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Dangerous Love Affairs – Episode 35

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Daxton walked in fully and shut the door. He moved to the hanger and took my towel then proffered it to me.


“here.. I’m a gentleman enough”


I snatched the towel and wrapped it around my body “then you should’ve knocked”


“I did— A hundred times, but you seemed to be distracted”


I sighed and tied my hair up “what do you want?”

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“Vivian wants to spend the night in my room so I was thinking of staying with you for the night”


“Why? Just get another room”


“I don’t have money”


“Daxton you can’t stay with me”


Daxton sighed “then I’ll have to spend the night with Vi” he shrugged and started for the door


Spend the night with Vivian.


“Wait!” I prompted and he stopped “if I let you stay, then you’ll have to sleep on the couch”




“I’ll go bathe” I entered the bathroom and locked the door. Something I hadn’t done since I started staying in the hotel. I spent a lot of time bathing cause I didn’t want to join Daxton on the bathroom. It felt awkward staying with him for the night. When I finally walked out, he was lying on the couch with a duvet covered up to his chest and his eyes were closed but I was sure he wasn’t sleeping.


I put on my pajamas and got into bed. It wasn’t a wise idea wearing my night dress with Daxton in the room.


I dimmed the light and kept myself busy with my phone.


Daxton stirred on the couch but I didn’t look his way. I heard him get up and moved towards my bed then he turned on the light.


“Isn’t it a little too early to sleep?” Daxton asked


I sat up on the bed “What should we be doing then?”


“anything to keep us busy” Daxton replied and joined me on the bed


I moved away from him “Maybe you should join the others outside if you’re not sleepy yet” I said


“no.. I’ve got something else to do” he drew nearer “Something else?” I pulled the duvet over my head Daxton chuckled and pulled it down “let’s play a game” “I’m out”


Daxton sighed “then let’s tell stories”


“why don’t we mention parts of the body”


Daxton arched a brow “what do you mean?”


I dropped my phone and moved closer to him “I’ll point a part of my body and you mention the name”


“that’s childish”


I rolled my eyes “then there’s nothing else we can do apart from going to sleep”


“there is” Daxton drew nearer and my heart skipped a beat “we could go clubbing till dawn”


“I’m not interested.. Taking Vivian with you”


Daxton laughed “So you’re jealous”


“jealous?” I scoffed “why would I be jealous of her?”


“I don’t know” Daxton shrugged “maybe for a reason.. You are”


I scoffed “I don’t even care about you two.. You can spend the night with her if you want to”


“you don’t want me to and it would be best you stop lying to yourself”


“Daxton who do you think you are?”


Daxton smirked “your fiance” then he pulled me down on the bed and kissed me. A kiss filled with so much yearning that demanded my response. I gave in against my will and opened up to him as his tongue devoured mine. Daxton moved his hands to my cheeks and fondled them softly. He moved his lips to my ear and nibbled on it.


“tell me you don’t want me”


I shuddered under his arms and kept my eyes closed. Unable to speak.


“Chloe tell me you don’t get jealous when you see me with Vivian” he kissed my neck


I shivered “oh God! Daxton I do”


He chuckled and kissed me again. I couldn’t deny him, couldn’t turn him away. No matter how I tried thinking of Dexter and my feelings for him, Daxton was the only thing in my head as his hands smoothed my body.


I couldn’t ignore the heat that seared my body nor the warmth that moved through me, stealing my will.


Just as his hand slid under my shirt, he stopped and moved away from me.


I didn’t move, still didn’t open my eyes as I panted heavily.


Why did he stop?


I slowly opened my eyes and Daxton was just sitting beside me, panting heavily like I was.



I looked away. Embarrassed that just a few minutes ago, I had wanted him so badly that I had to confess that I was jealous of Vivian.


Daxton moved closer like he knew what I was thinking and hugged me.


“Don’t tell me you’re sorry” I said in a pleading voice I didn’t want to believe everything was just a mistake.


“It’s impossible to regret kissing you” he said and my cheeks went warm “if only you can give me a chance”


I swallowed hard “you’ve been trying to make me jealous haven’t you?”


“I’ve been trying to know if you love me”


“and what did you find out?”


“that you wouldn’t admit it”


I pulled away “Daxton I’m really confused now”


“I know and I’m going to give you time to settle things with Dexter and if there’s ever a chance for us…” he looked at me finger “then you’re never taking off that ring”


I folded my palm but said nothing.


Daxton got up “Good night” then he started for the door


“where are you going?”


Daxton paused “to my room”


“to spend the night with Vivian?”


Daxton chuckled but didn’t turn around “Vivian isn’t in my room”


“you lied to me?”



Daxton glanced at me “I just wanted to be sure of something”


I was dumbfounded. Daxton tricked me and I fell for it.


“Good night” and he was gone














“Where’s Daxton?” Chrisella asked me when I joined them on the beach


“why do you always ask me that?” I grabbed a carton of yogurt from the table and sat down


“Maybe cause you’re in a better position to answer” Jennifer replied from behind


“Hey girls!” I whirled to see Vivian waving at us. She was standing beside Daxton and he was going through her phone. Daxton looked up and saw me staring at them then he chuckled.


Wasn’t he done with making me jealous?


“I knew you were stealing Daxton again” Chrisella said


Vivian chuckled and wrapped her arm around his “He’s a perfect companion”


Daxton laughed at something he saw in her phone and Vivian tried snatching the phone from him but he moved away.


“Give it back” She yelled


“I’m not done” Daxton said and took to his heels


“Hey!” Vivian went after him





Jennifer looked at me “seriously Chloe.. You’ve got tolerance”


“how?” I asked


“watching Daxton stick to that blonde girl, I’d pull out her hairs if it were Rex”


I chuckled “Rex is your boyfriend but Daxton is not”


ChriseIla arched a brow “keep lying to yourself until she gets him”


I glanced at Daxton as he ran around with Vivian near the water. She caught him and tried taking the phone but they fell on the sand and started rolling over each other.


I looked away and the girls were staring at me with the are-you-serious look.


“let’s talk of something else” I said




Rex and Drake joined us and we sat under the umbrella until Daxton and Vivian returned.


“see you later” Vivian pecked him and brought her voice down to a whisper “your room key”


Daxton dipped his hand into his pant pocket and gave her his key then she walked out.


“Sup?” he chuckled and sat on the empty seat beside me


“Is this really all about Vivian’s breakup?” Jennifer directed her question to Daxton


“I don’t know” Daxton shrugged and laughed but it wasn’t funny. He looked at me “are you okay?”



“I’m fine” I tried my best to keep my voice steady


“you’re sweating” Daxton observed


“am I?”


He nodded


“then I’ll go shower” I got up to my feet “see you later guys”


I hurried out and returned to the hotel. Vivian was just coming out of Daxton’s room when I got to the fifth floor.


“Hi!” she greeted and I ignored her. I just hates her. “Chloe?!”


I stopped by my door and started unlocking it.


“Chloe what’s wrong?”


I rolled my eyes


“nothing is wrong”


“Why are you ignoring me then?” she drew nearer


“because I don’t want to talk to you” I stated and entered my room then locked the door. I didn’t want Daxton to barge in and make me feel jealous again. I peeled off my clothes and went under the shower cubicle.


I was confused. I couldn’t tell how I was feeling. Daxton was playing with me and it just wasn’t fair.


I looked down at the ring I was wearing and remembered his words.




“… If there’s ever a chance for us, then you’re never taking off that ring”


I pressed my eyes close. Did I really love Daxton?



I still couldn’t understand what I felt for Dexter but I was wrong. It definitely wasn’t love.


Then what about Daxton?


I was confused I didn’t want no mistakes.


Then Vivian— I just hated her and I didn’t know why but it definitely wasn’t because of Daxton.


I wasn’t jealous.


I walked out of the bathroom few minutes later and wore new clothes then laid on the bed. I didn’t want to join the others. That was the only thing I could do to avoid strangling Vivian.


I remained in my room until Deborah’s call came in.


I’ve been such a bad daughter. Totally forgetting about my dad.






Chloe?! There’s good news


I sat up



What’s it?



Your dad’s surgery was successful and he can walk now



Oh my God! My dad can walk?



Yes Chloe



And my mom?



She’s fine



Does she come around?



Not really Chloe.. She’s a really busy woman



I want to speak with my dad



He’s with his trainer.. He’s learning how to walk after so many years



Alright.. Don’t forget to call me when he’s done



I won’t



Thank you so much Deborah



I’m glad I could help



She ended the call and I dropped the phone and squealed at the top of my lungs in excitement. I ruffled my hair and started jumping on the bed.


Daxton saved me. Daxton saved my dad.


I kept jumping until the door pushed open and Daxton walked in.


“What?” I froze “I thought I locked the door”


Daxton shrugged and walked in fully “maybe you thought you locked it but you didn’t” he shut the door


“don’t you knock?”


“I did.. For a hundred times but you were screaming and I thought something was happening to you”


“well my dad’s surgery was successful and he can walk again” I squealed and jumped on Daxton


“hey!” He tried pulling away but I held him tight “Chloe we’re going to fall—”


And we lost balance and fell on the bed “I told you”


I chuckled “I’m sorry” but I didn’t release me


“You’re always not thinking”


I laughed “Thank you”


“for your dad?”


I nodded


“I need this instead” Daxton said and kissed me and just then the door opened


“What?” Jennifer’s eyes widened in shock “look what we’ve got here”


She was standing on the door way with Rex, Drake, Chrisella, and Vivian.


I looked at Daxton and he just buried his face in my neck laughing.
















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