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Patricia – Episode 11

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“You monsters “she said to herself, feeling angry and hurt. She enters, looking furious. Ronato got shocked and scared by being caught by someone like Patricia. “Hey you, who did you think you are? Why did you barge into the office just like that? “asked Liliana. “Enough! Not another word. You guys do not have any shame at all. You are so shameless “said Patricia, feeling more angrier. “Wait a minute Patricia. It’s not what you think “said Ronato as Patricia hijacked the words from him. “I said that’s enough……… I would really be wrong if I say sorry or thank you


to someone like you. And you know why, because you don’t deserve any of it “said Patricia as she walk out on them. “Hold on Patricia “Ronato shouted, trying to follow her but Liliana pulled him back. “Where are you going Ronato? Why are you following her? Is there anything between you too? “Liliana asked. “Of course not….. That girl is really crazy. We might get into trouble because of her. If she


report to the director, then we are not safe “said Ronato as he left. “If they are not really together, then why is she behaving like a jealous wife? Why? I think there is more to it “Liliana said to herself.


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(In her office) “He is such a despicable man. I hate him “said Patricia, turning her back towards the door side. Then Ronato enters. “Forgive me Patricia but what you saw isn’t what it seemed to be “said Patricia as Patricia turned face to face towards him with an heavenly slap. “What’s that for? “he said angrily, holding her on her two arms. “Let go of me “said Patricia as she pushed him away from her with force. “You are such a disgraceful man I’ve ever seen. You are such a disgrace to all men. I curse the day I met you. You are nothing but a shameless despicable womanizer “said Patricia. “Go ahead. Come up with more names to call me, but I



don’t care since I haven’t done anything wrong. I didn’t force myself on her. She came to me willingly. So don’t you dare blame me for anything “he raised his voice to Patricia. “I am going to show you doctor “said Patricia. “For what? “asked Ronato. “For your stupid act “Patricia replied, trying to walk out on him but Ronato pulled him back before she could go. “Wait a minute “said Ronato. “I said let go of me “she hijacked her hand from his, and left the office. Then Ronato left the office as well.







(Still in Ronato’s office) Ronato enters. “How was it Ronato? “Liliana asked. “I told you, she’s crazy. She doesn’t want to listen to any of my explanations. I’m sure she’s planning on reporting me. I just don’t know. But I feel she really hates me “replied Ronato, looking paranoid. “So what are we going to do now? “asked Liliana. “I think you should leave now before things get worse. I’ll handle the situation…….. And don’t worry, I’ll call you tonight “he replied. “Alright my love “said Liliana as she left. Then Ronato left his office immediately.

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(Alfredo’s office) Ronato enters. “Dude what’s wrong? You look tense “asked Alfredo as Ronato sit. “I’m really in a big mess right now “he replied. “How? “Alfredo asked. “I never imagined Patricia will see us both together. I forgot to roll down the curtains “Ronato replied. “What are you talking about? I don’t understand you “he asked again. “Patricia came to my office earlier in order to thank me for the help I gave her. But she caught me off guard when I was kissing Liliana. She got really angry at me. I have never seen her so angry like that. I’m certain she’s going to report me to the director “Ronato replied. “So why are you being paranoid? You’ve gotten what you wanted after all. She came to you out of her own will “said Alfredo. “Common Alfredo, are you trying to mock me? Well yes, I said she’ll talk to me willingly. But not in this kind of situation “said Ronato. “There is nothing you can do to stop Patricia. You know her better before now. I suggest you should start preparing yourself for the worse “said Alfredo as Ronato got even more scared. Then Delia enters to give a message. “Yes Delia. What is it? “asked Alfredo. “I’m sorry for disturbing, but the director wants to see you doctor Gomez “Delia replied, then Ronato and Alfredo start looking at each other.








(In his office) “I never imagined that doctor Gomez could do such a disgusting act in his office. The hospital is meant for patient’s care and not for prostitution “said Antonio as Ronato showed up. He knocks. “May I come in? “asked Ronato. “Come on in “Antonio replied in an angry tone. He enters, walking closer to Antonio. “Yes director. You called for me “said Ronato. “I believe you know the reason why I called for you doctor Gomez “said Antonio. “Yes director “Ronato replied. “So tell me doctor, are the allegations pointed against you true? “asked Antonio. “Yes director. I know I was wrong. So I’m ready for any punishment you are going to give me “Ronato replied. “Yes you should be ready for any punishment doctor Gomez. And you know why? Because that’s what you really deserve. I may even kick you out of this hospital if I want to. But I won’t do that. I’ll pardon you this time around. I am going to pardon you for two reasons. First, because you are an intelligent doctor. You have always do your work diligently. And the second reason,……that is what I’m not going to tell you. It will remain in me forever. So


you can leave now “said Antonio. “Thank you director “Ronato got relieved and left the office. “Be thankful Ronato. Be thankful Patricia was able to beg on your behalf. She told me not to punish you. She told me to forgive you. If not for that, you would have been suspended straight away “Antonio said to himself.







(In his office) On his standing position, expecting for good outcome from the director. “I hope Ronato never gets into trouble for this “said Alfredo……Few


minutes later, Ronato enters. “How was it? What did doctor Antonio say? “asked Alfredo. Ronato sit and give a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. Luckily, I was able to get away with it. Who knows what could have happened to me today “Ronato replied. Alfredo sit, and he begin. “You should be thankful to your creator. You are really lucky this time………. But hold on a second bro. I don’t think this is a kind of


luck. There is more to it. Did the director tell you the reason why he forgave you? “Alfredo asked. “Well he told me that he forgave me for two reasons. The first is because of my diligency and dedication to my work. But he never told me the second reason “Ronato replied. “Don’t you think it’s somehow strange? The director could never forgive you if it were up to him. I think someone persuaded



him to do that. If it were up to him, you would have gotten your punishment immediately “said Alfredo. “Yes you are right Alfredo. I thought so as well……..


But I am not ready to think about that for now. Instead, I am going to clear the obstacles in my way “said Ronato. “Who? Patricia? “asked Alfredo. “Absolutely “replied Ronato. “But what if she is………….. “said Alfredo as Ronato hijacked the

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words from him. “Common Alfredo. What are you trying to say? That she is the one that begged on my behalf? Can you even listen to yourself. How can she possibly do that? She hates me, remember? She would do anything so that I can leave this hospital. Isn’t that why she went to discredit me in front of the director? Begging the director will be the last thing she would ever do “said Ronato. “So who else could be responsible for that? “asked Alfredo. “I don’t know. Perhaps he forgave me out of his own will. Just like what he said, he forgave me because of my diligency. Maybe no one didn’t tell him anything “said Ronato. “I guess you are right………. So what are you planning on doing now? “asked Alfredo. “For now, my


main target is Patricia. I am going to make her pay for what she did today. She tried to get me into trouble but she didn’t succeed. So now, I am going to do the same. I’ll show her what it’s like to be in a great trouble “said Ronato

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