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The Bad Boy Diary – Episode 40

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Written by, Rejoice Jeremiah. C




#Chapter 40








Why Are You So Caring?


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**Brenda’s POV continues**


I placed a cup into the coffee maker and turned the machine on, just then Nikky rushed in with my phone which was ringing.



“Here, your dad,” she said and I took the phone, picked the call and placed the phone to my ear,

“Hello dad,” I said into the phone.


“Sweetie, how are you doing?” he asked.


“Im fine, when are you coming back. Thought you where gonna come back three days ago,” I said.

“Yeah, but buisness held me back. But im planning to come back on saturday I


promise,” I said.


I smiled. I miss him.

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“Alright dad, i’ll be waiting.”


“Mrs Edmond isn’t back right?” he asked. He meant the cook.


“Yes she said next week tuesday,” I said.


“Hope you make orders?” he asked.


“Sometimes. Nikky is here, she’s a nice cook,” I said and smirked at Nikky who rolled her eyes and went to the coffee maker.


“Oh good, when I come back I plan on going to Austin to search again for your


stepmom and sisters,” he said.


I breathed out, “Maybe this time I’ll go with you,” I said.

“Oh dear, I understans how much you need them just like I do, we’ll talk about it


when Im back home,” he said.


I smiled. I swear I do. I wanna have a family not just my dad but mom, sisters and even brothers too.

“Alright dad, take care of yourself dad,” I said.


“Take good care of yourself angel. See you on saturday,” he said.


“See you too dad, bye,” I said.


“Bye dear.”


The call ended.


“If I had your kinda dad, I swear my life wouldn’t have been this way,” Nikky said


as she switched off the coffee maker, got out the cup hitting now with hot coffee.


She placed it on a saucer, dropped a spoon, walked to me and stretched it to me.

“Thanks,” I said as I carried it.



No matter how dangerous Nikky is, she’s just so humble to me. She takes me as the only sister and friend she has.


“I need some sleep, I didn’t catch a glimpse of it last night,” she said and walked out of the kitchen.


I breathed out as I sat on the breakfast bar.


‘If I had your kinda dad, I swear my life wouldn’t have been this way’ It’s a song Nikky always sing to me.


According to her story, Her dad was the most cruel dad on earth. Her mother died from the heartless beatings she got from him. Nikky was fifteen yeard old then. Her dad got married to another woman who turned out to be a jezebel. Both of them made life so unbearable for Nikky and she ran away from home at the age of sixteen. She turned out a streetgirl, from being a streetgirl, she began stealing, from stealing she became an assassin.



For nine years now, she haven’t visited her family. She said if she do, she might end up killing both her dad and the jezebel and every other person she meet in the house.


Her mother’s death was her most pain.


She has no sister or friend and never had she saved someone before but she saved me. At BLinkZ club from the bitches who tried to hurt me cos I slapped the hell outta him cos he grabbed my butt without my permission. His crew came and wanted to hurt me but then Nikky came and fought them all. I was shocked, after she saved me, I wanted to be close to her, and I succeeded. I keep her work a secret from both my dad and friends.


She helps me alot in cooking, errands and so many other things but note, i’ve never told her to eliminate someone for me. I don’t have the heart.


But I think im just gonna change this soft heart of mine and do it.


I sipped from the coffee, and dropped back the cup.

“What’s even the bitch name? I haven’t even seen her stupid face. It was always at




I think im gonna pay a visit anyways to know more about her, then give her my warnings. If she refuses to heed to my warnings, then I’ll have no better option than to kill her,” I concluded to myself.






Clara’s POV


I came out of the shower and dried my hair and my body, then tied the headtowel on my head and wrapped the bathtowel on my body and walked out of the bathroom.


I walked over to the dressing table, sat down as I creamed my body, then untied the headtowel, applied hair creams on my hair and combed it then packed it to a ponytail.



I walked to the wardrobe and picked out a pink pant, pink bra, a flowery loose trouser and pink turtleneck sweater and the new hairawarmer that Drake picked at the mall.


I wore them all.


Well I wore the hairwarmer because I like it. (lol)


It fits the clothes I wore, and thirdly I washed Drake’s hairwarmer, and the rest including the mittens.


I slide my feet into my flops and walked out to the sitting-room, picked the remote and played Celine Dion tracks, then walked back to the bedroom and layed on the bed as I pulled the duvet and wrapped it on my body.


My body temperature was getting high again and I thought Drake said he was gonna come check up on me?


Oh why im I bothering about that.


I wrapped the duvet more to cover my whole body including my neck.


‘Did I tell Drake I was gonna take drugs? Well the Clara Adams lying on this bed do not like taking drugs at all. I hate’em. Yeah im a nurse and so on but I hate drugs.


Ouch headache.


I sighed and closed my eyes. I eventually slept off.






The doorbell ring woke me up. I felt I was in an oven but shivering with so much cold. My lips were also shivering.


The bed and pillow was so hot due to my body temperature. I was shivering like someone who got drained all day in rain. Tired and weak. Tears streamed down my eyes.


Now this is the real illness. Last night was better.



I know I need drugs, but im just scared of taking drugs, I don’t even have a single drug in the house. I lied to Drake and now he’s gonna find out cos im sure he’s the one at the door.


The doorbell rang again. I pulled off the duvet and struggled my shivering body of the bed.


I slide my feet into my slippers and with wobbling legs, I slowly walked out, to the living room.


The tracks were still playing, now playing, ‘That’s The Way It Is’



..when you want it the most there’s no easy way out.. When you’re ready to go and your heart’s left in doubt. Don’t give up on your faith


Love comes to those who believes it…



I opened the door and just like I had thought, it was Drake. He wore a white polo shirt and a black short. It seems he love wearing shorts when he’s home.


He was smiling but his smile faded immediately he noticed my shivering body. He rushed in and closed the door. He took my hands, looking so scared and worried.



“Jesus christ! Clara, what happened. Didn’t you take the drugs? your body is sooo hot.”


I couldn’t even talk, I withdrew my hands and hugged myself tightly as I headed to my bedroom. He followed me.



“Clara, you didn’t take the drugs, now the sickness has raised more, where did you keep it?” he said.


I layed back on my bed and covered my shivering self with the duvet . He walked to my wardrobe, opened it and began searching for what I don’t know. He wss doing it with so much hurry. Im sure he saw my underwears.



I sighed. “I can’t find the thick sweater and the mittens. Where did you keep them?” he asked.


I sighed. “I. washed. them,” I managed to staccato with my shivering lips.


He finally picked out one of my sweater and hurried to me.

“Where this,” he said and helped me sit up. He wanted to wear it on me himself but


I took it and wore.


He touched my forehead and the sensational feelings I couldn’t quite understand flowed through me just like it did the time he touched my forehead then in his bedroom.


He sighed.

“Did you take the drugs?” he asked.


I sighed and shook my head.


“He stood up, where are they?” he asked, going to the bedside table.


I sighed, “I have no drug,” I said and layed back down, wrapping the duvet on my body.


“oh God Clara! you shouldn’t joke with your health. I thought you are a nurse.” “I don’t like drugs,” I muttered in a babylike way.



He brought out his phone and made a call.


I watched him talk with a doctor, telling him to deliver drugs to him in ten minutes.


I sighed.


He ended the call and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked so bothered about this.


His eyes even appear red and moist.


“You don’t like drugs. No body like drugs they are so bitter but we take them to


keep us healthy and strong. You are a nurse, nurse shouldn’t be svared of taking drugs,” he said.


I sighed.


“Im so sorry okay, you’ll be fine,” he said.



I closed my eyes, my eyes hot and wet. I soon slept off again.






I woke up by the gentle tap and calling of my name.

“Clara calra wake up so you can eat and take the drugs.”



It was Drake.


He held a tray of food, water, a transparent plastic plate of sliced fruits, and packets of drugs.


I sighed and sat up. The shivering has reduced.


He smiled.“Once you eat and take the drugs, you’ll be fine,” he said.


I chuckled weakly, “I know that im a nurse,” I said.


He smiled, “Yeah I know. uhmm I’ll feed you,” he said.


I raised my brows and shook my head. “No I can feed myself,” I said.


He shook his head, “Nop I will, don’t stress yourself, relaxxx,” he said and opened the plate cover to reveal sweet looking noodles.


The sweet aroma filled my nostril but I have no appetite.


He picked the fork and picked out rolls of the noodles and stretched it to my mouth.

“Open your mouth Clara,” he said.


I sighed, “Drake I ca-” he cut me short.

“Please before it gets cold,” he said.


I inhaled and opened my mouth, he gently pushed the fork into my mouth. The noodle taste really delicious.


He took the next one and pushed it into my mouth. I ate.


He fed me six more spoons then I couldn’t eat anymore. I got filled up.

“Im filled,” I said.


“You haven’t even eaten much,” he said.


“Im serious,” I said.


He nodded with a smile then stretched the glasd of water to me. I took it and drank a little.


He began to opene the drugs.


“Wait, I’ll have to check the drugs,” I said.


He smiled, “Yes my miss nurse goody two heels,”




I threw the fork on him and he caught it with a wide smile.


When last did he call me that annoying thing!


“Im sorry,” he apologised and I took the drugs.


I checked the drugs and confirmed that no one is fake or expired.


I began sticking them out.


“You should have let me do that for you,” he said.



The drugs smell made me wanna puke!


I sighed and drank them. One drug after the other.


Some where more bitter than the others.


I thought I was gonna vomit but I didn’t.


Drake smiled and handed me the plate of fruits. “Eat so the bitterness can go away,” he said.


I smiled.

“I’ll go drop these,” he said and carried the stuffs away.



I picked the fork and first picked apple, then papaya, pineapple, watermelom and


lastly grape.


I began again



How did he get all these? Im sure I don’t have watermelon, papaya and grapee in my fridge.


I guess he got them from his.


Drake you are just too nice.


Why are you so caring to me?


I was still eating the fruits when he came back and sat back at his usual spot at the edge of my bed.


“You’ll be fine in no time,” he said.


I smiled at him, “Drake can I say thank you?” I asked.


He shook his head, “No.”


I smiled and stretched the plate of fruits to him. Few fruits were still left.

“Eat them, im okay,” I said.


“It’s just six left, two pineapples, two grappes and two papaya, finish it ok,” he




I smiled and did.


He took the plate and fork.


“Lay back and sleep again, you’ll be fine by the time you wake up,” he said.



smiled. ‘Doctor Drake’


“Im not sleepy,” I said.


“Oh okay. uhmn I’ll be back,” he said.


“Let’s watch a movie,” I said.


He smiled, “Alright I’ll help you up,” he said and stretched out his right hand while he held the plate with the other hand.


I chuckled and gave him my hand. He pulled me up.


I slide my feet into my slippers and we walked out.


‘Well im feeling better already. Thanks a million Drake.’


I followed him to the kitchen, where he washed the dishes. I tried to just do something but he didn’t let me.


I sat down on the counter and watched him mop the floor and tidied up everywhere.


“Thanks Drake,” I let it out cos I couldn’t hold it back any longer.


He frowned.


He came and I thought he was going to tap me on my head but he pulled the hairwarmer to cover my ears very well. I chuckled as he did too.




“Stop saying thanks to me Clara,” he said.


I smiled and got down from the counter.

“Are you feeling better now?” he asked.


“Yes I am, tha-” I paused and chuckled.


He chuckled too.


We walked out and settled on the same couch(three-sitter couch)


“There’s this movie I found in Danelle’s bag,” I said and picked out the film.


“Baby Driver,” I said and inserted it into the dvd, came back and sat with him.



We watched the movie silently and twenty minutes into the movie, I felt Drake’s head fall on my shoulder.




I turned to see him sleeping.


I smiled and let him sleep on my shoulder. His thick hair brushing my cheek.


I know he didn’t sleep last night. I saw gis baggy eyes in the morning. He stayed awake watching me sleep.



Drake I have no idea you could be this caring. Im just curious if there’s something else behind this much care from you or just this friendship and helping me get over my heartbreak. Is there something else?


You are just super niece.


My illness have even gone. You knew the best drugs. They worked so perfect.


It’s okay, you can sleep on my shoul-


I gssped as he wrapped his left hand on me in a hug. He hugged me in his sleep.


His arm was resting on my breast.


My heartbeat raised. That same sensation came.


I removed his hand and dropped his head on the couch backrest. I layed a throw pillow at the end of the couch and stood up.


I gently layed his head on the pillow then carried his legs to the couch.


He was now lying tommy flat on the couch.


I sat on the next couch and stared at him.


‘Why did he hug me in his sleep?


And my heartbeat raised, why?


But confusing enough, what’s the meaning of that feeling that I have had thrice















The BadBoy Diary


(Helping Her Get Over Him )



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