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Blue Love Story – Episode 34

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Episode 34 : ACCIDENT ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: .

JAJA’s Point Of View




I sneak a glance at my wrist watch to see the time. Me and Ben are supposed to meet at 7 PM for our dinner date but it is already 8 PM. It is the first time he became super late.


Lately, Ben has been forgetting things easily that even our dates was forgotten. He even had a hard time to remember which is which and who was who. He seems problematic for he was unfocused to everything.


I called Ben’s number, he’s not answering his phone. I sighed. I called his secretary. “Hi! Are you with Ben?”


“No, Jaja. He came home early because he feels dizzy and his head is aching severely. Why?”

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“I’ve been calling him few times but he’s not answering. I thought he was on a meeting.”


“Oh! I have Sir Benjamin’s phone. He forgot this on his desk. I haven’t answered the phone because it was on a silent mode, I’m sorry.” “It’s okay. Thank you for keeping his phone. Good night.”


I ended the call. I have decided to visit him on his condo. I get my purse and was about to stand up when someone sit on a chair in front of me. Stunned. He’s smiling widely and his eyes were red.


“Uncle Troy.” I tried to make my voice strong so he won’t notice that I am afraid of him.


“Jaja, my beloved niece! How are you? Hmm you look fine, you even afford to come here. Look at you. Oh my God! You’re so s3xy and beautiful. How’s your life with the man who had bought you?”


“As you had said, I look fine as well as my life with him.”


“Oh! You’re still resentful to me? Jaja, it is for your own good that’s why I have done that.”


I look at him. “Don’t act as if you’re really concern for me, Uncle Troy. After what you’ve done to me, I don’t treat you as my Uncle anymore.”

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“Jaja, my dear niece, don’t be so bitter to your own Uncle. I am the only relative of yours so don’t deny me. You look rich now, do you have some money there? Give your Uncle a little payment for my kindness.”


“You haven’t been kind to me before so don’t ask me for that.”


He grab my hand and hold it tight that made me winced. “You have just brainwashed your man that’s why you’re given freedom. Don’t act like a real elite because you are not one of them. You still owe me for taking care of you when your parents died.”


“My life had been miserable with you. And I thank you for letting me go away from you. And don’t threaten me because I might send you in jail for everything you’ve done to me. Be thankful that I am still respecting you. Don’t you ever show yourself in front of me again or else you’re gonna end up in jail.”


He tighten his grip and almost twist my wrist. “I am still your Uncle. Don’t disrespect me.”


Unscrupulous! What a shameless guy! “Let me go or else I’m gonna call the guards now.”


He quickly let me go and stand up. “I’m not finished yet.”


My system has been relaxed when he leaved. I just noticed that my knee is shaking


and I am not breathing normally.




I WAS ABOUT to enter the pa*ssword of Ben’s condo when I noticed that the door was slightly open. I opened the door. The whole condo is quiet. I went to his room when I didn’t see Ben on the kitchen. The door is slightly open also. I opened the door just to be shocked.


Pain. Great pain. It was really hurt to see your love making out with other. Ben and Olga are kissing on the bed. Olga is almost nak3d while Ben’s polo was unbuttoned.


“So, you forgot our date because you are entertaining someone right here in your room,” I said.


They both stopped and immediately rose up. Ben look at Olga, confusedly.


“What the f*ck! You’re not Jaja?!” Ben asked, surprisingly.


“She’s not Jaja. She’s Olga. The real Jaja was on the restaurant waiting for you. Now, I came here to see if you’re okay. You’re okay, as I can see. Continue what you’re doing. I’m sorry for disturbing you.”


I quickly turned my back and let my tears fall. I immediately get out of his condo and did not turn back when Ben is calling me.



It’s really hurt. It’s more painful than what I’ve felt when my family died. Seems I died again. My heart was pierced by lots of needle, very little yet painful.


Ben grabbed my arm when he caught me. We are now outside the condominium building.


“Please, sweetie, let me explain. What you’ve seen inside wasn’t my plan, unexpected. I’m unconscious when she started kissing me, I thought it was you. I’m sorry.”


“Ben, what’s really happening to you? You’ve been forgetting things that you shouldn’t forgot. Now you thought I am Olga. Why? Are we look alike? Huh?” “No. Believe me, I thought she was you. She don’t know the pa*ssword of my condo and it was only you who know it. That’s why I thought you’re the one entered the room.”


I sighed. “You left the door open because you forgot or you left it in purpose?” “God! Sweetie, why would I do that? Olga and I are over. Why would I cheat on you?”


“Woah! Jaja, you had made him your lover. What a lucky girl. Hello there, do you remember me?” Uncle Troy hug me from behind and I gasp when I felt something cold touch my skin at my back. It was a knife.


Ben was about to come near us when Uncle Troy stop him. “Don’t you dare. Do one step and you’ll see Jaja in heaven.” “What do you want?” Ben asked in a serious tone.


I look at him. I know he had seen the fear in my eyes that’s why he believed Uncle Troy’s threat.


“I just want to receive the payments of my efforts for taking care of my beloved niece. You’re rich. Pay me now and I’ll leave you two.”


“How much do you want?” Ben seem serious on giving the payments. “$500,000. That’s enough for Jaja’s life.”


“I don’t have that amount of money right now. Please give me time to get the money.”


“Then I’ll just take Jaja with me while you’re getting the money.”


I gulped as Uncle Troy rub the knife on my skin. I tried to stop my cry but fear is stronger.


“Heart,” I said between my cries. “Don’t waste your money to spare my life.” “No, sweetie. I can get back the money that I am going to lose but I can’t get you back if I lose you. Trust me, heart. I love you and I am willing to do anything for you.”


I saw courage in his eyes. Ben shouldn’t just fight for us alone.



I step my heel on Uncle Troy’s foot that made him lose his hold in me. I took the opportunity to flee from him. Ben quickly grab me and pulled me away from Uncle.


“Call for the guards. Be quick!” Ben hold Uncle Troy’s arms that’s holding the knife. I quickly run in front of the condominium and seek for help from the guards. “Miss Jaja, what’s happening to you?” One of the guards asked me when he saw me running.


“Help us! There’s someone trying to kill my boyfriend! Help!”


They quickly responded and I lead the way to them. We saw Ben lying on the ground and Uncle Troy was about to stab Ben.


“Don’t move!” shouted by the guards but Uncle Troy didn’t listen that’s why they fired a Taser to him.


Uncle lost his knife and he fell on the ground, shaking.


I quickly run towards Ben who was lying on the ground. He’s consciously unconscious.


“Oh my God! Heart, are you okay? Have been stabbed? Tell me!” I am in panic when he’s groaning.


“I’m not stabbed. I just fell on the ground because I lost my balance. Argh! My head… My head is in pain. God! It’s hurt!” Ben hold his head and he was screaming the pain.


“Call an ambulance!” I screamed at the guards. I look at Ben. “Heart, hold on. We’re going to take you at the hospital.”


“No. Please, don’t. I don’t want to forget you, sweetie. I don’t. Don’t let them do it. I


don’t want to forget you.”




:::::::::::: to be continued ::::::::::::






>>>>>>>>>Written by JK<<<<<<<<<


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