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It’s OK To Cry – Season 1 Episode 4

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Episode 4.




Alfred decided to see Anastasia but found out the room was empty, “Sorry, please the woman here has she gone? Alfred stopped a nurse. “Yes, she left about a hour ago, the nurse replied.



“Thank you, Alfred said to her and left to see his wife.




“Has she gone already? Julia asked.


“Yea, she couldn’t even say bye, Alfred replied.

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“Maybe she didn’t get the chance to, I feel for her, Anastasia said.


“Yea, so are you accepting her proposal to be the nanny when you leave here? Alfred asked.




“Honey she is an experienced mother, I think she’ll be good. Remember I was thinking of getting one, choosing her won’t be a bad idea right? Anastasia asked.


“What ever decision you want to take, its fine by me after all you said you once know her, Alfred replied.




“Yea and I feel happy I can help, am just waiting for her call now, Julia said.

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“That reminds me, your mom will soon be here, Alfred said.




“Yea she called me before getting on the plane, but i know for sure she won’t stay long, maybe few days and she will be gone, Julia replied and Palesa began to cry.


“Look at her, I don’t think she can see us clearly yet, Alfred said carrying her.




“Yea not yet and i hope she doesn’t need breast milk? I think she sucks a lot, Julia said and Alfred laughed.


“Don’t tell me you’re already having pity on the breasts, common let it do it Job, Alfred said giving Palesa to her.




“Ouch its gonna fall, Julia said.


“Stop wasting time honey have pity on her little lips, Alfred said holding Palesa hands and Julia






There in the room Anastasia watched Mpho silently as he took out some files from the cupboard,


“Dear can we talk? Anastasia asked.


“Let it be sensible if not just shut up, Mpho replied not looking at her.




“Dear I know you must be so disappointed but please this is none of our fault, God gives the children right? Who are we to make a choice of the sexes we want? Anastasia asked.


“Oh just shut up! I know you knew all this while you were carrying a girl child but you lied to me, do you know what you’ve done? You gave me high hopes, you made me smuggle part of the company money to get expensive things to please you. Take a look at the hospital you gave birth, do you know how costly it is and did you care to ask where I got the money from? I risked so many things for your lies Anastasia, just so you know, we are deep in debts because of your lies! Mpho shouted.




“Because it turns out to be a girl huh? If it were a boy would you still say this things? Anastasia asked.


“I was thinking of a way to pay this debt, so I went on a bet with full confidence that you will give birth to a boy. The pay would have been huge but what did you bring home? A fu.cken girl, you ruined my plans! Mpho shouted hitting hard the table and Hope woke up crying.




“Please dear am sorry, I didn’t know is gonna be a girl. At least 4 girls already I was confidant the next will be a boy, please am sorry, Anastasia said and attempted to touch him.


“Don’t even dare! Mpho said and bashed out of the room.



“You just shut up! Anastasia angrily shouted on Hope as she increased with the cry and Mpho sister ran in hearing the shout.




“What’s wrong sis? Is it the baby you are shouting on that way? She asked carrying her but Anastasia was quiet searching through her bag.


She took the card Julia gave to her and left the room making sure the cry of Hope won’t be heard so she can call Julia.




“Hello Julia speaking, she picked up.


“Julia its Me, sorry I couldn’t say goodbye before leaving, Anastasia said.




“Oh no you don’t need to explain, I understand. How are you? She asked.


“Not good at all, its really messy here, Anastasia replied.




“I know I understand. I spoke with my husband about it, he didn’t see anything wrong with it, but then I hope it won’t affect your daughter right? Julia asked.


“No it won’t, I can leave her at home while I go to work, she’s a quiet baby, Anastasia replied.




“She’s still too tender to be left at home, you can bring her to work okay, Julia said.


“So you mean I’ve gotten the job right? Anastasia asked.




“Yea, and that will be when am out from the hospital, Julia replied.


“Thank you so much, God richly bless you, Anastasia said.




“Amen, please take care of yourself okay and don’t worry too much, Julia said.


“Yea I won’t, you just gave me life now and I appreciate, she replied.




“Am glad I did, I guess this is your number right? Julia asked.


“Yea it is, she replied.


“OK I’ll text my house address for you and when am about coming down I’ll sure let you know, Julia said.


“I’ll be waiting, and please take good care of Palesa, she replied.




“Sure I will, though she sucks a lot, Julia said and Anastasia laughed.


“My babies always sucks a lot….. I mean new born babies do sucks a lot and my babies are not


exempted, Anastasia said scratching her head.




“So I see, but am sure I’ll get use to it, take Care okay I’ll call you, Julia said.


“Thank you so much bye, Anastasia said and the line went dead.




“Gosh that was close, Anastasia said to herself and smiled knowing that she won’t be far from her child.




Mpho sister approached her with the baby, “sis I think she is hungry, she said and Anastasia scoffed.


“Is that what the baby told you? I properly fed her okay just keep her she’ll sleep off, She replied and the girl was shocked.




“But she is……… “Look i am going out okay, I need to fend for myself and its all her fault. Why didn’t she


come out a boy? That would have helped so let her cry for all i care! Anastasia blurred out and went in while Mpho sister stood weak looking at her.




Minutes later she came out holding a small bag, “I believe there is food for my daughters? I’ll be back soon, Anastasia said and left.




“Aunty what will happen to baby Now? Grace, Anastasia first daughter asked.


“I really don’t know what to do, ermmm search the kitchen and check if there are oranges left, Ditebogo said and Grace hurried off.




Grace returned with an orange and she quickly squeezed out the juice and gave it to the baby while they sadly looked at her and Hope slept off.





Minutes later Mpho returned and his sister quickly reported to him,


“Wow so sad, Mpho said looking at the sleeping Hope.




“Please brother talk to her, punishing the baby won’t help matters at all, Ditebogo said.


“Like i care huh? If she is already tired of her then let her throw her away, rubbish! I need food! Mpho shouted and went in while Ditebogo stood shocked.










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