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Teens’ Heart – Episode 81

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Chapter 81 Story by, Rejoice












Jeremy’s POV


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[Few hours later.] My dad was asleep again after Dr Sam came and talked awhile with him..


Chris had to go home to freshen up and do some other stuff..


Moni left cos she’s expecting the witch home at anytime. I don’t give a damn!


Andra and I had some dish at the hospital cafeteria.. I actually ate cos I was happy my dad woke up.. Secondly, Andra forced me to.


She was really famished and wanted me to eat too. So I did.


She’s too pathetic!


Now, we are back at the hospital room, Staring out the window.


She had spoken with Lili earlier while we were at the cafeteria and told her she might come home late.


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It’s 7:50pm now and the cloud is gone dark..With stars in the sky but the moon isn’t bright.


I took her hand…


I gotta say it out to her now..


I gotta say it out cos I can’t keep it. I gotta tell her this now or never.


I promised to tell her if my dad wakes and now I got to tell her. I really love her..


“Andra..” I called softly. “Yes?” She answered.


“Let’s go outside. Catch some fresh aura. Here smells antispetic you know.” I said. This’s just the way I think I can do it.


I can do this..


“Alright then.” She said.


I watched my dad for a minute, then held Andra’s hand tighter and we walked out.




Outside is dark but there’s stars in the sky and the street lights is on.


I held her hand and we walked around the hospital premises.


I walked as I pulled her to some cool side and there was a seat… We sat down.


There is a smooth lawn field but it’s dark, but though I saw Andra’s face kinda well.


“Here seem cool than there.” He said.


“Yeah.. but we can’t just leave your dad there and seat here.” She said.


Arghh..Why’s she talking like she’s gonna spend the night here.


“I smiled.


My affectionate friend.


It’s time to say out this words to you..


“Andra..” I called, turning her over to face me.


Alexandra ‘s POV “Yeah?” I asked.


“About what I promised to say out to you..If my dad wakes up.” He said. Oh.. I’ve been anxious to know what he wanna say to me?


Is my thoughts playing hide and seek with me?


I really hope its not what Im thinking right now because the… the way he’s staring into my eyes.


It’s too suspicious and charming..


“Yeah.. You said that.” I said.


“I wanna say them out now.” He said.


I just stared at him.


He shut his eyes and inhaled and then opened them back and stared back into my eyes.


“Andra.. I..” He paused. “Huh?” I said.


“Please.. be..be my girlfriend.” He said. I gasped…


“Why!?” I yelled.


I was just too shocked by it.


My eyes were wide open and my mouth agape.


This can’t be true..


Oh my God!


“Cos im so inlove with you Andra..” He said and then pulled into him… I closed my eyes.


It was shocking but I couldn’t hold back my own feelings. So I let it out..


“I love you too.” I let it out..


He quickly withdrew our hug and stared into my eyes.


“What did you say Andra?” He asked..


I decided not to say it again..


Then he smiled and hugged me again, more tighter and warmer now.


“It’s fine. I heard you. I just wanted you to say it again cos they made my heart melt and they gave me butterflies down my stomache.” He said.


I closed my eyes..


I can’t believe we are talking about love all of a sudden.


“Do you really love me Andra?” He asked.


“Yeah I do.” I said.


“Then.. If you love me.. Please im begging you to be my girlfriend. I really want us to date. I want to be your boyfriend Andra and I’ll let the whole world know what you mean to me. You mean alot to me Andra. I can’t help it. I need you. Pleaseeee.” He said, hugging me closer into him.


I inhaled.


“No Jeremy. I can’t. You got a girlfriend.” I said even though I hate that he do now.


He pulled away immediately.


“Watch this Andra..” He said and took out his phone.


He dialed a number and it went through.


“Hello Molly.” He said and switched it to Loudspeaker..




I watched him.


“Hi J. You’ve been ignoring my calls. Why didn’t you come to party last nite? I missed you.” I heard her voice say.


“Molly I wann tell you that that its over between us.. Our dating was all a game, you know that. IYou ain’t my girlfriend again. I don’t need this dating. Get that.” He said and dropped the call and looked at me.


I can’t believe what he just did..


“You, see Im serious about this Andra.. I really neec you to be my girlfriensd.” I swallowed.


“It’s.. its so sudden..” I said..


And what do he mean by their dating was all a game??l


“I don’t fu.cking care. I need you Andra.” He said and then I felt his lips pushed on


mine unexpectedly.


He kissed me.






When he pulled away and stared into my eyes… I couldn’t help it. So I hugged him.


“I’ll be your girlfriend… but im scarec of Molly.” I said. “Thanks alot.” He said and kissed my cheek and my neck.. Huh?!


“Molly is just a brat, she won’t hurt you. I love you so much and would always protect you Andra.. Im here for you. I lovdme you.” He said. “I love you too Jeremy..” I said..


Jeremy ‘s POV I felt so happy…

Really hsppy.


I love you so much Andra.. I still hugged her.


“So.. are you my girlfriend now Andra, cos im just too excited about it.” I asked her.


“Yeahh” She said.


Oh fu.ck ittt


this is just too good to be true.


“Wooooowww… What did I miss huh?” That was Chris voice behind.


I withdrew our hug and I turned to him as I took Andra’s hand.


“Im taking my babe home. I’ll be back soon.” I said and pulled Andra along as we walked away.


Chris POV


His Babe?






# Molly ‘s POV


He broke up with me!


He fu.cking broke up with me and I know it’s all cos of that brat!




I threw the pillows on my bed away with rage.


And then I broke down into tears.




Awwnn… Finally finally.. This stubborn two had said out their feelings to each other. Ain’t it too sweet huh?

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