅


“So I can continue working?”


“as long as you want to”


“and the act?”


“let’s just go on with it for now. We’ll call it quits when dad returns. I wouldn’t want his interference for now. You’ve won him completely over and he wouldn’t permit a break up if he’s still here. Once he leaves, then we’ll make the announcement then you’ll be free to leave and get married just like you want”


Just like I want?










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