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I’m Proud To Be Black – Episode 36

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Episode thirty Six(finale)


Alexa’s pov


It’s been two weeks now and after mia had beaten hell outta min ah she had been off my neck.


During the campaign for mister and miss senior year i didn’t campaign cos i knew i didn’t stand a chance to win.


Min ah held my pictures and pasted my picture allover the school telling students to vote for us. Rumours went round that she had bribed almost all the students to vote for the both of us.


eun woo had asked me to be his girlfriend the previous day but i told him i’ll only give him an answer if i won miss senior year.


The head master or rather my dad had told all the participant for mister and miss senior year to come with their parents so we’d all make a speech before the school and then miss and mister senior year would be choosen.


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“Hey lil sis wishing you luck alexa” min ah said with a devilish smile.


“Whatever, get lost” i replied rolling my eyes.


“Even your sister is her with you she can’t stop my plans for you,i’m gonna make you miserable” min ah said making me flinch alittle.


“I’m not scared of your pathetic ass cos you’ll always be a looser” i said and walked away.





“Min ah you’re next to give your speech” a teacher said and handed the microphone to min ah.


“Hey everyone its nice being up here, i really hope i’ll be voted for as miss senior high because i think i have all it takes to hold the position on like some cheats who are fighting for the same position here” min ah said making me sit up wondering what she was going to do next.

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“hey girls i’m sorry i came late” mom said sitting on the chair in between mia and i making me gasp in shock.


“Mom what are you doing here” i asked glancing at alexa.


“Aren’t you happy to see me besides alexa told me about it and i had to make it here for you” mom said smiling.


“Of course i’m happy” i replied and returned the smile.


“Well i’m sure all students here know alexa the ex black girlfriend of a celebrity Would you all want a cheat to lead you” min ah asked.


“No” every student in the hall yelled back making me bow my head in shame while mom held a shocked expression on her face.


Do you guys want a girl who went about flirting with a guy not long after her boyfriend broke up with her min ah said and then the picture of when eun woo took me out and tried leaning for a kiss.


“No” the students yelled again with the ones sitting close to me staring at me like i was poop.


Mia held my hand while mom patted my back, but i was still crying,i felt like entering into the ground.


Mia got up making look up to see what she was gonna do.


“Mia please dont make a scene we’re in public” i said pleadingly.


Min ah stopped talking as soon as she saw mia walking towards her, the hall had become quiet as everyonecwatched the drama which was about to unfold.


Mia got to the podium and grabbed the microphone from mia forcefully pushing her.


“Hi everyone, i’m so glad you’re all here cos i’m just about to give this disgusting thing a public disgrace” mia said pointing at min ah.


“Well this thing here is not who you all thinks she is, to think that she’s the daughter of the owner of the school is the surprising part of them all, she’s here busy trying to paint someone black but she’s the real devil, Well you all should listen to this” mia said and connected her phone to the speaker.


Min ah’s pov


I stood shocked and embarassed as the audio of me telling mom of how i was successful in framing alexa up with lee yul, and me telling mom about me disgracing alexa today played for the crowd to hear.


The video of me telling alexa i would take kyung seok from her also played in the screen as everyone in the hall started mumuring, phones were flashing at me and i was sure that in few minutes time the video would be uploaded in the internet.


I picked up the microphone which was close to me.


“Mom you were the one who told me to do please tell them i didn’t do it all by my self” i said in tears and everyone gasped staring at mom.


“You idiot how dare you say this infront of the public” mom yelled angrily.


“But i’m not lying mom, we both did this together,you should tell them the truth” i said still crying and mom pushed me violently and covered her face from the cameras which were videoing our little drama


“Do you all want this little witch to be your leader” mia said.



“No” the crowd yelled.


She’s not even worth standing on that podium someone yelled from the crowd and everyone started throwing empty cans, papers and all sort of things at myself and mom Making me run out of the hall room in shame with mom closely behind me.


Alexa’s pov


I sat still crying, not tears of sorrow but tears of joy, i was so happy. Mom hugged me closely to herself.


“Hey, everyone finally know the traitors” eun woo said appearing in front of me.


I Disengaged from mom and reached for him hugging him.


“Thank you so much eun woo” i said and sniffed. We finally disengaged from the hug.


“About what i told you on being my girlfriend i…”


“I’m sorry i cant be your girlfriend” i replied cutting him short and lowering my gaze to the floor.


“It seems fate doesn’t want us together cos i’m going to the states with my mom tomorrow, you should forgive kyung seok cos i know you still love him” eun woo said and walked away.


“Hey kid sis” mia yelled hugging me from behind.


“I love you so much i cant seem to believe all this, how did you get all those evidence against her in the short period of time you came to korea” i asked curiously.


“I Didn’t anything kyung seok gave me all those evidence last night”, Mia said making my eyes widen in shock.



“Kyung seok sent someone to work as a maid and monitor every movement of min ah, he still loves you you guys should reconsile” mia said pulling me to were kyung seok stood.


We stood in our position not saying anything.


“I’m sorry for not letting you explain and being self….” kyung seok said breaking


the silence while i kissed him making him shut up.


“You shouldn’t apologize what you did for me today made me forget whatever you did and i’ll always love you thats if you’ll love me too” i said staring into his eyes.


“I love you too and i hope our love lasts forever” Kyung seok said and we kissed again.


“I cant believe this mom” said smacking my butt making me break from the kiss forcefully.


“You shouldn’t let my baby go through heartbreak or else i’ll make sure u’ll never make use of your legs” mom warned making me smile while kyung seok nodded.


“You guys should keep on kissing but alexa i’ll deal with you and mia for not telling me all what you were facing here while i thought everything was okay with you back at nigeria” mom said and walked away.


“lets continue from were we stopped” kyung seok said taking my lips in to his as soon as mom left.



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