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It’s OK To Cry – Season 1 Episode 6

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Episode 6.




1 week later Julia insisted to leave the hospital,


“Doctor is she good to go? Alfred asked the doctor.




“She is perfectly alright, we just have to check the wounds and get loose of the threads, he replied.


“What about the baby? Alfred asked.


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“She’s perfectly in a good state, the doctor replied.


“That means I can go right and can always come over for check up, What do you think? Julia asked.




“But you don’t stay in Johannesburg, will you try wait for the thread to be loose at least? The nature of your skin is making it take time but it’ll soon be over, The doctor said and she heaved.


“How long will that take? Julia asked.




“A few days time, he replied.


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“Alright doctor thank you, Alfred said and the doctor excused himself.




“Honey where are you rushing to? Alfred asked.


“Have you forgotten you have a business to attend to there? Julia asked back.




“But someone is taking care of it, let’s talk about you for now, Alfred replied.


“Its too boring here and I’m not used to this isolation you know, Julia said with a frown.




“But it’s for your good. Dear I’ll be leaving soon, I got a call last night, Fiona said and Julia nodded.


“Yea you’ve always been having calls, mom do you realize you are to be with me in a time like this? Whoever that is don’t they know what you travelled for? Julia asked and Alfred touched her hand.




“Calm down will you, He said.


“I don’t understand Julia, what do Yuh want me to do for you? You paid a nurse to bath and do the necessary things for Palesa right? What’s my use here? Fiona asked and Julia rolled her eyes.




‘Mom fine I’ve heard you, thanks for coming anyway I appreciate, Julia said.


“So when are you leaving ma? Alfred asked.




“Tomorrow, its very important, Fiona replied.


“Alright then, I’ll get your things prepared, Alfred said…………….




Poor Tsholofelo was just getting along well with Ditebogo.


Anastasia practically left Hope welfare to Dite, squeezing a little quantity of breast milk in a feeding bottle for her to be fed with for the whole day.




Mpho returned from work and met Dite changing her pampers, “Is this what you’ll be doing now? He asked.




“What am I doing? She asked back.


“I didn’t bring you here for this okay, I just wanted you to look after the girls for a little while, now we are back and you’re not showing signs of leaving, Mpho said and she looked at him.




“Brother make it clear, are you trying to say I’ve overstayed my welcome here? Or is a honest way of asking me to leave? Dite asked.


“What are you talking about? You’re my only sister why should I think of such a thing? I am only concerned about your studies, or don’t you want to further? Mpho asked.




“There are schools here, or can’t I study here? She asked.


“But you never wanted here, he said surprised.




“Well I changed my mind, she replied.


“What’s the secret? Because I can remember you were always scared coming here, you really didn’t like Anastasia but here you are comfortable with her, or has she changed? Mpho asked.




“Changed? Comfortable? No way! I am only here for this baby, I feel if I leave this house you two may just strangle her to death. Look at this, this is the only food your wicked wife squeezed out for her, and guess what, she is coming back in the evening. When am done feeding her with this nonsense, I Have to go look for oranges to prepare for her, now tell me should I leave? Dite asked.




“Why do you always ruin my good mood? You are lucky you are my sister, Mpho said going in.


“And I won’t stop telling you the fact, gosh what a people! Dite angrily said and raised Hope up who was just smiling at her and she smiled back.




“Baby it’s time to eat, don’t worry I’ll go get your favorite fruit after this, Dite jovially said feeding






Anastasia got a job working in a bar and a call came on her phone,


“Hello Julia, she picked up.


“Hi long time, though I didn’t forget about you, Julia said.




“I know you did not and I didn’t want to disturb too. How are you and my baby? Anastasia asked.


“We are all good thank you, and I hope your husband must have calmed down by now right? Julia asked.




“Calm down where? I am struggling to feed myself down here, Anastasia replied.


“Everything will be alright okay. The threads will be loosed 2 days time, so expect me there by next week unfailingly, Julia said.




“Really? Oh my God I’m so happy, Anastasia said.


“Yea, I’ll send you the address. I just hope you will resume immediately because i don’t know how to do this baby stuff, Julia said.




“Really? Then who is doing it there for you? Anastasia asked with a sad face.


“I paid an experience nurse to do that, Julia replied.




“Oh thats better, don’t worry I’ll start immediately. Anything for my baby, Anastasia said and Julia laughed.


“Okay then, I have to hang up now, bye, Julia said and the line went dead.




“So you are leaving my baby in the hands of a stupid nurse while I am nursing yours for you huh? You must be mad, Anastasia angrily said and went in to continue with her work.




She returned home in the evening and her kids welcomed her,


“Have you eaten? She asked.


“Yes, they replied.




“Good one there, I brought something from the shop for you, aunty Dite will scoop it for you okay. Give it to her, Anastasia said giving them a flask and they ran to Ditebogo room.




“Mommy said you should scoop this for us, Grace said and Dite nodded keeping Hope on the bed, got the flask from them and left thinking they were following behind.




She arrived at the kitchen and saw they didn’t follow her,


“Grace? She called out and heard voices in her room.




“God this children will wake this girl, she said and hurried to her room to see them dragging over who to carry Hope. Dite was alarmed as she saw Hope head swinging scared they may hit her on the floor,




“Stop it! Don’t you know she’s still very tender! Dite angrily shouted and slapped one of them which she burst out crying.




Anastasia hearing the cry left the room to see what was going on,


“Get out of my sight! All of you! Anastasia heard Dite shouting on her girls and she was so mad.




“I hope you were not shouting on my daughters Ditebogo? Anastasia asked holding the crying one.


“Mommy she slapped me, Favour, the last of her twins reported.




“She did what? Dite you slapped my daughter? What gave you the right to do that! Anastasia shouted.


“Will i slap her like that? She played roughly with the baby and i………. ‘And you slapped her for what! How dare you! Anastasia shouted shocking Dite.




“Wait, isn’t Hope your daughter too? Can’t you see the way she’s crying and are you not concerned if they had fall her on this hard ground? Ditebogo asked.


“I guess you’ve overstayed your welcome, you better start going back to wherever you came from else you’ll be sorry, Anastasia said and Mpho slowly walked in to see what is happening.




“Oh you’re here brother, your darling wife is asking me to leave because I defended the defenseless, can i get my transport fare back? Dite asked.


“But you didn’t do anything wrong, and the last i checked, this is my house. Forget about it, Mpho said and left the room while Anastasia angrily looked at him and followed him outside.




“You see nothing wrong with Dite slapping my daughter Huh? Anastasia asked stopping him.



“your daughters were involved woman! Why didn’t you see anything wrong when they played roughly with the tender one, or is she not yours? Besides Dite is not a stranger here, she has every right to discipline them if she wants to, after all she’s taking care of them. And again, never you shout on my sister, else you’ll regret it, Mpho said and walked away.




“She must leave this House and i can take care of my kids, but if she dare raise her hand on any of them again, she won’t like it, Anastasia shouted and angrily left for her room.




Ditebogo knows for sure Anastasia won’t attend to the baby for the day, she quickly filled up the gap


and slept with Hope in her room that night…………………








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