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Angela – Episode 1

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Story Written by Christiana Crisella




MEANS. A GARDEN OF THORNS all around me!”.

Be able to debate your doubts and those of


It hurt to love someone and not to be loved in

return but what is actually more painful is to

love someone and never find the courage to let

that person know how you feel.

Just as a saying says ;- People change

love hurts

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friends leave and

things go wrong but just

remember that life goes on.

Not only that it’s true that we don’t know what

we have until we loose it, but is also true that

we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it


Well am Angela Scott, people around me call me

Ange’, am funny and talks a lot, am only sweet

sixteen, am an orphan i grew up all through my

life in a street, without anyone to call a family

nor true friend, i was just on my own although i

have passed through lots of people both the

good and bad ones.

I’ve always feel rejected all through my life, but

then their’s something Angela can do perfectly, i

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guess that my talent DANCING.

..You think its easy to dance like Angela? It’s not

easy! There is no dancer like Angela in the whole

of Canada, funny right? Well Angela doesn’t

dance for joy, i only do that to earn some money

to feed myself, get more cloths and be in school

am actually a bar dancer, too bad right? but

believe me am not a prostitute and i can never

be one but unfortunately people see me as one,

gosh! .. The most important thing in life is one’s

dignity i really have lots to achieve in life that’s

why i never have interest in prostitution. Respect

is reciprocal so respect is not demanded but


Glad I’ve got a scholarship at Royal academy, i

was glad about that but too sad, The school is

actually fill with lots of wealthy and arrogant

students. I’ve always believe that all rich kids

are so arrogant, rude and spoilt brat you know, i

felt so bad been in that school as the only poor

girl, i guess only 5% of the students are poor and

am just one of them. Well Funny enough i fell in

love with Chris Peterwerth, A son of a very rich

business baron in the country, He’s dad owns a

lot of large industries in the country and his

mom a barrister. I guess Chris is a player

because he don’t actually have a steady

girlfriend, or i should say he has lots of girlfriend

at once. I always steal a glance at him during

sports,club days, unfortunately he’s my senior

we’re not from the same class, he’s tall,so cute,

handsome and having this charming smile that

can melt ones heart, well enough of that

description i don’t want you to fall for him. One

thing i like most about Chris is his dream of

becoming a musician, he’s already an upcoming

artists because he has lots of people to sponsor

him into music. How did you see? a musician and

a dancer, isn’t that gonna be a perfect match. I

had no close friend at Royal Academy everyone

seems to be avoiding me just because am simply

an orphan and a poor girl. oh poor Angela!

I have danced to the full at the bar, parties, i

never miss any grand party in town i dance their

and am been paid for, to get myself necessary

things, life has not been that easy but am still

happy about it.


Well another morning to start a new day, i stand

in front of my mirror and smiled to herself, i

quickly say a simple prayer,took my bath, brush

my teeth and packed my long dark hair in

ponytail. I just apply a simple make up and was

already in my uniform, i picked up a red

sleeveless top and my blue crazy jeans trouser

and put it in my bag because immediately after

school i will branch to club with my dancing

team to dance. um.. no breakfast cox i gat

nothing to eat but am thinking of having lunch

later at the school cafeteria, i have to order for

cheap things or for something my money can

afford. Well am done with putting on my socks

and black sneakers am off to school! looking so

beautiful, am not bragging or been too proud but

am just beautiful and wonderfully made but i

wonder why Chris never look at me even for

once?? poor me! when will Angela gonna be

loved by the one she so much love.

=== === ===



I stopped at gate and breathe through my mouth

then smile a bit, everyone was busy, some

students were coming in group gisting while

walking to the class, some just drive in and

packed their car, well a black SUV just passed

me, i guess that my first love Chris, the one i

love him so much, i slowly walked to the park

where his driver parked the car and he came out

looking so stunning.

”i just love this guy,” i smiled to herself. But then

some of his cheap girls quickly ran to his arms

and gave him a warm morning kiss.

” i just hate that,” i mumbled to myself and

walked away.

I walked upstairs to the class and sat down

alone, i really want to make new friends in that

school but everyone is turning me down including

the girls the thought am too poor or local for

them even thou am beautiful than them, they

actually thought money is everything..

The classes ended and i was so lonely and bored

without anyone to talk to, i quickly went to use

the toilet outside and hurriedly came to carry my

bag, i checked the cloths i put inside but

couldn’t see it, the bag was empty only few of

my books are in their.

”who the hell took my cloth form my bag? i

yelled so furious at the whole class, all eyes

were on me and i felt a little bit shy but then a

heard a voice form behind.

”i did, and what were you doing with these cloths

you prostitute”, someone said sounding so


I can tolerate any kind of insult but i won’t

tolerate if anyone dares to call me a prostitute i

quickly turn to look at the stupid person that has

the guts to call me a prostitute and was

shocked by who i saw..


Hope is interesting? it entails more of suspense,

trust, struggle, betrayal and love!!!


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