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Billionaire Needs A Nany – Episode 8

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Davis’s POV

“Nuella, I’ve been getting a bad feeling since yesterday, I didn’t want to tell you”. I said and he looked worried.

“Tell me, what happened?”. She asked.

“I just have this bad feeling that something bad is going to happen”. I said and she blinked….


End of Davis’s POV Raymond’s POV

I went to the parlor and saw Davis talkingwithNuella. Leo was right to anextent

but sacking Nuella is not the best option… I just couldn’t sack her…

“Davis, can I see you for minute in my room”. I said and went to my room. I sat on the bed and Davis came in with a sad face.

“Leo just called me that he had a very bad dream”. I said and Davis nodded. “What dream?”. He asked.

“He dreamt that Nuella ran away with you and I’m scared”. I said and smiled. “Nuella has a good spirit, she’s isn’t evil, do you know that her parents disowned her?”. He asked and I looked at him surprised.

“Are you serious?”. I asked. “Yes”.

“Did she tell her why she was disowned?”. I asked and he shook his head negatively.

“Find out from her”.

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“But dad, don’t think of sacking her, I’ll lose my happiness”. He said and left. I was damned confused.


?End of Raymond’s POV Nuella’s POV

I poured the hot water on a neatly cleaned yellow mug for Raymond and the blue mug for Davis…

“Hi”. Davis said and I smiled.

“Hope there’s no problem?” I asked and he shook his head negatively. “Why did your dad call you?”. I asked.

“He just called to tell you to make sandwich”. He said and I nodded. “Come and teach me how to make sandwich?”. He said

“Okay, you need 4 or more slices of bread (with crust cut off – optional), 2 hardboiled eggs – chopped, 1 fresh tomato – deseeded and chopped, 1 medium carrot – grated, Quarter of a small cabbage, 1 tablespoon butter, 2 tablespoons mayonnaise and 1 Sardine”. I said and he smiled.

“You’re just too brilliant”. He said and I kissed him on the cheek.


“Mix mayonnaise, vegetables and eggs together. Set aside. In another plate, mash the sardines well and mix with butter to help mask the strong smell. Spread the sardine mix on one side of bread and cover with another slice of bread. On the next side, spread the mayonnaise mix. Repeat with the other slices until you have stacked all four slices of bread with these delicious fillings, Cut your sandwich into your desired shape.” I said.

“So why did your parents disown you?”. He asked.

“I wasn’t receiving much from where I was working, they felt I was a liability to them, they felt I couldn’t give them riches like other children did to their parents”. I said and he nodded.

“I like you, other ladies would resolve to prostitution but you humbled yourself and decided to be a nanny”. He said and I kissed him again.

“You’re really smart”. I said.

“I read a lot so I know about things, i can’t even teach you how to study people’s mind, it’s a trick”. He said.

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“Please teach me”. I said arranging the food on the tray as I carried it to the dinning.

“Be objective and open-minded, Pay attention to appearance, Pay attention to people’s posture, Watch their physical movements, Try to interpret facial

expressions, Don’t run away from small talk and Watch people’s eyes”. He said and I started clapping for him as Raymond came in.

“Is the food ready?”. He asked.


“Yes”. I replied.

He sat down and Davis did the same, as i turned to go, he suddenly called me back. “Come and join us at the table?”. He said.

It sounded like a shock.

Lord Governor just called me to join him. Almighty Billionaire

That rude and proud jerk…

I turned back… “I don’t understand sir”. I said as he took a plate and dished mine… “Eat” He said without looking at me.

I looked at Davis, he gave me a signal to eat.. I sat down and took a glass of water first.

“Did you add enough sugar?”. Davis asked. “Yes” I replied and Davis smiled.



Raymond’s POV

I was watching a movie when Leo came in dragging Nuella by the hair. “Leo, what’s the meaning of this?”. I asked as she almost cried in pain.. Davis came out immediately..

“Why are you holding her like that?”. He asked. “She was rude to me”. Leo said.

End of Raymond’s POV Nuella’s POV Flashback

After washing the dirty plates, I decided to go and empty the dirts in the trash bin near the gate and leo just barged in.

“Sir, can’t you knock?”. I asked as he looked at me and almost slapped me. “You’re a big fool”. He said to me. “And I’ll make sure you’re sacked today”. He added.

He dragged me by the hair to their parlor…

“Leo, what’s the meaning of this?”. He asked as i almost cried in pain.. “She was rude to me and I want you to sack her”. Leo said.

“Is that a reason to sack her?”. Raymond asked. “Yes, I’m your best friend”. Leo said.

“And who told you that, firstly, you said that you had a dream that she will run away with Davis and now you’re saying she’s rude to you, you know what, I’m tired of this”. Raymond said and brought out his phone.


“Hello”. He said over the phone.

“Yes, please sack Mr Leo, withdraw the rights given to him, his car, house and everything the company has given him”. Raymond added and cut the line.

I froze…


To be continued

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