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Patricia (Season 2) – Episode 14

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After Patricia got home, she and Innocencia beginning to discuss as always. “It’s a good thing I followed your advice sister. Alfredo and Kamila are not together. They are simply just friends, that’s all. I’m really so excited. I’m sure one day, he will confess his feelings to me sooner or later “Innocencia said enthusiastically. “That’s good to know “she said with a little smile on her face as it vanished immediately. “What’s wrong Patricia? Are you okay? “she asked. “I’m just thinking of Ronato. He’s leaving the country tomorrow night “Patricia replied sadly. “But why? “asked Innocencia. “Because he thinks that I don’t love him “she replied. “But why don’t you tell him that you do “Innocencia suggested. “But it’s not as simple as that, Innocencia. Up until now, he and Liliana still meet. I don’t want to be a victim of his cunning ways “said Patricia. “I thought you said he has changed already “said Innocencia. “Yes he did. But I can’t say the same with Liliana. Up until now, she is still very much in love with Ronato “said Patricia. “So what are you going to do now? “Innocencia asked. “I don’t know sister. Honestly, I’m really confused. I don’t know what to do……….. Earlier, earlier before I left the hospital,

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he gave me this last kiss. And you know what, the kiss made me feel happy. I felt so happy right in my heart. But unfortunately, he said that was going to be the last. He’ll be leaving for Morocco tomorrow “she replied. “But don’t you think you can stop that from happening? “asked Innocencia. “But how? “she asked. “Just listen to your heart and ask yourself this question. Is this really what you want? For him to leave and never return? “said Innocencia as Patricia shook her head. “Well if no, you should try and stop him from leaving “said Innocencia. “But how can I do that? His mind is already made up “asked Patricia. “No Patricia. You can still change his mind. You should tell him the truth. Tell him you’ve fallen in love with him “said Innocencia. “What! “she exclaimed. “I’m telling you sister. That is the only thing you can do to get your love back. That is the only way to stop him from leaving if you still want him. You also helped me with Alfredo. That’s why I’m helping you now with the love of your life. I hope you can do this for yourself. For the sake of your happiness. Or else, you might just lose him forever “said Innocencia as Patricia begin to think about it over and over again. Most especially Innocencia’s last statement.

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The next morning, Sabrina sat her two daughters down. Then she told them everything they need to know. Starting from what’s been happening lately between her and Antonio to their upcoming wedding which is going to happen very soon. Patricia and Innocencia feel so happy hearing the good news. Fortunately, the both approve of it. At last, their mother would be settling with



another generous man. Unlike no good of their father. After the conversation, Patricia left for work while Innocencia resume to school. Soon after the two left, Sabrina also left for the market.





Ronato & Alfredo P. O. V.


(Ronato’s office) “What?……….. You are leaving?………… But why? “Alfredo got


caught by surprise. “You know the answer to that question buddy “replied Ronato. “Because of Patricia? “asked Alfredo. “She’s also aware that I’m leaving “said

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Ronato. “And? What did she say? “asked Alfredo. “Nothing………… She said nothing. I guess it’s for the best “he replied. “But where will you go? “asked Alfredo. “Somewhere far away. Far away from her……. A place like Morocco “said


Ronato. “But do you have to do this? “asked Alfredo. “Yes dude. It’s something I must do. I don’t have any chance to be with her anymore. I don’t have any reason to be in this hospital anymore. It’s only better for me if I leave “said Ronato as Patricia entered and interrupted. “You are wrong about that Ronato. There are lots of reasons for you to be here “said Patricia. “What do you mean by that? “asked Ronato as Patricia glanced at Alfredo which apparently indicate that she wants to be alone with Ronato. “Alright I guess I’ll have to leave you both to talk now “said Alfredo as he left for his own office. “So tell me Patricia, what did you mean by what you said earlier? “he asked again. You still have your work. Are you just going to neglect your work just because you want to stay away from me “Patricia replied. “No Patricia. I won’t be neglecting my work. You are still here, Alfredo, Alicia and even Anhel. You guys are still here. You can do this together. And I’m sure you guys are going to handle it well. Most especially you, Patricia. You are a very intelligent woman. You even defeated me once, remember. I know you can do this “said Ronato as he put up a sad smile. “No you are wrong Ronato. We can’t do this alone. It will be different when you are not around “said Patricia. “Why Patricia? Don’t you want me to leave? “asked Ronato. She hesitate but speak


eventually. “Because…………….. Because I…… “she hesitated, feeling scared.


Ronato moved towards her, even more closely, then he asked; “Because


what?………….. Tell me Patricia………….. I want to know the reason why you don’t


want me to go. Just say the word, then I promise I won’t leave anymore “said


Ronato. “Because…………… Because I love you “said Patricia as Ronato feel very


happy. He couldn’t believe his ears, so he insisted she repeat it again. Then she did. “You don’t know how extremely happy I really am to hear this from you. Thank you so much for giving me this chance “said Ronato. “I should have told you a



long time ago. But I was scared. I love you so much Ronato. I will die if you decide to leave me “said Patricia. And I’m promising you from now on, I will never betray you. I will love you till eternity. I promise you this. We’ll always be together. You are meant for me just like I am meant for you. I will never forsake you…………………. I love you so much Patricia “said Ronato as his eyes flowing


with tears of happiness. “I love you very much too Ronato “said Patricia as she begin to shed tears of happiness as well. Ronato used his thumb to clean her tears away and they ended up hugging each other.





Thirty minutes after Sabrina left for the market, Angelica arrived and went in


with a briefcase in her right hand. It’s as if someone is giving her information about when Sabrina normally goes out. Since she was informed that Sabrina had left the house, she decided to go to her house. When she entered, she begin. “So this is where this flirticious woman is leaving………….. A single room


apartment?…….. Yuck……. What a slum “she laughed. “I’m sure after I’m through


with you, you will never thinking of living anymore. I’m sure you will die very soon. And if you don’t, then I’ll be the one to eliminate you myself “said Angelica as she dropped down her briefcase on the center table which include a timing bomb after she opened it. She set the time to 3 minutes and put it in her cupboard where


no one will find it. After she did that, she left. Fortunately, her gold purse fell inside that house which is unknown to her. After three minutes, the house burnt down. How unfortunate.





Antonio P. O. V.


(In his office) Patricia entered. “Yes director. You called for me? “asked Patricia. “Yes I did……….. I believe you know why I summoned you. It’s about your mother “Antonio replied. “If you are talking about the love life between you and my

mother, I already know about it. And she also told us you guys would be getting


married very soon “said Patricia. “Really? So what did you say about it? “he asked.


“You don’t need to worry about me. I gave my consent already. I approved of


it……………. I trust you very much director. I know you will be a good husband to


my mother, and a caring father to my sister and I “said Patricia. “Thank you so much Patricia…. Thank you very much for trusting me “said Antonio as the both smile at each other.








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