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The Hate You Caused – Episode 10

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Episode 10




(3month after)


Aliyah, tell me the truth. How many times dad lay with you “azzez look upset.




Low your voice, for goodness sake! Aliyah excuse from him. She sat down holding her forehead “leg. Waist. Hand, shoulder “I want to throw up.


Is like, my whole body feel heavy. I feel my whole body aches ”


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aliyah, are you sure we shouldn’t go to the doctor ”




take me please. Infact, help me up.




Is this, how pregnant women do feel. You trying o. Azzez held her at the waist




You left me, with the problem. as if I was the one that’s got myself pregant.


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We done, it together o”aliyah look sobber




aliyah entered the car and stop complaining. ” azzez spoke in harsh tone ”




Am not going again, you raising your voice at me ” she excuse from him looking upset. Gosh! Am sorry. Sorry now.




You spitting again “azzez covered his noise when she opened the container.




Dispose it please . He gave a weird look




No. I don’t even understand my body ,stop talking please. She settled inside the car, and place her hand on her forehead.




No music please.




OK. Aliyah, but you haven’t answered my question ” I don’t understand, why allahji kept calling my child his own.




Why. Am confused right here ”



azzez. if you want to injure Me, keep talking. I said I need total silent.




OK madam. But, did he cum on you. I meant, after we make love. Azzez look serious




Azzez. She shouted on top of her voice.




Sorry. Aliyah one more ” don’t let him touch you please.




Am pregnant azzez.




Yh! I know. It my child. It mine. I only cum on you ” isn’t. Only me .




Azzez I want to throw up. My baby didn’t want ,what I ate. Gosh! Am coming.


Azzez park the car and help her out.




She throws up and fell in his arms. Aliyah, his my child. Mum said, she done same thing doing my pregnancy.




All pregnant women done that.




Yh! I know. Come ” he help her to the car and kept staring at her “aliyah. Once you put to bed, we go for DNA test.




Infact go for irk test. I can’t wait to be in my right body ” Aliya I got you. He help her to the car. Azzez. She placed her head on his shoulder ” drive fast. OK.” he kiss her forehead …….



(allaji pov)


my in-law am so happy. infact, when I saw the test results I was on top of the world ”




am happy for you my friend “hammed embrace him smiling. So, you going to be a father again.




Yes. Abdul azzez is happy. He never left Aliya for a minute ” he even feed her most of the times, she refused to eat ”




gosh! I haven’t meet him ever since he came back.




don’t mind him, his not the type that’s go out. he enjoyed his privacy.




oh! That’s weird. Anyway, I would get going “Allahji hammed open his car


smiling. thanks for coming “allaji faruq wave him bye. thanks. …..


aliyah, why did you refuse to pick my call “allaji hammed look worried. she should at least share the news with me ” he put her to call ,she didn’t pick. he kept his phone and ordered his driver to drive fast…




(beautiful morning)


Aliyah take medicine” azzez pour it in her mouth . It smells bad. She almost throw up




Sorry about that. Breakfast ready “rodiat called their attention.




Azzez notice allaji coming down and adjusted from Aliya a little bit. son, thanks a lot. you up as usual taking care of her”




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Yh! Your brother. His going to be cute like you ” allaji smile holding him close ”






aliyah. How are you today “fine. She managed to smile




very good. Am leaving to office” take good care of yourself and my baby ” he messaged aliyah hand and left .




Can you hear that ” azzez sat down looking upset ” he called my baby his own.




azzez. his grandchild. baby, baby. Gosh! you both giving me headaches ” I won’t blame anyone.




dad’s is at fault for everything ,going on with me ” aliyah look sobber.




No. Don’t cry. I got you ” he embraced her warmly ”


rodiat bump in and left without making a sound ” she was filled with so much questions *************************






*Hate you cause*

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