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In Love With My Brother's Best Friend – Episode 44

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Chapter 44

I felt my head throbbing, what really happened yesterday and Alexa. I saw her or was I dreaming.
I sat up and took a glance beside me.
It was neat, why don’t I seem to remember.
And why am I na.ked.
Did I sleep with some bitch I hope I didn’t betray my Alexa.
I rushed to the bathroom and cleaned myself.
After I was done I wore casual clothes.
My heart thumbing.
Why do I feel like Alexa was with me last night?
I walked to my office and turned on the cctv footage.
There’s no trace of Alexa.
My heart sank.
“Alexa you were with me right?.”
I hope so.
I grabbed my car keys and walked out from the club.
“Zachary are we going home?.” Jackson blocked my way.
“Uh, no yesterday I was with Alexa I think.”
Jackson stared at me confused.
“How did you guys meet?.” He glared at me.
“I know so but something is not right, there’s no traces of her but she was with me.”
“Zachery look last night you were drunk, didn’t you mistaken someone to Alexandra, I mean how can she be here?.” Jackson stated.
“Did you check the cctv footage let’s go to the control room.”
Jackson dragged me.
“Sir, you are here.” The security guard bowed.
I nodded.
“Can you check the footage between seven to till twelve.” Jackson said.
We stared at the screens.
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I could feel my heart racing, feeling excited and nervous at the same time.
As the footage play.
But I didn’t see anyone like Alexa.
How can this be?
I know that Alexandra was here last night.
Or am I thinking too much about her that see her everywhere to a point that I had sex with someone else.
I stumbled backwards.
“Sir, something is wrong.” One of the security said.
“What do you mean?.” Jackson asked.
“The footage between seven-forty to nine-twenty seems to be cleared out.”
“Are you sure, this means someone deleted the footage, which means Alexa is here there’s still hope, Jackson did you hear? My Alexa is here.”
“There’s still hope.” Jackson pat my shoulder.
I can get the footage me and restore it back.
I will find some information, yeah right.
“Let me download a new software and restore the footage back.” Well I know this very well. I sat on chair. And start typing on the computer and digital number and alphabets played on the screen.
Someone hacked and deleted the footage, Alexandra can’t do this.
But who is that person doesn’t want me to find Alexa.
Whoever it is can’t be spared.
I never meant to break your heart
And I won’t let this plane go down
I never meant to make you cry
I’ll do what it takes to make this fly
Oh, you gotta hold on
Hold on to what you’re feeling
That feeling is the best thing
The best thing, alright
I’m gonna place my bet on us
I know this love is heading
In the same direction
That’s up
I prepared myself to the IMAGINE MAGAZINE.
Today is my first day.
Yesterday I was scared off my wits.
How he do that without my permission.
I don’t know how he left but I was glad. I felt uncomfortable.
Tom really scared me last night but how did he find out about Zac and I.
This thought made me feel uneasy.
I puffed my cheeks out.
Who is Tom and who deleted the footage?

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