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I'm Proud To Be Black – Episode 13

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Episode thirteen
Alexa’s pov
I got ready for school, i skipped meal and waited for kyung seok cause we were both assigned to the same driver. He got in and we drove to school totally ignoring each other. I got to the class and went straight to my seat. I needed some books so i decided to go to my locker. I stood up and walked past kyung seok. Were are you going rude ass kyung seok asked. None of your business i replied. Suit your self kyung seok yelled after me but i ignored him.
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Immediately i opened my locker a smell flew past my nose and dirt started pouring out of the locker, a dead rat rotten rat was inside too and i turned to find kyung seok and his friends laughing at me and i glared at them angrily. I’m so going to kill you all i yelled running after them. But when i got to the class a girl called min ah was bullying a girl who was crying and i huffed she couldn’t even defend herself just like korea movies i thought and everyone was watching the drama. Well thank goodness the drama was unfolding behind my seat so i walked quietly to my seat and sat down. Why didn’t you do my assignment the so called min ah rambled on and on and i couldn’t take it anymore and worst of it all the idiot who was being bullied was crying.
Its over now cos i’ve had enough of your foul mouth smell i said loud enough for min ah to hear and the whole class started mumuring. Is she some god or something i thought and scoffed.
Can you repeat what you just said min ah replied giving me a deadly glare. You were too stupid to understand the first time so i give up trying to explain i replied and by this time some of my classmates were giggling.
I’d slap you but that would be animal abuse retorted min ah. Thats a nice story and all but in what chapter do you shut the fu.ck up i said and everyone roared with laughter.
Do you know who i am min ah asked. Um..pardon me, i wasn’t listening, can you repeat what you just said i asked rolling my eyes and min ah scoffed. I’ll just let you go for now dirty black pig min ah said again placing her hands on my cheek.
Could you please take those filthy thing off my cheek i said getting irritated.
Fight fight fight… Everyone yelled slaming their desks to make a musical sound
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Alexa’s pov
Fight, fight , fight everyone yelled hitting their desks to make a nice musical sound.
Min ah raised her hand to slap me but i held it.
What do you think you’re doing, gosh you’re so weak i said taunting her.
She released her hand from my grip and slapped me and the class roared. She held my hair pulling them. Neoui eommanuen chang yeo ya (you mother is a slut) she said and i pushed her violently making her fall and land on her butt and the class yelled.
I picked her from the ground and slammed her head on the desk angrily.
“her face looks like a tomato” someone from the crowd yelled and everyone laughed.
Whats going on here a teacher yelled making everyone run to their seat leaving i and min ah behind.
You girls were fighting, follow me the teacher said judging from our looks.
We were told to call our parents and i had no other option than to call kyung seok’s mom since she’s my guardian here in korea.
How dare you slap my daughter min ah’s mom ranted raising her hand to slap me.
“dont you even dare touch her or were you deaf that your daughter hit her first kyung seok’s mom defended. And boom the two women started yelling at each other while i chuckled to myself.
Enough!! the principal yelled hitting his desk, the girls should just apologize to themselves and go back to their class the principal said.
I’m sorry i said to min ah.
“i’m sorry min ah muttered lowly.
Are you talking to a statue cos i can barely hear you i said and both mother and daughter scoffed.
I’m sorry she said again louder than before.
Ok you can all go the principal announced.
One more thing, your mother is the slut i said facing min ah not minding if her mother was there.
I quickly made for the door before any remsrk would be made.

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