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The Story Master – My Own Karma – Episode 13

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Episode 13.
That evening the doctor went to Debbie room to see her, “doctor I was actually waiting for you, please can I be discharged already? Debbie quickly asked.
“I hope there’s no problem? The doctor asked.
“Not at all, its just that I have things to do and I won’t be able to do that if I’m here, Debbie replied.
“If you feel strong to go then there’s no problem with that, I’ll just check the wound and that will be all, the doctor said.
“But she can be coming here right so you’ll check the wound? Sandra asked.
“Its not really about the wound, her head was hit against the wall. The wound isn’t deep at all but the effect of the hit and how we could safe her unborn child was what we were interested in, The doctor said and Prisca bowed her head seeing the way Sandra eyes bulged out when she heard that.
“OK doctor that means I can be discharged, i can take care of myself and I’m feeling better, Debbie came in immediately.
“Thats good to know, but can we make that tomorrow? He asked.
“That’s no problem then, thank you, she said.
‘You’re welcome and don’t forget to take your drugs, its almost time, he said and left while Debbie heaved and slowly looked at her mom.
“So you were pregnant? Chai you will not kill me Deborah! Sandra shouted.
“Haba what are you shouting now? I am not pregnant again jare, Debbie said.
“You still have the mouth to talk let me break it now! Sandra shouted to hit her but Prisca held her.
“Ma please, Prisca pleaded as she was struggling with her.
“Is that the school I sent you to Deborah? Sandra shouted.
“I am going to the school and I haven’t reported any failures to you have I? People make mistakes don’t they? Debbie said and Sandra looked at her for a while and left the room.
“What does she even want from me? I can never be that perfect daughter she wants me to be, if so she should have been rich herself, Debbie said.
“Meaning you are not appreciative with all the little efforts she’s doing? If you can’t be appreciative now then you will never be when it is surplus, Prisca said.
“Abeg abeg just leave me, she’s not even perfect herself, she should have put more efforts to see my life is comfortable down here but she didn’t. I had to fend myself so let her keep the blames for herself, Debbie snapped.
“Good for you then, I have to go home now, Prisca said taking her bag.
“OK and find out from Cynthia if she was the one that linked out my photos to my course mates, and if she’s truly the one because she took me here I will so deal with her when I leave this place, Debbie said.
“You know I have better things to do than that okay, bye, Prisca said.
“Fine then I’ll ask her my own way, Debbie said and Prisca left.
Prisca met Sandra sitting down somewhere and she went to her, “thinking about Debbie? Don’t worry I think she has learnt her lessons, all will be well, Prisca said and she smiled and shook her head.
“All won’t be that well, you know I don’t really blame her that much, I am to be blame, Sandra said.
“No ma you are struggling to the best you can so she can make it, don’t be too harsh on yourself, Prisca said.
“You don’t understand, when I was young I behaved like her. I was so loosed and every advises my mom poured on me was all a waste, the more she talked was the more I was head strong. I got pregnant with Deborah in my secondary school, I was scared and tried everything i could to abort it but it was like that was my no escape. I ran away from home totally to fend for myself and here is Debbie just going my way, its sad. Its just my punishment but I don’t want her to be part of my punishment, let me suffer it alone, Sandra said and Prisca was weak hearing that.
“Honestly ma I don’t know what to say, but does she knows about this? Prisca asked and she shook her head.
“I don’t even want to try that, you know Debbie na she will be using it on me everyday. In fact she won’t even listen to me anymore, somehow I’m grateful she has pushed herself to this stage, soon she’ll be a graduate and I’m happy but also scared because I don’t know what tomorrow will still bring, Sandra replied.
“I’m sorry, I wish I could help you, Prisca said.
“No don’t bother I’ll be fine okay, Sandra said forcing a smile………………………..
The door opened and Gideon saw Debbie on the bed backing the door “Hello Debbie cute, he said standing outside and she smiled facing him.
“Please come in, she said sitting up while he went in.
“Why are you alone? He asked.
“Erm my friend left and my mom is just around she’ll be back soon, She replied.
“Okay, I just returned from work and stopped to say hi, he said.
“To me or my friend? She asked.
“Ermmmm actually you told me to concentrate on people who are ready to catch my attention, so I came to say hi to you rather, he replied and she smiled.
“Thank you, I’ll be discharged tomorrow, she said.
“really? If so can I have your number please so we can still be in touch, he said.
“Sure, she said and gave it to him..
“Thank you, I’ll see you alright, take care, he said giving her a peck and left.
“Awwwnnn that was sweet and he smells rich, Debbie whispered to herself smiling licking her lips…………………..
Princess went back home and heard whispers in the house, her husband car was parked outside and she wondered who he came home with.
She opened the door and saw a lady eating with her husband on the dinning table, “what’s going on here? She asked.
“You’re back? Please sit down and join us, he said.
“Yes I can see this is the food I prepared but who is she? Princess asked pointing at the lady who was busy smiling at her.
“Honey you should know by now, she’s the one and she only came for a visit until I have concluded with all I am to do to make her my wife, he replied and she left for her room immediately.
“What’s her problem? The lady asked.
“I’ll go talk to her okay, he said and ran after Princess.
“I thought we already talked about this, this won’t change how i feel for you honey, he said holding her.
“Don’t tell me that crap, just imagine another man sharing me with you how will you feel? Princess said in tears.
“I’m sorry but there’s nothing i can do about this, you just have to accept this, with time I know we’ll be fine, He said.
“You will be fine not me, Abraham was bouncing fine but Sarah was never fine until she had her own child! You alone will be fine! Princess shouted and left for her room while he weighed himself weakly on the wall lost in thoughts…….

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