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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 3

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Episode three
Alexa’s pov
It was weekend and i had agreed to go buy some food stuffs with mia. I wore a white trouser and then wore a one hand off shoulder ash top with white used to design the front,i picked up my white sandals,my phone,white bag and ran downstairs were i met mia sitting at the living room.
Seems like we wore desame outfit just that my top is red and yours is ash mia said while i ignored her.
Morning mom i yelled to mom in the kitchen. Morning darling mom replied walking out of the kitchen. What are we having for breakfast i asked mom. Basmatic rice she replied and walked back into the kitchen.
Help me take those document to my room , i need to set the dining table food is ready mom said while i muttered an ok
⏩Fast forward⏪
I and mia had bought all we needed from the supermarket and we were trying to stop a taxi
Alexa i heard there’s a guy from korea in your class mia said while i nodded. is he cute she asked batting her eyelash like a doll while i smacked her head getting irritated and moved to a safe distance .
Seriously!! i thought you were sensible but now i know i was wrong all along i said. How can you crush on a guy u’re older than i said again
You scumbag did i mention anything about me crushing on him, how dare you hit my head wait till i get you mia said and ran towards me while i ran and stuck my tongue at her occassionally ..
Ah…. I screamed as a car was heading towards my direction almost hitting me. I
closed my eyes the car horn severally and mia calling my name worriedly
I opened my eyes when i found out i was not dead and there was no insult from the driver(i expected that cos nigerian drivers are something else). Mia ran to me and asked if i was ok looking worried while i nodded
are you ok i heard and looked up to find a white woman ask me and i nodded again. She looked like a korean i thought inwardly. were are you guys heading to she asked again.
We’re heading to GRA,martin street to be precised. wow i’m going there too, hop in i’ll drop you guys off.
Looking closely i saw kyung seok in side the car . No ma’am we’ll take a taxi instead i said while mia glared at me and stepped on my feet making me wince in pain .
Tanks ma’am we’ll go with you mia said and opened the door quickly. We both sat at the back seat while kyung seok glared at me and smiled at my sister
I smell trouble in the air ?

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