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Diary Of A Tormented Husband – Episode 11

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The next morning, I woke up at around 07:00 am the sun that punched through the window had never felt so good to me, today is going to be a great day I could feel it.


Rolling over the bed, I stretched myself out over the covers I groaned, slid out of bed and stretched my legs. I walked out of the room in search of my wife, when I walked into the kitchen the first thing that hit me was the smell of the food she was cooking.


Kenzie was standing at the stove flipping bacon and eggs moving jerkily. Her hair was secured into two buns, she was wearing nothing more than a lacy nightgown which barely covered anything. I quietly walked towards her and stood behind her, wrapping my hands around her.


She instantly turned around, bumping her eyes into mine, “Morning babe,” she said


“Morning,” I smiled back at her


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“Slept okay?”




Dipping my head, I brushed my lips against hers then she slid her tongue across my lower lip. My tongue slid out and reciprocated the gesture.


“I could get used to this,” I said as we pulled away from each other after that long passionate kiss.


“Oh please.”


I laughed.


“You are a spoiled brat,” she said


“See who is talking.”


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“Girl Bye,” I turned and walked towards the stairs to my room.


I walked back into my room, stripped and headed for the bathroom.


“Babe,” Kenzie called a few minutes into my shower.




“Your phone is ringing, should I bring it over?”


“Who is calling?”


“Mrs. T Sakala.”


Shit Tasha, why was she calling me this early, doesn’t she know I have a wife, does she want to ruin my marriage like she is ruining hers?


“Babe,” she called again


“Just let it ring, I will call her back when I am done.”




I trust my wife not to pick my phone without asking me, she doesn’t even go through it like other women do when they find a chance too, so many times I have left my phone at home and I will find it just the way I left it. My wife is one of a kind, I love her dearly, this fling with Tasha is just an experiment.


When I step out of the bathroom a few minutes later, the bed has been made and there are some clean clothes laid on top of the bed.


I drop my towel and lotion my body. After that I quickly get dressed, I have a meeting in the morning I don’t want to be late. I was almost done when my wife walked in.


“Let me help you with that,” she gets close to me and adjusts my tie. When she finished, she took a step back,” You look great my husband, I could look at you all day.”


“Thank you darling, this is your doing.”


“Breakfast is ready i will join you after I take a shower.”




I walked out of my room to the dinning where breakfast has been set, I pull a chair and sit down before I pour myself a cup of coffee.


A moment later, Sofia walks into the dining room, wearing her school uniform.


“Morning princess,” I great her as I help her to sit on her chair.


“Morning daddy.”


“How was your night?”


She shrugs, “It was okay.”




“I fell last night and mummy laughed at me.”


“She did?”




“Sorry, we need to punish mummy for laughing at you.”


She giggled, “Please do.”


I poured her some coffee and put bread and bacon on her plate. After we were done, I stood up and Sofia did too.


“You are guys are done?” my wife asked when she walked into the room.




She frowned, “You couldn’t wait for me?”


“I have an early meeting.”




“You look awesome,” I said eyeing her from head to toe, she was wearing a yellow off the shoulder shirt, blue ripped jeans and sneakers. My wife owns and runs a restaurant in town.


“Babe we have to go now,” I lean in and lightly kiss her lips.


“Ill,” Sofia pouts


“Jealous people never win,” my wife laughs at her.


“Oh please.”


Sofia grabs her bag, “Buddy let’s get going,” I said


“Bye mummy.”


Kenzie walks over to her and gives her a good bye hug, “Enjoy your day darling, i love you too.”


She giggled, “Love you too mommy


We walked towards the door and stepped out of the house. Once in the car, I drove to Sofia’s school, dropped her off before I drove myself for work.




“Talia!” I angrily scream, “You are wasting my time, will you please allow Auntie Fatima to get you ready for school?” I asked


“No,” she screamed back at me, “I want my daddy.”


“Lord,’ I drew in a sharp breath, I was this close to snapping at her and her sister, these girls have given me and Fatima a hard time, apparently they want their father to get them ready for school but where am I gonna get Fred from, he left, it’s not like I kicked him out.


“For the last time please stop whining and get ready for school,” I said in a cold harsh tone.


“No! I want my daddy,” she said again.


“Your father left, he doesn’t fu.cking care about you,” I yelled to her before she burst into tears.


“Daddy! Daddy!”


“You know what? Don’t go to school if you want,” With that said, I march to my room and finish getting dressed, satisfied with my look, I grab my handbag and walk out.


“Does it mean that they won’t go to school?” Fatty asked


“Just let them be I will see you later.”


I walked out of the house and went straight to my car, before I could drive out, my phone rang. I checked the caller I.D, it was Kai. I had tried to call him earlier on but he didn’t answer.


“Hello,” I answered in a cold


“Good morning beautiful,” he said


I blushed and smiled cutely, ”Hey you.”


“I am sorry I missed your call, I was in the shower.”




“Are you okay?”


“The kids are driving me crazy.”




“They keep asking for their father, they didn’t even go to school today.”More interesting stories from generalloaded.com.


“And have you talked to your husband?”


“No, he is a grown ass man he should be the one to reach out.”


‘I am sorry you had a rough morning.”


“I feel better now that I am talking to you.”




“Yes, you brighten up my day, maybe I am slowly getting addicted to you,” I laughed


“Does that mean you will give us a chance?”


“Let’s wait and see what the future holds,” I said




“Are you at work?”


“On my way. You?”


“About to drive out.”


“I will bring you lunch at your work place.”




“Take care.”


“You too.”


He ended the call and in felt a whole lot better, Kai is amazing, why didn’t I meet him earlier? With the way things are going with Fred, I might be tempted to accept Kai’s proposal.






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