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Siren – Season 1 Episode 20

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#Chapter 20✓



Zeemah writes









Darrel move away or I’m just gonna kill you.


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He started moving to my car door.


I wind down the window and pushed him away with my strength.


He fell on the floor with a thud and i don’t know why i felt sorry for him.


I don’t know why i almost got out of the car to help him up.


I groaned and started driving away at a full speed.


This car needs a new spray and a change of plate number.


They would have taken my car pictures and that’s what will be their target now.


I sighed as i swerved my car in another direction. How did Darrel found out about my mission tonight? How?


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If only i was able to access his laptop,i would have found the source of the information.



Mia’ Boss said through the ear connection.


Boss,mission accomplished. Did you informed Darrel about my mission tonight?


I definitely did not. I don’t know who did but Robbie is looking into it now.


Okay boss.


It was late before we found out,we should have informed you beforehand but i know you’re always up to the task.


Of course boss.


I hope you’re not hurt?


Not at all boss,I’ll need a new ninja outfit and new sets of wigs.


Okay,Anne will bring it to you tomorrow night.


Okay boss, please come pick the car immediately,I’m almost home.


Anne and Joel are on their way already.



Okay,the car is gonna need new spray and a change of plate number.


Alright. Take care.


Bye’ I disconnected it as i drove into JUST estate.


I parked at the beginning of the estate, turned off the ignition and left the key there.


I stepped down from the car and closed the car door.


I carefully looked around before hurrying to the house.




I jumped into my room through my opened window and quickly drew the curtain close.


I switched on the light and sat on the bed to catch my breath.


Tonight was fun.


Damn fun.


I hope Darrel will be okay.


I’m sure i didn’t shot him,how did he sustained the injury on his forehead.


Serves him right though.


Im still wondering what sort of cops are those weaklings.


Are they really cops?


They knew i was gonna be having a mission in that building tonight and they didn’t order every occupants to evacuate the building before i got there? Darrel is way smarter than that,i wonder what went wrong..


But seriously Mia,you took down those guys!


Thanks to the years i spent training.


Thanks to boss too..he made me this strong.


Then,i always thought Boss was intentionally inflicting pain on me during training but now look. I beat up those guys and even left there unscathed.


Who would have believed that?


I’ve never fought so many people,this is my first time and yet i defeated them.



If only those cops weren’t weaklings,they should have fought me back intensely,even at that,I’ll still defeat them cause I’m Mia.


My thoughts flashed back to Darrel.


Definitely,he won’t be coming home tonight.


I pressed my lips together and slipped my feet out of my boots,my wig and mask came off next and i glanced at my ninja outfit.


It’s marred already.


If it had received more bullets,it might have penetrated into my body.


All they know best is to waste bullets, they’re all sleaze bags except Darrel though.


I would really appreciate if boss can get me the exact copy of this ninja outfit.


I love it so much.


It gives me some sort of strength and courage.


I stood up and shifted the curtain aside, i glanced out of the window and saw that my car has been taken away.


I sighed and relaxed back on the bed.




Minutes later,i was in the tub soaking my body in the cold soapy water.


I couldn’t deny the fact that I’m worried about Darrel.


I shouldn’t be right?


Maybe because he has been nice to me but if he knew the real me,no doubt he’ll be more than cruel to him.


I know i won’t be able to get any sleep tonight..



Next morning



I’m done with my morning chores and I’ve made breakfast but neither Nath nor i could eat.


Darrel isn’t home yet.


I sat on the couch in the living room, staring at the blank TV.


Nath left here minutes ago and i could bet he was damn worried about Darrel. He looked so sad that i almost felt guilty but no!


I can never feel guilty of my actions.


Anyone could go to hell,i don’t really care.


I shouldn’t starve myself because of someone I’m still gonna kill.


I stood up and turned to the direction of the kitchen.


I heard the door opened and turned back immediately.




Our eyes locked for a while,his eyes were red and sad.


He didn’t utter a word,he only looked on.


Has he found out about me?


I saw Nath appeared behind him.


“Agent Darrel is back Mia” He said.


“Y..yeah” I said.


“Gosh! You’re hurt” Nath said pointing to his forehead.


I shifted my gaze to his forehead and found it heavily draped with plaster.


His hair looks scattered and his eyes expressed deep pain.


He had a change of clothe already. This wasn’t the cloth he was putting on yesternight.


“Agent Darrel are you okay?” Nath asked worriedly.


Darrel’s response was silence…it’s obvious he’s pained.


He started walking towards the stairs slowly and it was then i noticed another plaster behind his neck.




What have you caused Mia!!


The pity i felt for him this time was intense.



“D..Darrel are you okay?” I asked but he ignored me too and started climbing the stairs to his room.


“What’s wrong with him? He doesn’t look fine” Nath said.


“Yeah” I said and sat back on the couch.


“Do you think it has to do with the assassin?” Nath asked and i glanced up at him.


“I don’t know” I shrugged.


“We’ve been expecting him all night and he just showed up to ignore us” He said.


“It’s obvious he’s not happy, something went wrong” I said.


“Yeah,dish out his breakfast,he might be starving” Nath said and i nodded.


“Should i dish yours too?” I asked.


“Umm…you can bring mine when agent Darrel has eaten” He said and i smiled.


“Me too” I said.


“Good,I’ll return to my post. Make sure you try to talk him into eating” Nath winked and walked out of the door.


I walked to the kitchen and started dishing out Darrel’s breakfast.


I wonder why I’m feeling bad.


He deserved what he got,how dare he try to capture me.


I placed his breakfast on the dining table and walked back to the kitchen.


I opened the fridge and brought out a bottle of water with glass cup.


I planned on baking cakes and cookies,the fridge looks empty to me.


I rinsed the glass cup in the sink before pouring some water into it.


I gulped it down my throat and sighed in satisfaction.


I picked my apron and wore it over my dress.


I wore my chef cap too and opened the shelf.


I started bringing out the necessary ingredients.



I rinsed my hands in the sink after I’ve placed the cupcakes batter and cookies in the oven.


It’s starting to bake.


I wiped my hands off the napkin before walking out of the kitchen.




Darrel’s breakfast was still on the dining table,untouched.


I sighed and picked it up…it has gone cold already.


I will microwave it and take it to him.






I knocked gently on the door of his room with a tray of breakfast in my hands.


I knocked again..


“The door is opened” He said,his voice didn’t sound as sweet as usual.


Darrel is down! Just because he couldn’t capture me and here i am feeling sorry for him.


This isn’t the first time I’ll be coming into his room but this is the first time I’ll be properly coming into his room.


Back then,i do come in through the window or ceiling.


He was sitting on his bed, looking clean and refreshed,his hair has been combed and styled in a way that it would not touch the plaster on his forehead. His face was buried in a novel and I was surprised to realize he read novels.


I hate novels.


They are all fictions that always make one believe in happy endings.


I hate love novels the most.


I spoke up when i realized how awkward the silence was.


“Darrel are you okay?”


“Yeah” He responded and glanced up at me.




This guy is crazily cute.


The huge plaster didn’t affect his cuteness in any way,it added to it instead.


“Are you sure.?” I asked.


“Yes Mia” He said.


“Nothing is wrong? and yet you have a huge plaster on your forehead and neck” I said.


“Well…I don’t want to talk about it ” He said.




I know already.


“We were so worried about you and seeing you like this,this morning gave us a shocker”


“I’m sorry i made you guys worried” He said.


“It’s fine…your breakfast is here” I said and walked to him.


I placed it on his bedside stool…


“I don’t want to eat anything for now” He said, dropping the novel in his hand.


“You have to eat” I said.


“I don’t feel like” He said.


“Then we won’t also have our breakfast” I said.


“You guys haven’t had your breakfast?” He asked.


“Yeah,we were waiting for you to do so first” I said and he sighed.


“Wow! Thanks” He said and placed the tray beside him on the bed.


He opened the dish and started eating.


“Will you go have your breakfast now?” He asked.


“Of course” I smiled,still standing.


“,the cookies and cakes!” I exclaimed with my eyes wide opened before running out of his room.


I heard him laughing hard behind me and i couldn’t help but smile too.



“It was devastating. I still can not get over the face that a lady defeated more than ten guys” Darrel said, running his hand through his hair.


Nath and i were seated at the living room with him, He finally decided to tell us what happened.


“Really?” Nath asked.


“Yeah” He said.


“Are you sure she’s a human being?” Nath asked.


“Who knows! She fights like a maniac,i wonder where she got her skills from” Darrel said.


‘from my boss’ I smiled inwardly.


“That’s sad but how did you found out she was having a mission?” I asked.


“I received a mail from her” He said.


A mail?


I didn’t send any mail!!


“Why don’t you track the mail?” Nath asked.


“Its always blocked, there’s no way i can track it” Darrel said.


“You knew she was having a mission and you didn’t inform the occupants to evacuate the building” I said.


“We did! We actually did, we didn’t know the exact apartment she’s gonna assassinate so we ordered every occupants to leave the building before night falls but Mr Rousey is one hell of a stubborn person,he dismissed our order and met his death”




They actually did.


Thanks for being stubborn Mr Rousey.


“I’m so sad, we lost over ten cops yesternight,few are in the hospital,hurt. I shouldn’t have asked for a backup in the first place” He said.



“You can’t capture that assassin on your own, you’ll always need a backup. She’s the one that hurt you right?” Nath asked.


“Nah! I fell while trying to get to her, and i sustained the wound on my neck when she pushed me” He said and i breathed out..


“She might be a psychopath” Nath said and i secretly sent him a glare.


“I’m glad you’re okay now so after this,do you still want to proceed with your plan to capture her?” I asked.


“Of course,once i bite i don’t let go” He said determinedly.




So stubborn!


Nath sighed… “That’s a good spirit but I’m afraid,your life is at stake” “Of course” I said.


“I know but that’s the nature of my job,i have to risk my life to save others. I’m only afraid of my dad getting to see the news. He’s gonna get mad”


“Your father doesn’t approve of your job?” I asked.


“Yeah,I’m the only one he have left. He doesn’t want to loose me” Darrel said and i felt a stab of pain in my heart.


He’s the only one his father have left and I’m going to kill him?


I swallowed hard.


“Why don’t we let go of this,if we keep talking about it. It’s gonna wear you out


Darrel” I said.


“Yeah” He said.


“So, who wants some cookies and cakes?” I asked.


“I” They chorused.





“Goodnight Darrel” I said.


I just finished washing the dishes we used in having dinner.


“’re going to bed already” He said.


“Yeah” I said.


“Okay,have a nice night” He said.


“You too” I said and started walking to my room.


I walked in and closed the door.


I switched on the light and was startled to find Anne on the bed, grinning.


She had a paper bag beside her.


“Anne!” I gasped and quickly bolted the door.






The beautiful killer


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