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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 4

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Alicia & Patricia P. O. V.


(Alicia’s office) “Hold on a second Patricia, how sure are you that Ronato is still following that girl? “asked Alicia. “Don’t you believe me Alicia? The two of them still meet. Who knows what they would be doing right now……… I’m sure they


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would be kissing. That is what those two are really good at “said Patricia. “Wait a second patricia, with the way you speak, I could sense your feelings. You are jealous, am I right? “said Alicia. “What? Me jealous? You got to be kidding me. Why would I be jealous of Liliana? “asked Patricia. “Because you are in love with Ronato, even if you don’t want to say it “she replied. “You are free to think whatever you want Alicia. But the truth remains that I don’t love him at all. And I’ll never think of loving a man like him “said Patricia.





Alfredo & Ronato P. O. V.


(Alfredo’s office) “You know what bro, I suggest you should leave her for today. Don’t speak with her yet. Things would only become worse if you do. Talk to her tomorrow morning. I’m sure by then, she would be able to forgive you “said Alfredo. “Thanks buddy. I know I can always count on you “said Ronato as the both shook hands.



At the closing hour, Patricia was about to leave when Alfredo suddenly stop her. “Wait a minute Patricia “said Alfredo as Patricia stopped. “You don’t need to say anything Alfredo. I already know what you want to say “said Patricia. “Oh really? So tell me what it is “said Alfredo. “You came to talk to me on behalf of Ronato. You want to tell me that what I saw earlier isn’t what it seemed to be, am I right?……… Well you don’t need to bother yourself at all. I am not angry at him in


any way. Because the last time I checked, we are not friends neither are we enemies. We are just doctors in this hospital. We only work professionally and nothing else. So you should tell him that “said Patricia, then Alfredo brought up a big smile on his face. “I’m sorry Patricia, but what I came here for is actually different from what you are saying right now. I think the reason you are telling me this is because you got affected by those two earlier. You couldn’t help but to think about it……… I suggest you guys should talk things over because I have no interest


in it. I actually wanted to tell you to send my regards to your sister, Innocencia “said Alfredo as Patricia felt humiliated. “I’m sorry about that. I didn’t know that is what you actually wanted to say “say Patricia, feeling ashamed. “It’s okay Patricia. I’ll be leaving now. Take care of yourself “said Alfredo as he left. “Oh no. How stupid of me. Why am I so forward. I should have listened to what he wanted to say first before I conclude. Now Ronato would think that I had always been thinking about him. How crazy I really am “she tap her head.


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Innocencia & Patricia P. O. V.


“So how is he now? “asked Innocencia. “Well Ronato is fine. Why do you ask? “replied Patricia. “Sorry?……. Well I’m actually referring to Alfredo and not


Ronato “said Innocencia. “Oh really? For the moment, I thought you were actually concerned about Ronato. But the truth is that you are really concerned about Alfredo. Now the truth is finally out “said Patricia. “Of course not. That isn’t what I meant at all. I just want to know if he’s doing okay or not, that’s all. Don’t mistake it for love “said Innocencia. “Alright then. Alfredo is doing good. In fact, he told me to greet you as well “said Patricia. “Really? “asked Innocencia as she smile happily. “Of course “replied Patricia as she smile as well. “Oh wow. How sweet of him “said Innocencia. “I know you would say that. That is how people really are when they are so much in love “said Patricia. “Of course not sister. I am not in love “said Innocencia. “Hmm! “said Patricia as the both burst into smile.



Liliana P. O. V.


(In her house, at the dinning) “I don’t trust that woman. I don’t trust Ronato either. I feel the both are hiding something from me. And I am not going to stop until I get to the bottom of this “she said to herself. Few minutes later, a guest knock thrice on Liliana’s door. “Who is it? “asked Liliana but no one responded. “I guess it must be Ronato. I knew it. I knew he would finally come. He couldn’t bear to stay away from me. He is such a darling “she said happily. She run towards the door and open it. Then the guest turns out to be Licandro. “It’s you? “she said surprisingly. “Yes it’s me. Aren’t you happy to see me? “asked Licandro but Liliana didn’t respond. Instead, she tried to jam the door on him, but Licandro held the door immediately and forced himself inside. “What the hell are you doing here Licandro? “she asked angrily. “Why? Don’t I have the right to visit you anymore? Have you forgotten all what we shared? Or you just choose not to think about them anymore. And why is that? Because of Ronato? “asked Licandro. “Whatever I do with my life is absolutely none of your business. So get out of my building “she replied harshly. “Really? Has it finally come to that?……… You know how much I love you. And I


know you really love me back then. But ever since you met that crazy doctor, everything changed in just a twinkle of an eye. What happened Liliana? Why did you suddenly change? “asked Licandro. “I don’t owe you any explanation. It’s my life not yours. And I can do anything I want with it. Do you hear me? So don’t you dare question me because it’s absolutely none of your concern “said Liliana. “Alright then. I’ll leave from here. But on one condition………. Just tell me you


don’t love me anymore. Say the word then I’ll leave from here “said Licandro. “Do you really want to hear it?……….. I don’t love you anymore. I’m done with you. We


should both go our separate ways. I don’t want to see you ever again “said Liliana. “You said it? “asked Licandro, feeling disappointed and hurt as he begin to shed tears. “Yes I did…….. Now you’ve heard the truth. So get out of my house “said


Liliana as water start rolling down from her eyes. Licandro wiped off his tears and left the house. Liliana did the same. “How disgusting. He just came all the way here to ruin my night. For the moment, I thought it was Ronato. But it was actually him. Yolk! “said Liliana.





The next day………………


Patricia P. O. V.



She arrived at the hospital at exactly 8am. She unlocked her office door. Then she enters. She was about to close the door when Ronato ran and held the door. “Oh hi Patricia “he greeted. “Good morning doctor………. What brought you here? “asked


Patricia, moving away from the door as Ronato enter and close back the door. “Well I just came here to clear up the misunderstanding between us. I came here to make myself clear………. There is nothing between Liliana and I anymore. It’s over


between us. I’m done with her. As a matter of fact, I want to set my life right. I want to start all over again. I want to change “he replied. “Hold on doctor, why are you telling me this? I didn’t request for any of your explanation. So why all these? “asked Patricia. “Yes I know you didn’t ask for it……….. Even if you don’t ask for


it, I’m sure you are really curious about it……….. And besides, you really deserve to


know the truth “replied Ronato. “Excuse me! I am not interested in your private life, nor do I care about whoever you choose to be with “said Patricia. “You have to care Patricia “he raises his voice. “And why should I care? “she yelled. “Because I love you “said Ronato as Patricia got shocked.






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