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Drama Queen – Season 4 – Episode 2

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Mona’s pov continues


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Soon Michel and I were both brushing, using the same sink and mirror.


We were actually using electric tooth brushes and the sound was the only sound going on at that moment.


Michel finished up before me because I was shying away and brushing slowly.


“Do you need some help?” he asked, smiling at me.


I looked at him. I didn’t want to open my mouth due to the paste foam in my mouth.


“To brush your teeth?” he asked.


I spit out the foam in the sink to talk.


“I’m done already. I don’t need your help,” I said.


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He smiled.


“I just recalled something. I wanna take you somewhere after breakfast,” he said.


“Where?” I asked as I took water to rinse my mouth.


“To see someone,” he said.


“Who’s that?” I asked, curious.


“You’ll meet him when we get there babe,” he said.


I felt relieved to hear it’s a ‘him’ not ‘her’




Soon were walking downstairs with him holding my hand.







[The Li’s residence]







I must have slept for so long cos when I opened my eyes, the sun ray from the window hit my face.


I reached for my phone which was under the pillow and woke up the screen to check the time. It was 8:25am.

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Not so late.


I sat up and that was when I saw my mom, sitting at the edge of the bed and staring at me.




“Dear, how are you feeling?” she asked.


“Why are you in my room and looking at me this way?” I asked.


“I was worried because you weren’t up yet so I had to come it. It’s only a minute ago that I came,” she said.


I rolled off the duvet, brought down my feet and slide them into my slippers.


“How are you feeling sweetheart?” she asked.


“I’m fine. I’m hungry. I hope breakfast is ready?” I asked.


“Of course it is. Brush your mouth and come downstairs okay,” she said.


I stood up from the bed and headed to the bathroom.


Standing in front of the mirror, I picked the brush and just then the dream I had last night about Michel and I flowed into my head and I smiled.


“It was lovely,” I said and touched my lips.


“He kissed me. It was so romantic.. Just the way we use to be,” I said with a smile.


But then reality hit me and I threw the brush on the mirror, fuming.


“That bitch! She took my man from me.. I can’t let her!”


I ran out of the bathroom to my phone on the bed and scrolled to Leo’s phone number..


The call went but there was no answer


I called again but he didn’t answer.


He isn’t answering.


“He isn’t answering the damn call! What the heck is wrong with him! He better pick up!”










We were on our way to the place he talked about but gave no actual details.


“You are not really going to tell me where you are taking me to?” I asked him.


“Are you scared?” he asked me.


We were at the backseat.


He had his driver take the driver seat.


“No, I’m not. Why would I be. Tch..” I said.


“Just stay calm okay,” he said and held my hand.


“I am!” I snapped at him and turned to the window.


He chuckled. “I’ve missed this attitude of yours, maniac,”


I glared at him. “Jerk!”


He smiled, leaned closer and kissed my cheek.


“Stop that!” I rolled my eyes at him.


“I won’t stop,” he said and kissed my cheek again and I hit his arm.


“Aw that hurt, a bit,” he said and squeezed my hand.


I glared at him.


He made a baby-about-to-cry face which made me burst into a chuckle.


“Fine, I will tell you..” he said.


“No I will meet him when we get there,” I said.


“His name is Lee Sung and he’s a flower gardener who has a very large flower garden and makes a lot from it. I promised him that I’m gonna see him when next I come around. Also I wanna take you to see his flower garden. You’ll like it,” he said.


“I love flowers,” I said with and smiled.


“I know you do,” he said and smiled too.




In less than ten minutes, the driver pulled into the gate of a very large compound covered up left by different species and colours of flowers. The only space in the compound is the drive way which leads to the house which is a distance away from the gate.


I watched the beautiful sight of different beautiful flowers, planted species after species and colors by colours, all looking like a rainbow on the land.


It was indeed a very beautiful sight. I’ve never seen anything as beautiful as what I was seeing.


I could see workers watering the flowers and some taking out the weeds.


“It’s beautiful right?” Michel asked me.


“Yes it is,” I answered.


We finally got to the uncovered little space in the compound which is just next to the house and the car pulled up.


“That’s Mr Lee over there, Let’s go,” Michel told me.


I saw the old man who should be in his sixties but looked strong enough.


He wore rubber boots and had a sun hat on. In his hand is a radio with the antenna pulled out.


He stood, looking at the car and his face was in smile like he already knew the people who are in the car.


The driver opened the door and we got down from the car.


Michel wore a black trouser which had little crazy tears on it, a white shirt, a black jean jacket and black cap. He matched them all with a black boot.


And I, wore a blue jean, a white shirt and white sneakers. My hair isn’t packed.


“Oh wow! Look who we have here, Mr Kim Michel..” Mr Lee Sung shouted.


With Michel holding my hand, we walked to him.


“Hello Mr Lee,” Michel greeted him with a bow.


“Wow Michel.. I’m so happy to see you. Long time no see,” Mr Lee said.


“Yes. How have you been?” Michel asked him.


“I’ve been doing fine. Sure and I know you have too?” Mr Lee said.


“Yes, I have..” Michel answer answered.


Mr Lee looked at me and I bowed at him.


“I know her.. Her face had been showing up on the TV recently as your girlfriend,” he said with a smile.


“yes she’s my girlfriend, Mona Lisa Silver,” Michel said then looked at me. “Babe meet my friend, Mr Lee Sung.”


I bowed again at the man and said. “Hello Mr Lee, it’s nice to meet you.”


He stretched out his hand and we shook hands. “It’s nice to meet you too Miss Mona Lisa.”


“Come have a sit please, you always love to sit here whenever you come Michel.


It’s a nice sight.” Mr Lee said and took us to one of seats at the compound.


There’s a table in front. Michel and I sat beside each other and Mr Lee sits opposite us.



He was right. Here was a nice view.


“Your girlfriend is so beautiful,” Mr Lee said.


“Yes she is, thank you Mr Lee,” Michel said.


I blushed.


“I should get you your favorite wine Michel,” Mr Lee said and looked at me.


“What about you Miss Mona?”


“Ah I’m fine with that,” I said.


“Alright. Well my grandson is here Michel. I didn’t tell you about him but his mom is from Nigeria in Africa. He took his mom’s color more,” Mr Lee said. “He’s in?” Michel asked.


“Yes, I’m gonna call him right away. I’ll be right back.” Mr Lee said, got up and hurried away.


We both looked at each other and Michel smiled.


“You look beautiful with your hair like this,” he said.


“I know,” I said with a smile.


“You did because I told you,” he said.


“Yes you are right but it’s quite uncomfortable,” I said.


“I’m sorry but leave it this way, girlfriend.” he said.


I rolled my eyes at him.


“Oh my goodness, it’s my idol!” came a voice behind us and when we turned, the black guy looked familiar but I couldn’t recall how it did.


He held a guitar and a book. His hair was braided All-back.


He seemed very happy to see Michel.


Mr Lee carried a tray of wine and wine glasses.


“Lee Evan?” Michel called.


“Wow you remember me. Yes it’s me, Lee Evan. I’m so happy to see you. My grandpa only told me yesterday that you are his friend and from that moment, I’ve



been dreaming to meet you again, not in such a crowd tho but this way and wow…I’m so happy It’s become a reality,” Evan said.


I immediately remembered him. He’s the black guy who defended Michel the night he was speeding to Xspark.


Wow, what a small world. They meet again.


Evan stretched the book he held to Michel. “It’s my song book. Can I get your autograph please?” he told Michel who smiled and took the book. There was a pen on top it too.


“Thank you for the other day,” Michel told him as he signed his name on Evan’s song book.


“It’s nothing at all. I’ve been your fan for a long time. I felt bad seeing how those guys were attacking you,” Evan said.


Michel smiled and handed him back the book.


“You write songs and plays too?” Michel asked him.


“Yes I do. I sing too. I’d love to play a song for you,” Evan said.


“Alright.” Michel said and Evan sat beside his dad who was filling the wine glasses with the wine.


“Wow, your girlfriend is beautiful,” Evan said and I blushed.


“Yes she is, thank you.” Michel said.


“I know you are surprised that he is very fluent in our language?” Mr Lee asked.


“I’m not really. He should be,” Michel said.


Evan smiled. “Yes, you are right hyung.”


Soon, we drank as we listened to Evan guitar and sang.










[Leo’s residence]





I’m awoken by the ringing of my phone.


Still half asleep, I reaches for it and half opened eyes, I checked the called and my eyes opens fully when I saw the caller is Luna.


I sat up instantly from the cold floor which I had ended up sleeping on. I picked up the call and placed the phone to my ear.


My eyes were rolling and my head was bounding with headache up sleeping on the floor.


Hello Luna I woke first.



Are you happy now Leo? Are you happy to hear that I lost my baby again? she was crying.


I placed my hand on my forehead.



Luna this is not what you think. You know that what I said that day was nothing.. I had no bad intention and I didn’t wish for such thing to happen. I said.


Shut your mouth Leo. Shut it! I am very disappointed in you. I loved you so much as my only brother Leo. I akways wished the very best for you. I always pray for you. I never regretted your existence as my brother but look at what you did to me Leo. You just hate me for no reason. You hate my husband, you hate your dad, you hate everyone and you even hated my growing baby and now it’s gone. I’m never going to forgive you for this Leo, I’m never going to forgive you for this…


I sighed as tears had gathered in my eyes.


I can’t remember the last time I had tears in my eyes unless I’m on set.



Luna I can explain better to you. Just allow me to see you at the hospital. I’m gonna explain myself and you’ll understand that I had no bad intention towards your baby I said.

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Get lost Leo. I hate you. I really hate you and don’t ever want to see you!


The call ended.


I sighed and slapped my forehead in pains.


“Why did I fu.cking say that. Why!”


My phone began ringing again and I rushed at it with thought that it’s Luna calling back but it turned out to be Li Sugar.


I threw the phone to the bed.


It kept ringing and ringing again.


“I placed my face on my palms in thoughts.


“How do I make Luna believe that I never wished her a miscarriage,” I asked myself. “Or did I?”


I’m totally confused and loosing it.


My stomach began making unhealthy sound and I suddenly had the urge to throw up. I rushed up from the floor and ran into the toilet.






[Mr Lee’s residence]





Evan finished playing and his song was beautiful with a really nice voice too.


“How was it Hyung?” Evan asked Michel.



“Very good. You are very good at playing the guitar and singing. Those lyrics were nice,” Michel said.


Evan smiled broadly. “Thank you so much.”


“Beautiful song,” I said.


“Thank you Miss Mona Lisa. You look like a female idol,” he said.


I smiled.


“Hyung, Do you want to play? I’ve seen videos of you playing the guitar,” Evan asked Michel who took his time before answering.


“Sure. Let me have it,” Michel said and Evan gave the guitar to him..


“Can I some pictures of you playing please?” Evan asked him.


“You can,” Michel said.


“Thank youuu.”


My eyes went to his pretty fingers which got on the strings.


He stroke a beautiful tone.


Wow.. I know the song he’s about to sing.


When he began singing, my eyes traveled to his lips.


His voice had my made my day



I was lost but found by you…


Seal my wounds, helped me get through.


If you were not there, if you are not here


I’d still be lost in that ocean of pain.


You are the treasure that I ever had


You give me the memories that I ever had


You are the sweet taste that never goes away..


Our eyes met and I swallowed hard and looked away.


Why do I feel hot like this song was meant for me?


It’s not like it’s a new song or something.


“Wow, that was a very beautiful song. You never disappoint in your song Michel..” Mr Lee said.


Michel smiled and looked at me. Our eyes met and he smiled.


His smile made me blush. I just hope my cheeks don’t turn red from blushing too much.


“Thank you so much for that song Hyung,” Evan said.


“You are welcome,” Michel told him.


“Would you like to stroll around the garden a bit?” Mr Lee asked.


“Yes Mr Lee,” Michel said.


“What about you Miss Mona?” Mr Lee asked me.


“Y..yes I would love to,” I said.




(30mins later )



Mr Lee stretched two pot of daises to Michel and me. He gave Michel one and gave me one.


“Daises are very special flowers and a good luck charm to new relationships. Daises are fun, pretty flowers, perfect for the beginning stage of a relationship. Water and let it grow. As it grows, your relationship grows and gets stronger,” Mr Lee said.


Michel and I looked at each other and had no idea why we smiled.


“Thank you a lot Mr Lee. I really appreciate this,” Michel said.


“Thank you Mr Lee. I’ve always loved the name Daisy,” I said.


Mr Lee smiled.


“Would I be able to see you again hyung?” Evan asked Michel.


“Sure, let me have your phone number…” Michel said.


Evan didn’t waste a second to call it out.


“Alright. I’ll give you a call.” Michel told him.


“I’ll be waiting.. Bye” Evan said.


“Bye Michel. See you again soon,” Mr Lee said.


“Take care Mr Lee, bye..” Michel said.


“Bye Mr Lee. Bye Evan,” I said.


“Bye Miss Mona Lisa..” Both grandson and grand dad said.




Soon we were in the car, heading back to Michel’s house.


We both stared at the pot of flower in our hands.


“Is it really true?” Michel said.


“What’s that?” I asked.


“What Mr Lee said. That daises are good for new relationships and makes it stronger?” Michel asked.


“I don’t know,” I said.


“I thought you love flowers,” he said.


“Yes I do…” I said.


“So you should know what charm each of them posses,” he said.



“I never studied flowers in school. I hated Agric,” I said.


“You better start liking it,” he said.


“Why?” I asked.


Just then his phone rang.


“Silver house,” he chuckled and picked it.


He let the receiver speak first then he did.



What!? he exclaimed at whatever the receiver told him.


I raised my brow wondering why he exclaimed.



Just tell him to go back. Mona isn’t in silver house. Okay I’m gonna call her and tell her that he said and took the phone off his ear.


“What’s that?” I asked.


“My grandmother told her driver to come pick you up,” he said.


“What? Why?” I asked.


“I wonder why’s she doing this to you.. She never did this to…” he stopped and didn’t complete it.


I knew who he was about to mention. Li Sugar.


His grandmother never did this to Li Sugar but why?


They dated for years.


“I need to call her,” he said and in the next minute, he was on call with his grandmother.



Halmeoni why’s your driver at silver House? Michel asked.


I could see that he wasn’t happy about it.



What do you need her for?



We are not in silver House now so tell your driver to leave





He sighed.


“What’s it?” I asked.


He covered the speaker with his finger and answered me.


“She’s threatening me again. She said you have to come or she’s not going to eat all day,” he said.


“Oh…so..what do I do. We have to go to silver house right now,” I said.


“Wait a second,” he said placed the phone back to his ear.



Halmeoni you can’t keep making such threats. You have to eat today. Mona can’t make it..


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Michel looked at me.


“I will go..” I said.



It’s fine. She will be there soon. Just eat okay and take your medicines. Michel said and ended the call.


“I could have convinced her,” he said.



“Come on it’s nothing. Besides your grandma is fun to be with. I want to see her again so I’m going to go,” I said.


“But you can’t go alone. She said I shouldn’t come, imagine me that she always want. It’s no more me but you,” he said.


I chuckled.






[Silver House]


( An hour later )






We arrived at Silver House and once we got into the living room, J guy and TedyA rushed at us.


“Omooooooo I missed you hyung!!!! ” TedyA screamed and hugged Michel.


Jeff’s eyes and I met and we smiled at each other.


“Welcome Mona,” he said.


I nodded.


“Mona come and gist me okay…” J guy said and pulled me away but Ms Oh walks to our front with Blue in her hands.


“Oh my… Blue. I missed you. Thank you so much Ms Oh,” I said and carried blue who was so excited to see me.


It’s been two nights without her. How lonely she just have been.


“You are welcome,” she said.





Fifteen minutes later, I was getting into Halmeoni’s car.


“I’m gonna call you okay. Don’t let her pressure you okay.” Michel said.


“I will be fine. Your grandmother is really nice,” I said.


“I love you okay,” he said.


I smiled.


Soon I was on my way to Halmeoni’s house.







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