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It’s OK To Cry – Season 1 Episode 1

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Episode 1.




Story by Miriam Edem (Miriam Eyen Efik)




Door opens and Mpho walks in with a shopping bag. His 4 daughters ran and hugged him which he happily received them and went to his heavily pregnant wife kissing her.




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“Welcome darling, Anastasia said.


“Thanks darling, I got some stuffs for our baby, he replied showing the bag.




“Baby is already jumping in excitement, Anastasia said and they laughed.


“Honey I Can’t wait for 1 week, its like its getting too far. I want to hold my son already, Mpho said.




“Patience darling Patience. Honey I don’t like the hospital here, can we go else where? I heard there are power failures and so many things wrong in there. My friend that gave birth last week complained the light went off just when the baby head was already out, I got so scared because I don’t want anything to go wrong when I’ll be giving birth to my son, Anastasia complained.



“Uhmmm thats bad, but don’t worry you will surely give birth in a good and conducive place okay, Mpho said.

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“Thank you Darling, I got your food prepared already, hurry up and eat while i will check what you got for our baby, Anastasia replied.




“Awwwnn so sweet of you, thanks darling, I’ll be back okay, Mpho said giving her a peck and dropped


the bag with her………………..




The next day Anastasia decided to visit her friend but heard some funny sound in the house, she shook her head and went to the behind uncovering the window from outside and saw her friend sleeping with another man.




“Regina! Anastasia shouted on her outside and they both jumped down from the bed scared.


“Hurry go away, be fast! Regina shouted on the young man pushing him out while he struggled putting on his trousers to leave.




Minutes later Anastasia slowly entered looking at her friend and burst out laughing.


“What’s funny? Regina asked.




“I can’t believe this, seriously you opened your legs wide for a young boy like him to penetrate you while you were moaning loudly? Anastasia asked.


“What do you expect me to do? Its a month already and I haven’t seen my husband with my two eyes. Besides he can’t give me the pleasure like that boy is giving to me, am sure you will want to give it a try if not of your condition, Regina said and Anastasia eyes sparked with anger.




“Are you still shamelessly talking huh?.Do you realize your husband is my husband best friend and if this get to him……………. “And I know you won’t do this to your best friend. Girlfriend you should pity me, my


husband doesn’t steady at home and when he comes home he talks about business and leave again. Do you care how I am starving sexually? Imagine I am paying that guy, thats how frustrated I am, Regina said and Anastasia heaved.





“Common girlfriend, you are older than him, what if he spreads your linen outside what will you say? Anastasia asked.



“I don’t want to believe that, but please let this secret be between us I beg you, I am asking you do me this favour, Regina pleaded.




“Its alright, I am sure a time will also come i will ask for your favour too, but try work on your moaning, it kind of irritating, Anastasia said and Regina laughed.


“You just cut short a moment of fun for me, thanks anyway. How is your baby? I know you are counting days already to have him, Regina said.




“Yea and I am getting scared. What if its not a boy? Anastasia asked.


“But you said you did an ultra scan and it was a boy, Regina replied and Anastasia sighed.




“I lied okay to make my husband relax and show concern for the pregnancy. Look i have 4 daughters already, adding another girl will be a great disaster because he will never forgive me, Anastasia said.




“What are you going to do now? How is that your fault if you give him a girl? After all you are just giving back what he planted in you, so? Regina asked.


“Is not that easy okay, Girlfriend I need your help as a nurse there, in case it doesn’t come out a boy you can assist, Anastasia said and Regina scoffed.




“Are you giving birth where i work, at the capital? Regina asked.


“My husband will surely do whatever I ask him to do now, please girlfriend help me, you know how this things works, Anastasia said and Regina shook her head.




“I’ll just give you a glass of juice to calm you down okay, everything will be fine stop thinking about it,


Regina said going to bring her a glass of juice while Anastasia sat worried……………




Julia bashed into her husband office in anger, “honey what’s wrong? Alfred asked surprised.


“Can’t I just travel out of the country? What’s their business with my condition because I am perfectly fine, Julia said.




“Honey are you still insisting to Travel even with this? Common you can give birth here you’re almost due and its risky, Alfred said.


“Here? Hell no, Julia snapped.




“Sorry there is nothing you can do about it. The least I can do is make you give birth in Johannesburg and that’s it, Alfred said and she angrily looked at him.


“This was your plan all along, you refused to let me go knowing this will be an excuse to keep me here, Julia said.




“I want to be with you when you are about to give birth, don’t you understand? I want my first child to be delivered here, Don’t worry I’ll make it up to you, Alfred said petting her but she beat his hand off and left.


“Am sorry okay! He shouted with His hand up…………….




Regina managed to ease Anastasia off her stress and she went home.


“Is daddy not back yet? She asked her kids and they shook their heads.




She went to the kitchen and quickly prepared something,


“Welcome daddy, she heard her kids greeting.




“Welcome honey, Anastasia came out giving him a peck.


“I thought I told you to stop all this stress, give it to me, he said getting the knife from her.




“But I have to………. “Listen to me, you don’t have to do this anymore and you know better. I thought


about what you said yesterday about the hospital, you’ll be giving birth in one of the best hospital in Johannesburg, Mpho said and she smiled hugging him.




“Thank you, Anastasia said.


“Anything for my son, Mpho replied and her heart Began to beat fast……………….











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