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A Man's World/ A Woman's World – Episode 48

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Chapter Forty Eight
Theme: let’s make history
Date: 29, September, 2031.
Time: 4:00am.
Location: Jason hideout.
Cara’s Pov:
“Hey.” Jason says standing at the door of my room.
“Hey.” I replied back, putting some stuff in my bag.
“I’m sorry.” He says coming in. I sighed and turn towards him, my hands folded below my mid-section.
“Common don’t frown at me, I said I’m sorry.” Jason says walking towards me.
“I’m not angry at you.” I said.
“Then if you’re not angry at me, why are you frowning, common smile for me.” Jason says cheekily and tickles me, making me laugh out.
“Jason stop, stop. You’re going to kill me with laughter.” I said exasperated my laughter increasing.
“Now there it is. I’m truly sorry for Cara, I just kind of felt a little jealous seeing you with him, Cara I’m afraid I’ll lose you to him. Cara I love you.” He says staring deeply into my eyes and my breath hitched, I’m not ready for this, not another love confession.
“Hey, hey, I’m not asking you to reply back, I just wanted you to know. I’ll leave you to your packing, see you at the helicopter.” Jason says and leaves the room. Though he said my silence was okay, I could tell he’s a little bit hurt.
(Sigh) I know I have feelings for Jason but am I ready to say the L word, well at least I’m not confuse, I know who I want and that’s Jason but I don’t think I’m ready to say that word yet. Ugh.
“Guys I just want you all to know that my real name is Kenneth. Jason says as we all got ready to jump down from the helicopter, my original plan at first was to take the van to France but seeing that Jason has a freaking helipcopter I changed my mind.
“I think I’ll stick with Jason, Kenneth makes you sound old.” I reply and Jason chuckles.
“Well this is it guys, all the plans we have been making it all comes down to this, let’s make history.” I shout cheerfully.
“Yayyy.” Cheryl voice comes through my earpiece.
“Well you guys should jump from that freaking helicopter and kick some butts.” Cheryl says and I laugh.
“Well we go down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1, Go .” I yelled and we all jump down together from the helicopter.
Once we all reached the ground and made sure nobody had broken bones we moved forward, except from Evan who sets up his work station and Ethan who stays behind to guard him.
The rest of us move forward. ” Okay guys the cabin is just a few miles away, you see the glittering red light on your watch that’s the cabin and the blue light is you all.” Evan says and I responded with an ‘okay’
“Wait one more thing stay away from the roads. Good luck guys.”
“Thanks Evan, well people let’s go.” I said and we all got moving.
“Evan, we are approaching the cabin now.”
“Okay, I’ve deactivated every camera in the cabinet so you are good to go.”
“Jason do you have clear visuals.” I ask tapping the earpiece.
Yeah.” Jason replies, Jason separated from us a while back, he’s our sniper so he had to go look for a good tree tall enough to give him a good view.
“Okay guys we will separate here, Henry, Mr George and Steve take the left side of the cabin, Tamara and I will take the right side. We meet back at the entrance of the cabin.” I instructs and they all nod before we all went our separates way.
“Okay Tam let’s do this.” I said and she smirks.
“Cara there’s a guard coming your way.” Jason informs and I thank him. I whisper in Tamara’s ear and she nods her head. We hide away from veiw then wait patiently for the guard to come into veiw, once he was close enough I threw the rope(Jason gadget) and it goes around his leg, making him fall to the ground. Tamara quickly stands up and walked over to him, then shoot a dart at him, the dart has been soaked in a strong sleeping medicine(courtesy of Miss Juliet).
Me and Tam takes out 10 more guys, okay I’ll admit that Jason helped us take out 4.
“Well.” I ask Henry once we meet at the front of the cabin.
“We are good to go.” Henry answers and I nod.
We all walked into the cabin, there are two guards located just outside the door to get to the underground conference room.
“Okay Tam I’ll take the guy at the left, you take the one on the left.” I said, I take out my gun and aims at the guard neck, the dart hit him on his neck and he slumps to the floor, going into a subconscious state. Mr George helps me to lift the guard up, since the door requires a finger print to open, I place the guard hands on the place provided for it and the door open, revealing an elevator.
“Okay, it’s obvious we have to take the lift but we have to be on alert we don’t know what we are going to meet once we get down there.” I said and got in the elevator and every other person followed.
Well there’s only two button here and one says ‘up’ while the other says ‘down’ so I guess down it is.” Tamara says and press the down button, the elevator accelerates really fast and it’s kind of making me feel a little bit dizzy, once the elevator stops, I took a minute to shake the dizziness off me.
“Erm guys.” Steve calls out and I raise my head up only to see five guards pointing a gun at us.
“Your hands up in the air, now.” The guard I suspect to be the leader says and we all did as told. Seriously.
A Man’s World/A Woman’s World

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