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Good Isn’t Good Enough – Episode 25

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She splashed some water on her face as that was the only way out, her heart was almost ripping out of her chest and if she didn’t do anything about it; she knew that she would burst with emotions.


She opened the bathroom door slightly and looked at the sleeping image of her husband, he was still as handsome as the first time she had laid her eyes on him. Oh how she remembered the first time they met. She was in a supermarket getting groceries when he rudely bumped into her, she was having a low day and so she had just looked at him and picked her stuff.



After getting to the till, he offered to pay for her but being the independent woman that she was, she turned down his offer.


They met again a few days later in a café and he offered to buy her breakfast, this time not taking no for an answer.

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They ate and talked about random things, enjoying each other’s company and that was the start of their friendship. They met for breakfast three times in a week and would go for movies on Saturday and do dinner on Sunday.


She couldn’t help falling for him, he was so much like her knight in shining armor.


He adored her and made sure to let her know just how beautiful and intelligent she


was. He was the sanity that she needed and she appreciated this with everything in


her. So when he asked her to marry her a year later, she didn’t hesitate. She had


never been surer about something or someone and here they were eight years later.


He slept peacefully, he had this huge smile on his face that told her everything she


needed to know.

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Jason was cheating!


Tears were for the weak and so she blinked them back, she wasn’t going to cry; at least not for a man that didn’t know the good that he had. At least not for a man that had a jewel at his disposal and yet was out there looking for stones.


She looked at herself on the mirror again and what she saw made her sick to the stomach, this is not the payment she had advocated for; giving her life and time to one man and yet he still had the guts to cheat on her.


She switched off the bathroom light and went to join him in bed, it would be a long night but she needed to rest her body or else things would go really bad.


She opened her eyes with the rising of the sun, it was six in the morning and even though she had turned and tossed throughout the night; she had to get out of bed. ‘Good morning.’ Jason said pulling her in his arms ‘Good morning.’ She responded


He held her a little tighter and kissed her neck.


‘Slept okay?’ she asked


The amount of calmness she was filled with right now was even scaring her ‘Yes I did.’ She responded stretching her self


She excused herself and walked to the bathroom, she wanted to go out; anywhere but here.


So after showering, she settled for a peach tracksuit and a pair of black Vance before walking out without telling him a word





‘Are you okay?’ he asked immediately I walked into the house


I just allowed the tears to fall, I had not expected this to happen but I really needed someone to talk to. He held me close and rubbed my back as I cried my eyes out. Thoughts of my cheating husband kept flooding in my mind and I just didn’t know how best to deal with the situation.


After minutes of crying nonstop, he led me to the couch where he put a fleece blanket over my feet. I was cold and really appreciated the gesture.


He disappeared into the kitchen and came back with two cups of hot tea. ‘Take this, it will calm your nerves.’ He said handing me one


I took it graciously and sipped from it; lemon tea, just the right amount of sweetener like I liked it.


We were silent for a while as I sipped on the tea.


‘What did your husband do?’ he asked putting his cup down I sighed, then put mine as well.


‘Jason is cheating on me.’


He eyed me with shock


‘Yah.’ I said faking a laugh


‘How is that even possible? I mean you two are so much in love, what has changed?’


I looked at him unsure of what to say, even I wasn’t aware of what had gone wrong in my marriage. I was a good wife and mother; I had no idea what I had not done right.


‘Oswald I don’t know where I failed him.’ I said allowing more tears to fall He looked at me with concern, I could see that he was hurt.


‘This lady, do you know her?’




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He didn’t seem surprised or taken back


‘I warned her not to get close to him, that whore!’


‘But you think it is initially her fault? I mean I too wen to see her and all the evidence that we have shows Jason following her.’


He was silent.


‘What do you want to do now?’


‘I don’t know, I love him. I have fallen for him real hard and if I decide to hurt him I know I will be hurting us both.’



‘Let me take care of it, let me find ways of hurting him without directly affecting you.’


I kept quiet, I was a little skeptical about it.


‘What do you want to do?’


He smiled mischievously.


‘Allow me to teach the two a lesson they will never forget.’ He said and I could feel a cold chill run through my back




She was just driving out of the company premises when a car hit her in the back, she hit on the dash board with a bang and she bit her own tongue; tasting the blood in her mouth.


She was just recovering when she was hit again, this time her forehead tearing.


She slowly turned around but everything was blurry and she passed out.
















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