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Crazy In The New York City – Episode 38

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Adrian’s Pov


Doctor Ethan left leaving Mom and I alone, I had questions and I was getting impatient.


I walked inside my room where Celine was resting, I sat beside her and looked at her face.


Even with her face all swollen she still looked beautiful, I wonder why I never realized how beautiful she was.


I thought of what exactly could have happened, she didn’t go to work today being a Sunday so there’s only one place she could go to. “Mary’s.


I grabbed my phone and dialed her, I knew it was late but I wanted answers.


I dialed her numbers 11 times before she finally picked the call.


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What Her groggy voice murmured. I knew she didn’t like me after the stunt I pulled on Celine.


It’s Celine Mary.. She.. I couldn’t finish my sentence before Mary interrupts.



What happened to Celine, what have you done now, if anything happens to that lady I’ll


Celine was beaten up Mary, I need to know if you know anything about it. Did she get in a fight with anybody, Tell me


What!! She gasps.



Am coming over She says and hung up.


I sigh and look at the petite woman in my bed, I placed a kiss on her shoulder.

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“Am here baby and am not leaving” I assured her sleeping state praying she heard me. Mom walks in with a glass of water.


“Drink this son” I looked at the water and looked back at Celine.


“I don’t need it mom” I shove my hand in my hair, the last thing I wanted was water.


I’ll only take something if Celine is okay.


“You look tired Adrian, you can rest I’ll watch her”


I nod my head and lean closer to Celine.


“She needs me now the most mother, I am not leaving her” I declared and placed my hand on her hair rubbing it down to her forehead.


Mom places a hand on my shoulder.


“She’ll be okay” She assures me.





It was five in the morning, Mary was here already and surprisingly she came with Russell, I remembered the last encounter with him and I felt like a jerk.


She takes a look at Celine and gasps.


“Mary I need to know if you know anything about this” I asked almost pressuring the pregnant woman.


Russell was boiling, his fists were clenched and he looked at me accusingly.


“Did you do this?” He growled. I was surprised but became angry.


“Are you fu.cking kidding me. Do you think I’ll hit my wife” I frowned.


“Last time I checked, you didn’t accept Celine as your wife”


We stood feet apart growling at each other.


“You both stop it, Celine is not in a good shape, she doesn’t need both of you dunderhead fighting” Mary yelled.


“She’s right Adrian” Mom says and looks at Mary.


“Do you know if she was involved in any fight or anything relating to violence” Mom asked Mary, She bites her finger while i stare at impatiently.


“We only had an argument with Fred and I don’t think Fred can do this, He’s only interested in my baby not Celine” she explained




I paced a hole on the floor and Russell sat on the sofa bouncing his knees up and down.


I have never felt this anxious in my whole life.


“Who could have done this?” Russell muttered and held his head in his hand.


“Have you called the police?” Mary asked.


“Those motherfu.ckers would end up fu.cking things up. I can’t call them, I know exactly who to call”


My mind wandered off to Romeo, he was the only one who could help me now.


If I find the person, he’ll regret ever being born.


A blood echoing scream echoed from my room, I pushed past everyone and up to the hall of my bedroom.


“Please don’t, please stop” Celine cried and struggled in the sheets. Her face held pure fear and terror, I rushed to her before she could do any more damage to herself.


“No no” She screamed and scratched my arms.


“Get away from me” She pushed me off and fought the blanket and sheets surrounding her.


I clenched my jaw, I was at loss on how to wake her up without frightening her.


I kneeled next to the bed where she laid and struggled.


“Celine it’s me, it’s okay. I won’t hurt you. It’s a nightmare you are safe baby” She settled her self and I began stroking her hair. I sighed and sat next to her on the edge of the bed, I placed one hard on her forehead and it was too warm.


I looked over my shoulder and saw the three people watching us with deep concern.


“Call the doctor, she’s got a fever” I ordered quietly, Mary nodded and left to find my phone.


Mom stepped in further and felt her forehead, she frowned when she saw her shiver lightly.


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“It’s not too high, but she has the chills” She tucks her in and fixed the blanket . I nodded and kept stroking her hair.


I heard her sigh and hope she was going to sleep.


My phone rang and I looked at the caller, it was Romeo.


I wonder if he already knew I was going to call him.






Is Celine with you, have you checked the new video uploaded. Is Celine okay. Tell me what’s going on


I was confused.



Which video are you talking about I asked.



A video of an unknown guy beating up Celine was uploaded on social media. It’s trending on all social media platform. Facebook, whatsapp, Instagram and twitter


Fuck I cuss and end the call.


I went to Facebook and refreshed the news, a website already uploaded it 2 hours ago.


I clicked on the link and my guts wrenched when I watched the video, I couldn’t continue watching it and Russell grabbed the phone from my hand.


“Fuck” He gasped and Mary eyes glistened in tears as she watched the video of Celine being tortured.


I punched the wall maliciously wishing it was whoever in the video that did it.


Celine’s Pov


I was awakened by my own screams. I opened my eyes and saw Adrian leaning over me.


My vision was kind of blurry. I couldn’t open my right eye very well, but I could see his whole face had concern etched into his handsome features.


Relief washed over his face and icy blue eyes.


I looked past his shoulder and saw an unfamiliar man standing behind him.


I gripped Adrian’s arm and looked at him in alarm.


Tears formed in my eyes and I was pulled into his gentle hold.


My arms roped around his neck.


It was then that I registered the pain that shot through my entire body.


I winced and felt like the wind was knocked out of me.


Adrian supported my body and pulled back.


“Does it hurt?”


I nodded my head and leaned on his shoulder and breathed deeply.


I couldn’t remember much. I couldn’t remember how I left the tunnel


I looked up and regarded the man in the room warily.


He smiled warmly at me.


“Celine, I’m Dr. Ethan.”


My eyes widened. As much as they could in their swollen state.


“I promise, I’m here to help you.”


“I-” I coughed. My throat burned. I cleared my throat.


“Here.” Adrian brought a glass of water up to my lips.


I took it in my shaky hands and gulped most of it down.


Adrian stared at my bruised and swollen face and my broken body.


“Celine” He called


I looked up at him and I could feel the hot tears fall down my similarly warm cheeks.


“I.. I-” I screwed my eyes shut when the images of everything that happened that night.


Sobs rolled through my body.


I felt so disoriented. My head was all over the place.


Adrian gently rubbed my back.


“What happened? I don’t remember leaving the tunnel.”


“You caught a cab home, somehow. I found you in the shower freezing cold. You’ve been in and out of consciousness for two days after a fever and some sedatives. Which tunnel Celine, who did this to you”


My memory was blank, I remembered being hurled into a car and receiving the beating of a life time but I couldn’t remember who was behind it, my head ached trying to remember.


“I don’t remember” I stammered frightening in fear.



“It’s okay baby, it’s okay. We’ll get to the bottom of this” He says and rests my head on his chest, I felt safer.


He gestured to the tall lanky gentleman.


“Dr Ethan stayed here with us, just be sure you were okay.”


“I’m sorry.” I whispered. Adrian took the glass out of my hands and placed it on the side table.


He ever-so-gently tilted my head back to look into my eyes.


“You have nothing to be sorry for.” He leaned forward and kissed my forehead. I leaned my head back on his shoulder.


“Well, Celine. Tomorrow I want you to get an x-ray.” Dr Ethan said.


“We need to check your ribs and also make sure you haven’t damaged anything else.”


“I don’t want to.” I said firmly.


“Celine please. You have to, I will not argue about this” Adrian stated”


“I don’t like hospitals.”


“I won’t leave you there.” Adrian said.


I stared into his eyes and nodded once.


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“Now, how about something for the pain?” Dr. Ethan asked, reaching for a bottle of tablets.


He tipped an orange bottle and pulled a little white tablet out. He passed it to Adrian who grabbed the glass of water.


He held the tablet up to my mouth. I blushed and opened up enough for him to pop it in. I swallowed it down with water. Dr. Ethan said goodbye and that he would see me again tomorrow.


It seemed to only take 10 minutes for me to feel sleepy.


“You should get some rest.” Adrian mumured.


I tugged at his shirt like a child. I was silently begging him to stay.


He helped me lay down comfortably before climbing in next to me. I was starting to fall asleep as I felt a light kiss being planted on my shoulder and an arm gently laying over my waist.




I woke up to voices downstairs. Adrian wasnt in bed anymore, but hadn’t been gone for very long judging by the warmth still lingering on the sheets. My stiff body didn’t want to move.


However, I knew if I stayed there I would drive myself insane with my own thoughts.


I pulled myself up and groaned. The pain wasn’t as bad, but still hurt to move and even breathe. I assumed the pain medicine still had an effect as it was tolerable. I felt like a newborn calf trying to stand for the first time when I got to my feet.


I leaned on the bed and the few pieces of furniture that was around. Only then did I realise I wasn’t in my bedroom.


I trailed my hand along the wall for support and reached the door that was left ajar.


I moved along the hallway to the stairs.


A gasp caused me to look up. From what I could see was Romeo talking to a shocked Adrian, Mary was the one who gasped. Her hand covered her mouth and her eyes were wide.


Adrian said something and she looked back to him. Without a second glance she nodded her head and he left, Romeo following him behind. He was in a real angry mood.


I wonder where he was going to.


“Snookums” I stopped even breathing.


“You’re up.” Russell rushed up the stairs towards me. I stumbled back a bit. He was moving too fast for me to comprehend.


I cowered away and slid down to the floor, before I could even think about what I was doing.


“Russell.” Mary snapped


“You were moving too fast.”


I flinched and didn’t care to look up when I heard footsteps stop.



“Its just me.” Russell whispered and crouched down.


“Where’s Adrian off to?” I asked.


“To Fred” Mary replied and pulled me up taking me back to the bedroom.


Adrian’s Pov


Romeo and I barged in the apartment, kicking the door open. The occupants of the apartment looked up at the both of us.


I looked around and saw the state of which the house was, everywhere reeked of alcohol and cigarettes, they were all blacks.


“Who the are you” A guy asked standing up picking a bottle, he wasn’t the guy I wanted.


I ignored him and wrap the gold chain around my fist, I looked at it in admiration and when the first guy charged for me I punched him with it making him bleed.


A fight ensued and our guy came out, he tried escaping through the window but Romeo throws his chain at him hitting his back and ripping his clothes in the process.


The rest of them run out and Romeo locks the door.


I walk towards him and pull him by his hair.


“What the do you want from me” He groaned.


I looked at his face and images of Celine plays in my head.


I give him a good punch in his stomach, he coughs out , spittle drools out of his face.


I wasn’t done with him, I had not even started.


“Please let go of me” He pleads.


I pull him up and tie him on a wooden chair.


“You know what your problem is Fred?” I asked, he was surprised that I knew his name.


“I’ll tell you. You don’t know your limits and that’s a very bad thing. Am a very dangerous person Fred, nobody knows this. You infuriate the beast in me when



you touch something that’s mine. You shouldn’t have done that Fred” I smirked and slapped his face so hard he bled.


He chuckles and grins.


“You didn’t show up at your own wedding and you claiming Celine. Piece of trash” He spat, his spittle containing blood.


I growl and remove the pliers from my pocket, Romeo turns away.


“This legs…” I gesture my eyes to his legs.


“You used this legs to hit her stomach didn’t you”


I crouched down and took his feet, placing his big toe in the opening of the pliers. He gets agitated and tries to release himself.


“Please stop, please stop okay. I apologize for what I…. Aaaaaaaargh,” He screams and groans after I tightened the grip of the pliers and the pressure cuts his toe out.


“Fuck you Vandermir.” He screams in pain.


I bring out the knife and his eyes widened.


“What do you want to do, please don’t kill me”


I chuckle and hold his neck.


“Am just going to give you something to remember for the rest of your life” He yells loudly and screams for help.


I punch his nose and glare at him.


“Am just going to right Bullshit on your forehead, I won’t kill you. In your next life you won’t mess with what is mine, you touch her you touch me”


I push his head backwards and start with the letter B writing it in bold so he won’t be able to hide it.


He groans but doesn’t move, each letters I wrote brought back memories. The video I watched and the state I saw Celine, it broke my heart and got



His screams of pain were deafening.



I already got to the letter S when I realized I made a mistake. I spelled the words correct, I wrote three L’s instead of two.


I click my tongue and smirk at the unfortunate man.


“I made a mistake buddy, I think I’ll have to cancel and start again” I said and he yelled wetting his knickers.



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