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My Crazy And Erotic Romance – Episode 17

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chapter 17





“What the heck is going on here?? ” I heard kelvin say from the door step Uh oh bursted


“So this ungodly act is the reason you rejected me ” he said angrily



Davis stood up with a smirk on his face and wore his shorts while I did the same.


“Kelvin wait I can explain ” I try to say as he walked out angrily


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I ran after him thankfully I met him at the hall way I could tell he was really furious


“Kelvin am so sorry please let me explain ” I muttered with my head low


“Explain what actually?? That your personal assistant is the freak bursting your p****y how could you stoop so low huh, you disgust me sky am outta here and ion wanna ever see your filthy face again ” I said and walked away


I just stood still looking at nothing in particular, did kelvin just said that to me??


My life is a big mess.


I took the stairs to my room and locked myself in


Tomorrow is the presentation and I need to be focused or else we gonna loose the deal.


When did I become this stupid huh??

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i was so caught up in his charms that I didn’t thought about what society and the press would say when they finds out about this.


Dad is gonna hate me for good. It was now and then that have made up my mind not to fall for his cute charm again


I cuddled my pillow tightly as I let the tears flow freely.





I had just taken a cold water bath cause that’s what I needed at the moment


How did that freak get to my room, I thought the room was sound prove


I just pray he doesn’t say anything to mr gray or else they are gonna be mad at sky for dragging their reputation down the drain..


I thought all this feeling was gonna go away after a one day stand but nope.


Along the line I found out have fallen deeply inlove with her.



Maybe it isn’t meant to be, but each time I try to suppress my urge but she becomes irresistible..


I came down stairs shortly but looks like everyone was out only scarlet was at the classic living room playing PS.


“Hey princess ” I said to gain her attention


” woow have you finally agreed to marry me? ” she said smiling sheepishly


“In your dreams baby girl now shut up let’s play mortal combat ” I said taking a seat beside her


“By The way I saw kelvin leaving the house angrily when dad had asked him what happened he simply said nothing that he was done with the engagement stuff. Do you perhaps know what went wrong between sky and him” she asked


My heart skipped a beat


“… No of course not … I mean I was in my room reading I didn’t see any of them ” I manage to say


“Oh well let’s battle” she said with a shrug


I signed in relief as I picked up my game pad and started playing




it was the day of the presentation, I was clad in multi colour armani suit with my long black hair covering my face abit looking handsome,. Scarlet is gonna go crazy if she sees me looking like a hot CEO.. I wore my black leather shoes took my PC before stepping out almost immediately ice queen was also coming outta her room looking so beautiful and sex for a moment I was crushing badly and my beast almost got erected due to the naughty thoughts I was having.


For some reasons she was kinda avoiding me I guess it was as a result of yesterday shit.



“Good morning ma’am ” I said as we ascend the stairs together


“Morning davis ” she said nonchalantly..


Ohh feisty she is giving me attitude now.


We gonna see about that…


“Good morning mr and Mrs gray ” I said immediately I sighted them at the dinning room


Sky went to kiss em both and their cheeks and greeted them good morning in French. And they also replied with French


I sat down so did sky that when I noticed the witch of the house looking at me like she is gonna eat with her eyes.


“Earth to scarlet ” sky said placing a knock on her head


” dad pleasssssse I wanna get married today to this Greek god seating over there ” she said pointing at me



This witch is really obsessed



She almost fainted when I winked at her




At gray empire



skyler ?




I was Impressed when we bag the deal with Versatile inc’


Finally the meeting had come to an end as my dad and all board members had left the conference room leaving just davis and me.



I wanted to walk away but I wasn’t fast enough as he grabbed me by the arm and slammed me to the wall.


With his face inch apart I could feel his breath on my face


“Avoiding me right?? ” he whispers into my ears which sent shivers down my spine


“No am not please let me go ” I shuttered


“I will after you have answered my question ” she said planting soft kisses on my ear lobe my who body felt numb


“Davis stop it isn’t right please stop ” I manage to say with my eyes shot cause looking at his hazel eyes can get you mesmerized


“Open your eyes sky and look at me” he said in a husky voice


I opened my eyes slowly and locked eyes with his


“Just tell me my touch has no effect on you tell me you don’t like it when I do this and I will stop” he said still kissing my neck and ear lobe


I couldn’t say anything for the pleasure was too much I just had to let my emotions out.


“I love you davis please don’t stop” I muttered and held on to him firmly



” What??? ”



my crazy and erotic romance




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