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Akwaugo – Episode 60

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I went to see Scholastica. She was happy to see me. She even prepared food for me. I hadn’t eaten anything all day but I didn’t feel it. The scenario I witnessed was enough to scare me. Was this real? Did the sore actual go back to the sender? I was still confused. I didn’t know what to believe. But I knew I needed answers.


When I told Scholastica what we experienced in auntie Nneoma’s village, she wasn’t surprised.


“I told you it will surely happen. This one you are saying wasn’t the main message she gave you. Have you listened to the message again since that time?”


“I haven’t to be honest”



“Auntie, you no try. Why are you not yet married? She told you what to look out for, so why are you still single?”


“I haven’t seen the man. I will like to see her again. I want to thank her for all she did for me”

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“She won’t see you. Even if you go there, she won’t remember you or what she told you unless she is laid to give another message. Listen to the message again before you talk”


I listened to the message on her phone. I heard everything she said that and I relieved the moment. Truly, she talked more about my settling down than the ulcer on my leg. When it ended, I sat Scholastica down and for the first time, I was honest with someone. I told her how I met Samuel and how free I was with him from day one. He had shown me so much respect. I outlined all the issues I had with him. She listened to me keenly as I poured out my heart. One of my genuine fears was him getting attracted to a younger girl and abandoning me. I just couldn’t trust men after my experience with Dubie. I told her our plans of migrating to Canada and also shared with her, I had gotten a visa to the UK.


“Is this all? Ok, I will send it to the prophetess, she will pray over it and send a message back”


“You recorded all I said?”


“Yes. I record conversations so I don’t miss anything out”


“Has she replied?”


“Not now. Eat, take a bath and rest. You need to rest; you look so tired. You can stay over or I take you to your brother’s place”


“I don’t want him to know I am in town. I will stay with you”

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I stayed the night with her. I joined her in her prayers. Her mode of prayer was different from mine. I watched in amazement the way she was ‘cabashing’ (that’s what she called it). I wished I could pray like that.



Don’t be fooled, I prayed every morning afternoon and evening. I said the Angelus. But this style of prayer was new to me and somehow attractive. I joined her although I prayed quietly. I prayed for God’s forgiveness on all of us that have sinned against him. I asked him to direct my footsteps aright. I didn’t know where I was going and I didn’t know what I was doing. I was like a lost sheep. I cried while I prayed and asked God for direction.


We slept that night. Scholastica offered me the bed to sleep on the floor but I declined and asked that we shared the bed. I didn’t sleep much that night. I listened to the recording several times through the night on my earpiece. How could I have missed this? I wanted direction. “Just tell me what to do Lord,” I said in silent prayer.


The next morning, I took a bath and got ready to leave. I was energized. Scholastica packed breakfast for me as she knew I wouldn’t eat very early. I didn’t ask her any more questions. I felt I knew the answer. I got a taxi going to Calabar so I boarded it. We left the park before Scholastica went to work. I dozed off in the car as I was tired.


The person sitting beside me tapped awake. My phone was ringing persistently, I picked it up, it was Scholastica. “She responded,” she said excitedly. “She said you shouldn’t bother seeing her. You should follow your heart. Where it leads is the right place. She said so many things, you know how she talks. I have sent you the voice note she sent. Please listen to it carefully”


I connected my earpiece and listened to the message. I heard her say,


“She knows where her heart belongs. Why is she running away? There are still battles ahead but the Bible says, “Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him from them all”. Every obstacle in her way will be levelled to a plain. She should wed before going to Canada. She is going to Canada with her husband and one case, just one case in Canada will expose her to greatness. Her husband will be her support, not her stumbling block. He will listen to all she says and will do as she says. Why? Because he knows she has wisdom. Don’t look left or right, do the needful and do it fast. She has wasted time so far. Tell her to pray against the spirit of death”



I listened to the voice note severally like I did the night before. I said a prayer as we entered into Calabar. I prayed, “Lord if these words are a revelation from you, give me a sign for I can follow it completely. Let Samuel come to me today and ask me to be his. If it is not, let him avoid me like a plague”


We got to the park and I took a taxi to my house. I went in and sitting in the parlour was no other person than Samuel.


“I thought something happened to you. I called severally but you didn’t pick up”. I brought out my phone and checked, there was no missed call from him. I showed him and he shook his head in disbelieve. “It is not possible. The first time a man picked it, he spoke in Hausa. That was when I panicked and called severally. I’ve spoken with Amanze and even Ikenna. I didn’t want to alarm them, I just asked after them to know if something happened. I have been restless and I decided to wait for you here, I was told you were on night duty”


“Why do you care so much about me? Why did you have to come here to wait for me?”


“Why wouldn’t I? You know you mean so much to me. I was worried sick; you have never behaved like this before”


“I am confused Etete. I don’t know what the future holds?”


“What happened? We can’t talk here, let’s go inside”


We went into the room. I called one f my colleagues to cover for me because I needed some time to think. I had asked for a sign and it happened immediately. Was God telling me something? Was Samuel truly my husband? What was still holding me back? I realized we had never talked about having a relationship. I felt we could start from there as I would be travelling in a few months.


“What do you want from me? Let us discuss this like matured people”



“I love you and I have told you. I don’t have the means right now to give you the best but I am ready to work my body to the bones to ensure you will always be happy?


“What about? What do you want in return?”


“I want your love. I want you to reciprocate my love. I know you are not head over heels in love with me like I am but I believe with time you will get there”


“Would your mother accept me?”


“She loves you already. She wants you to be my wife”


“She has never mentioned it”


“I told her not to, I knew it would scare you away”


“Let’s start from a relationship and see where it heads”


“But you are travelling soon”


“If it would work, distance won’t be a problem. I have my fears”


“Girls? I get. It’s you I want and I will wait until you are mine”


“I am taking the bull by the horn. I have been hurt in the past. Your mother needs to know about my past to make a decision. I don’t want to deceive her into accepting me”


“She is aware”


“How?” I asked quite surprised.


“The day you rejected my proposal, I came back heartbroken and I cried on her laps. I haven’t done that in a very long time. She allowed me to cry and when I felt better, she asked me if it was because of you. I said yes. She assured me you would



change your mind. I told her all that was stopping you and she called them irrelevant things. She knew you will reconsider one day and you have”


“I love her. She is such a good mother”


“I have to agree. Now we are in a relationship, can I touch you? Can I kiss you?”


“But no sex or anything that can lead to sex”


He stood up and sat beside me on the bed and hugged me. He hugged me so tightly and said to, “I love you Ediye. You have been a light on my path. Please never let me go” I hugged him right back with tears in my eyes.


We stayed together until very late. We laid on the bed while he held me and we talked. We began to make plans. I knew I had work to do on him. He had no style or dress sense. He made money but preferred to plunge back the profits. He set up this business so that when he leaves, his auntie and mother can continue to run it. Every kobo he made went to the processing of the visa. He was focused. I couldn’t introduce him as my boyfriend with the way he looked. I had to make some investment in his looks. Even his haircut was ancient. I had to do them gradually so he wouldn’t feel bad.


I was to leave in two months and I wanted it to be the best two months for us. He agreed. I saw him off to go home that night. It wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. I knew there were also going to be oppositions to our union but I decided to tackle them as they surfaced.


His mother was excited when she heard the news. She called me to pray for me for making her happy. She said, “God has done what I asked him to do”. I was glad that went very well.


We began to make plans together. He laid out his finances and all he owned for me to see. I was felt he was being too open with me but I understood; he was trying to be transparent with me. I laid out my finances to him too and explained I had a property in Abakaliki which was my settlement at the dissolution of the marriage. It never came up again; he never talked about it.



He was proud of me and wanted the world to know we were together but even though I had said yes, I still had my reservations. I bought some clothes and shoes for him which were his size because he was used to wearing oversized clothes. I gave them to him and he was happy. He didn’t take offence. Then, I went with him for a haircut and removal of his moustache. He looked way younger than he did before and handsome. I admired his new look.


The next day, he sent me a picture; he had on his new shirt, trousers and shoes. He said everyone admired his new look and he had me to thank. He never felt awkward about it and didn’t make me feel I was trying to control him. I was happy.


While finding love and preparing to travel, I was called late at night. It was Ikenna. He said mother came to knock for him to inform him our father was not responsive. She tried to wake him up with the way he slept but he didn’t answer. I told him to take him to the Teaching hospital in Abakaliki immediately. I couldn’t leave but that time but I assured him I will be there in the morning. I followed up with phone calls. They managed to get him into the car and drove to Abakaliki. I called a doctor I was friends with during Chiamaka’s time and told him the situation. He made some calls and assured me they would be attended to.


When they got to the hospital, there was a faint pulse. They tried to resuscitate him but he was already slipping away. I couldn’t cry, I prayed instead. I begged God to allow my father to witness me walk down the aisle before he goes because medically, the signs were not good.


My brothers called me at 2:30 am to inform me my father was gone. Just like that, he was gone. I was cold suddenly. I was afraid. I was sad. I was confused. I didn’t want to be alone. It was late but I had sent a message to Samuel. I needed company at that moment. I came out of my room but I couldn’t knock on anyone’s door. I went back into the room, held my legs together and I let the tears flow. My phone rang suddenly that it startled. I picked it up and it was Samuel.


“I am at your flat door,” he said. I rushed to open the door and fell into his arms. It was then I released the cry that was hanging in my throat. “It’s ok. Let’s go inside. Everything is going to be alright” He helped me to bed. He made a warm beverage


for me and held me while I cried my eyes out. Finally, I was able to fall asleep.


Samuel held me while I slept.


Samuel woke me up early the next morning to prepare for the trip. He was ready; he came prepared. I took a bath and got ready. I packed a few things for the trip. We had to go over to his place for him to get a few changes of clothes. His mother came out to hold me and cry with me. She asked me to take heart and prayed with me. We left for Umuoji.








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