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The Lost Princess – Episode 10

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Chappie ten


Few months later



“Good morning ladies and gentlemen, I called for this meeting so that I can be updated on what has been going on in this country as the CEO of this company I hope you are all aware that am not always around,so some of you used it to your advantage to misbehave,well am not here for that this morning,that would be addressed some other time, this company Lawson and co company will soon be handled back to it’s owner, when and how I don’t know but I just want you all to be prepared and do your work diligently,well before you leave, I will like to speak with with the MD in my office”Max addresses the workers at Lawson and co company,one of the companies he heads.


“Nelson you dea craze o” Maxwell exclaimed “Na all the babe wey dea this company you wan f**k?”.


“Abegi free me jere, no be you be the real MVP” Nelson replied laughing.


“Real MVP kwa, when did I graduate from being play boy to MVP?” Max asked laughing.


“Ok if you no be real MVP, you be baba for the girls”.

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“Haa you this guy, you no go kill me, my guy how far now”.


“I dea o” Nelson replied.


“But Nelson I no like how you take dea head this company,watin I dea hear no good o and you be my padi o”.


“See Max am so sorry, I want to tell you that I want to leave this company but I don’t know how I will but when you said the owner is coming back I was so happy to be relieved of my duty”.


“Bro watin happen?”


“Abeg speak correct English jare”.


“Ok Mr Nelson what happened?”.



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“My guy all the babes wey dea this company wan kill me” Nelson replied looking serious.


Max burst out laughing “see who’s talking about correct English”.


“See let forget about that,they wan kill me, you know say me too be sharp guy but this babes no take am easy with me at all,them they come this office come seduce me,see they get no shame,mhen sometimes they come in two,did they want to kill me,No be that level l like To*o reach”.


Max couldn’t contain his laughter “am surprised you could runaway from such abi it’s not the same Nelson my one and only partner in crime”.


“Max forget about that jare I wan commot, that reminds me have you seen the babe you are looking for?” Nelson asked.


“No we haven’t seen her,” he replied.


“then why did you say the owner is coming” he asked.


“I don’t know either, I have said it before I could realise but it’s a good thing, I have a feeling that she’s close by” he said.


“That’s serious, i can’t believe we spent few time together” Nelson stated.


Yeah it’s so sad” he replied.


Max any news,hallar me Sharp sharp” he asked excitedly.


My guy the gist wey dea ground be say I dea go Anderson and Co and you dea go inside your office”Max said.


“Max did I ever tell you that you are stupid?” Nelson frowned.


Yeah you are just saying it now, I wan bounce jorr bye see you at the club” he informed.


“Max would you ever change?” Nelson laughed.


“Abeg free me” he replied.






“Well, well well look who came late today?” Ann teased.


“Do you realize you are talking to your boss?” Max asked with amusement lacing in his voice.


“Mr Maxwell you are just coming by 2pm it’s even pass lunch hour”.


“So?” He asked.Read some more interesting stories from or get Topster Stories app


“As you don’t seem to get what am saying, your punishment for today is that you will be the one to fix your schedule yourself tomorrow,no one is permitted to do it for you” she stated seriously.


“What?” Max asked shocked “are you being serious?” He asked again.


“Have never been so serious all my life” she replied.


“Why do I have a PA then?” He groaned.


“Like seriously,are you asking me, anyways have passed my punishment, this conversation is over” she replied before walking calculatively out of the office.


‘is this girl being serious’ he thought.






The following day Ann took her time in getting ready, infact she got to work very early before Max,she arranged everything in order but she’s keen on passing out her punishment on Max as a revenge on him for yelling at her the first day she resumed.



Luck soon smiled on her when Max came strolling in,she smiled at him and continue her work.


Max expected Ann to bring his early morning coffee but was surprised to see non coming so he picked his Telecom


“Hello” he said to the speaker, “Ms Annabelle Meet me in my office now”.


“Good morning sir” she greeted fixing him one of her brightest smile.


Max felt his heart twitched again but he stood up and faced the window.


“Ms Ann you didn’t bring me my coffee”.


“Oh my” she replied mockingly “sorry CEO I can’t go back on my punishment”.


“Punishment?” He asked.


“Yes I remember I gave you a punishment yesterday” she replied.


” Gosh Ann, I thought you were only joking”.


“Joking!” She smirked “do I look like am joking,no coffee for you mister”.


“Haa” Max exclaimed.


“Wait can’t you make your coffee yourself?” She asked wide eyed.


“I don’t know how” he replied.


“Gosh what type of person are you!” She exclaimed “I practically spent all my life in UK and I know how to prepare a cup of coffee but you….. I just don’t know what to say”.


“Hey don’t even insult me” he replied chuckling ” you guys drink coffee like water babe this is Nigeria, coffee is not what you just drink when we have other stuff to drink, I will now settle for coffee when there are lots of local dishes and drinks”.



“Local dishes?” She asked with keen interest.


“Why don’t you just sit down while we talk” he replied.


“Talking about the local dishes we have Ogbono soup with Eba,Egusi soup with pounded yam, wow we have a lot of dishes like that”he informed.


“Wow” she muttered.


“Here is the bargain, you cancel my so called punishment and I will take you to a restaurant to try out any local dish you want” he proposed.


“Seriously” she asked smiling


“Yes” he replied smiling back at her.


“Then am game” she said.


“Game?” He asked.


“Am in, I will get the coffee now” she informed standing up.


“Infact don’t worry,am not in for the coffee again, what are my schedules for today?” He asked.


“Well you don’t have anything much to do, just for you to check the proposal I made” she replied.




“Chikena what?”.


“I asked that is that all?”.


“Yes please excuse me”.



To be continued



Labby writes



Things are about to get interesting, grab your popcorn and drinks preferably coke let meet in the next episode




Lost princess

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