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A Man’s World/ A Woman’s World – Episode 50

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Chapter Fifty



Theme: Tamara’s identity











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Date: 28, September, 2029.


Time: 9:23pm


Location: Foret d’obernai, France


Cara’s Pov:


My face mops into a big smile and Tamara stares at me confused by my strange smile. “Oh Tam did you really think I’m stupid, I knew you would do something like this.”



“What do you mean.” She asked surprise.


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“Oh great now I have to tell you.” I said rolling my eyes.




I was rearranging my stuff in the room Jason gave me, not like I had much anyway, I just wanted to do something since training doesn’t start until tomorrow.


“Hey Cara do you have a minute.” Jason asked walking into my room.


“Yeah, I guess so.” I said placing the lamp on my hand on the side drawer next to my bed.


“It’s about Tamara.” Jason says in a small voice and I stare at him confused. “Here look at this.” Jason says and gives me an old newspaper and I take it.


“Here read the article at page 15.” Jason says and I turn the pages to 15 and read the article in it out loud.


London Times 1403.


Freedom fighters women strikes again by kidnapping 6 more president from different countries all over the world. People are asking if every president in the world will give into their useless demands, will the world be ruled my women? Lots of people are asking.


A picture of the leader was under the article.



“Are you saying this was the reason why a law was made that placed us women under the complete mercy of men.” I asked Henry. This is all so unbelievable, so there is a good reason for this stupid law after all.



“Yeah, you see back then in those years, women had equal rights with men, women were given the chance to become Presidents and Governors, but most women like Mrs Tamara Hall Lyles wanted more and so she ignited rebellion in the heart of many women and thus leading to the law.” Jason explains but one thing caught my attention, the name Tamara Hall Lyles.


“After Tamara was defeated she went underground, nobody heard of her anymore but it turns out Tamara didn’t just disappeared, she started a secret group that consists of women and in the year 1725 they emerge again and tried to over throw men again but just like the first time they got defeated again.”


“So you’re saying even though those women were defeat for a second time they still didn’t back down but went underground again.”


“Yeah that’s right and in 2010 they came back again and this time Tamara was their leader but as you well know she was caught and put in prison.”


“Wow I always though she wanted to free women what I didn’t know was that she wants women to rule, but why does she has the same name as Tamara Hall Lyles.” I asked.


“I guess it was some kind of rule that any other leader after Tamara Hall Lyles, should have the same name.” Jason says shrugging.


“But how did you come to know about this.”


“Let’s just call it hunch, I just didn’t trust her so I had to dig up information about her. I kind of confronted her though and she swore she was on your side and asked me not to tell you that she would tell you about her past.” Jason explains and my mind went back to the time Jason and Tamara had some kind of weird stare standoff.


“So why are you telling me now.”


“Well I just had these feeling to tell you, so I did.” He answers shrugging.



“Well thank you, at least now I know I shouldn’t keep my guards down when it comes to Tamara.” I said grinning and peck Jason on his cheek.




“So you see Tamara, I suspected you would do something like this.” I said smirking at her.


“Well even if you know about me, there’s nothing you can do cause I’m pointing a gun to your fu.cking brain and I also happen to outnumber you.” She says having her signature smirk on.


“Oh you’re really stupid to think you have the upper hand here, I put some sleeping pills in your water this morning, thanks to miss Juliet it’s tasteless.” I said smiling and her face falls for a second only to turn back to a huge grin.


“If you did put sleeping pills in my water then why am I not feeling sleeping.”


“Oh that’s because Miss Juliet is a genius, the pills activate like after three hours and I think it’s exactly three hours now, yeah that’s what my watch says.” I didn’t get to finish talking before Tamara falls to the floor and goes into a very very deep sleep. “Sweet dreams Tam.” I whisper having an evil smile on my face, I totally feel like a bad ass right now.


I turn to the girls in front of me and say, “who want to dance.”


Right that minute a panting Mr George rushed in. “Sorry I’m late did that bitch win.” He asks angrily.


“Nope and you’re just in time for the dance.” I smirk at him and did a round house kick, kicking one of the girls in her face, she lose her balance and falls to the floor and I graciously shoot her into consciousness. 1 down 9 more to go.


“So who’s next.” I asked smiling wickedly and three girls rushed at me immediately, one of them shoots at me and I fall to the floor dodging the bullet. “You know I’ll really appreciate some help here Henry!!.” I shriek.



“Yeah, yeah of course.” Henry says and gets out of his emotional dazed, he shoots 1 of the girls immediately. Well three down seven more to go, scratch that Mr George just took care of one so, 3 down and 7 more to go.


“Ahhhh.” I hear Steve scream and I turn to him, his currently holding a briefcase and there’s a bullet in it.


“Cara what do I do.” Steve questions panicking. He stares at his shooter in panick, still holding up his shield aka briefcase


“You have gun steve, use it.” I yelled at him.


“But I can’t, I’m not a killer.” Steve replies.


“It’s not killing is she’s only going to fall asleep and if you do want to see Cheryl and Sam then you have to use the fu.cking Gun.” I yelled.


“I’ll do it, I want to see my son and my wife again.” Steve chants and throws the briefcase at his shooter, as the girl tries to catch the briefcase, Steve immediately shoots her on her arm and she falls to the floor going into a deep slumber. “You go Steve.” I cheer happily.


“That feels really good, Cheryl will be so proud.” He beams happily. “But just so we clear here I’m not doing that shit again.” He says and I roll my eyes at him.


“There’s only 6 more of them, Mr George you’ll take two, same goes to you Henry and me of course.” I said, Henry and Mr George nods than faced their opponent.


“Well let’s do this the old fashioned way.” One of my opponent says and drops her gun to the floor smirking at me. I smirk at her foolishness and then shoot her, she falls to the floor looking at me in shock.


“Rule number 1: Don’t you ever trust your opponent to play fair.” I said spitting on her, thanks Tam.



“It’s just me and you.” I said pointing my gun at her, she also points her gun at me refusing to back down, I smirk at her then pulled the trigger but nothing happened and then I realized I had no more dart in the damn gun. Fuck.


“It looks like I’ll be doing the shooting after all.” The lady says and pulls the trigger, my eyes widen in shock. Shit.


A Man’s World/A Woman’s World


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