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It’s OK To Cry – Season 1 Episode 2

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Episode 2.




5 days later, Anastasia and Mpho were already in the capital, while Mpho left his daughters in the care of his sister.


The next day she began having symptoms of the baby coming, getting to the hospital she was checked and asked to still stay.




Sitting at the maternity ward she saw Julia passed and quickly recognized her,


“Hey, am so sorry I’ve forgotten your name but you look so familiar, Anastasia stopped her.


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“Really? Oh oh oh my God, Anastasia is this really you? Julia asked recognizing her too.


“Then I was not mistaken, you will be………. “Julia, she cuts in.




“But that wasn’t your name, Anastasia said.


“That was then, Julia is my name now so please call me that. Wow I see you’re expecting a baby, Julia said.




“Yea, I was asked to still wait. Are you delivering? Anastasia asked.


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“Yea yea, I felt the baby coming so I rushed down, Julia replied.




“Yourself? Anastasia asked and laughed.


“Sorry its my first time and am getting nervous, Julia replied.




“Okay I understand, just go see the doctor and hear from him first, Anastasia said.


“You’ll still be here right? Julia asked.




“Yea sure, she replied.


“I’ll be back, Julia said and left………………..



The next morning Julia was in labour while Anastasia was seriously in pains in the afternoon, the doctor checked her and still found she has more centimeters to go.




“Just give me few minutes I’ll be back, The doctor said and hurried off and Regina went nearer to her.


“Hey three women has given birth to a boy but they all have someone with them, what are you going to do? Regina asked.




“Oh God! What about Julia? Anastasia asked.


“She hasn’t given birth yet and she’s getting weak. We are thinking of doing a caesarian operation on her, Regina replied and she was called outside.




“I’ll be back, Regina said and left.




Alfred couldn’t wait anymore, in the evening he quickly signed the necessary papers and Julia got prepared for the operation.




Mpho arrived that night after running around to get some money to still find his wife waiting,




“Why has she not given birth yet? He asked.


“Because the baby is not coming, she has been induced anyway, the nurse replied.




“You’re talking trash. Regina what’s going on? Mpho met her.


“Calm down okay, am taking care of her so don’t worry, Regina replied.




“Regina over here, a nurse shouted on her.


“That should be your wife, Regina said and they hurried off together.




Regina tried taking Mpho away from the room but he insisted to be with her, few minutes later Anastasia put to birth, Regina holding the baby saw it was girl and Mpho face of excitement quenched.


He left the room immediately and Regina smiled keeping the baby while she was cleaned up,


“Its a girl right? Anastasia asked.




“Dear she’s so beautiful, Regina replied but Anastasia was already in tears.


“Hey what’s that for? You can’t kill yourself and you know that, Regina said.




“What about Julia? Anastasia asked.


“I just left her now, she gave birth to a baby girl too but Julia is very weak, Regina replied and Anastasia asked her to bring her ears closer which she did.




“Please switch the babies, don’t ask why, I’ll explain everything later to you, Anastasia said and Regina was shocked.


“Common I can’t do that, its still a girl what for? Regina replied.




“Common do me this favor too, I know her and I will stick around her. This baby will never be loved and I don’t want that, I want a place she will be Cherished and Julia will give her every attention, Anastasia said and Regina scoffed.


“What will happen to their child? She asked.




“I will take care of her like mine, Anastasia said.


“Do you know how filthy rich those people are? That’s wickedness, Regina said and Anastasia eyes sparked with anger.




“Are you going to do it or not? Or should your husband know how wicked you are to him huh? Anastasia


asked but Regina only left with the baby………………………




The next morning Julia woke up to see her husband smiling at her,


“Where’s our baby? Julia asked.


“Its a baby girl, she’s so beautiful, Alfred said.





“Seriously? Just what I wanted. She’s so lovely, Julia said carrying her.


“I told your mom already, she’ll be coming down soon, Alfred said.




“Are we still staying in the capital or back to Venda? Julia asked.


“You know we can’t stay here, Alfred replied and she nodded.




“Do you have a name for her? Julia asked.


“Uhmmmm let me see, Palesa will be her name, Alfred replied.




“Why a South African name? Julia asked.


“Honey where is she from? Besides its a beautiful name meaning flower, Alfred replied.




“Fine fine fine. Have you heard from my friend? Julia asked.


“Yea I heard she gave birth to a girl too, he replied.




“Wow that’s nice, I wish i can see her, Julia said.


“No no no you’re not strong before the thread get loosed, but I’ll go see her on your behalf, Alfred said.




“Alright, am so happy for her, Julia happily said looking at her daughter……………..




“Thank you, Anastasia said to Regina who just nodded.


“I owe you no favour now, have a good day, Regina said.




“Hey are you angry? Anastasia asked.


“Why should i be? Am just relieved that i owe you nothing in return, its a 1:1 draw right? Regina asked.




“Its not what you’re thinking okay, am sorry if i sounded harsh but you should understand me, Anastasia said.


“Make sure you take care of her, after all you won’t give her the kind of life your daughter will experience with them, Regina said.




“I know and I’ll try my best, Anastasia replied and they saw Alfred by the door.


“Sorry can i come in? Alfred asked.




“Yea sure, Anastasia replied and Regina excused them.


“Your daughter is so beautiful, congrats, Alfred said carrying her.




“Thank you, Anastasia replied.


“Your friend wanted visiting, but you know she’s weak, Alfred said.




“No no I understand, tell her I appreciate and I’ll be the one to visit instead, Anastasia replied.


“Okay, where is your husband? He asked.




“I haven’t seen him, she replied.


“Why or he doesn’t know you’ve delivered? He asked.




“Maybe he wanted another gender, but rather i gave him 5 females, she replied and Alfred nodded.


“I understand, but don’t worry he will come around. I have to go now, Alfred said.




“Thanks for coming, Anastasia said and he left…….









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