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Blue Maid – Episode 14

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Belinda: Jeez! What the hell are you doing here and why are you on my bed?

Blue was frightened and jerked off the bed. She couldn’t talk but blame herself inwardly for forgetting the reason she was in Belinda’s room.

Belinda : excuse me! Who are you and what are you doing in my room.

Actually Belinda was startled when she came into her room casually and saw someone on her bed. She wasn’t expecting anyone to be there.

She also haven’t met Blue yet and the way she looked, she didn’t seem like a maid. Maybe because she wasn’t with their uniform yet.

Blue: I… I’m a maid here and I was instructed to clean your room.

Belinda : huh. Maid? Wait…. Are you one of the new maids?

Blue lifted up her head and then Bel caught a full glance at her face and her eyes widened.

Blue: yes

Belinda : gosh! You’re really pretty. And you’re not on makeup. Wait….. Are those Blue eyes? Jeez, Adrian’s gonna love you

Blue : huh. Please who is Adrian?

Bel: never mind. Anyway thank goodness you’re not old. You should be just a year older than me. Which means you should know what I’d like. And please do you know any beauty tips?

Blue: uhmm, no I don’t. But Audrey does a lot. I mean my friend, the other new maid

Belinda : great! Someone’s having a birthday party and I’m invited. But I fired my stylist and makeup artist just now cos I hate her styles.

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Anyway I’m off to the pool. You can do your cleaning now

Then she left

Blue heaved a sigh of relief

Blue: phew! I was so scared when she came in. Thought she was gonna be a bossy lady but she’s quite the opposite. Just like her brother.

When she finished, she took her bucket and went out but while climbing down the stairs, she slipped and fell. The bucket of dirty water tried to roll over but she held it and just small amount of water was spilled.

Blue: oh no! My feet is bruised

She lifted up her feet and looked at the bruise just below her big toe.

It was the railing that caused it.

She stayed there on the stairs for about 3mins when she remembered that she was supposed to get up.

She didn’t want anybody to know that she hurt herself on the 1st day of work. It was a bad omen and besides not a good scene to see her leaping.

She got up and leaped into the glassroom for keeping things. She rinsed the mop and bucket and kept them in their place.

She quickly leaped to a corner and sat down, looked around and stared back at her feet.

She placed her fingers over the bruise and when she withdrawed her hand, the bruise and the pain was gone.

She stood up and walked as if nothing happened into the kitchen to get Belinda’s cupcakes upstairs.

The Chief maid had given them a menu about when and where things should be done for Derek and Belinda.

And how each of them wanted it done. The chief maid had also assigned them working shifts.

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That is, if Blue was to work for Belinda this week. Then Audrey will be for Derek and vice versa.

Blue got upstairs and dropped the cupcakes on Belinda’s bedside table. The floor was already getting dried so she didn’t slip off.

Immediately she got out, she bumped into Audrey

Blue: hey

Audrey : oh Blue be careful. I saw you earlier, when you missed a step and fell

Blue’s eyes widened

Audrey : I saw you looking at your leg. Did u get injured? I’m sorry I couldn’t run to you. I really had to lock Derek’s room. But when I was through, you already leaped away and I couldn’t call you back

She tried to look at Blue’s feet to know the one that got injured.

Blue: huh. Nothing happened to me

Audrey : but I saw you leaping away. I didn’t call you cos I didn’t want to stress my voice. That’s why I came to see you here

Blue: oh thanks Aud. But I didn’t get injured. My leg just hurt a little but it’s okay now

Audrey : okay. What are you gonna do now?

Blue : nothing for now. But when Bel gets back from the pool I’ll have to arrange her things and take them to the laundry

Audrey : her swimming stuff or whatever? Well don’t they have a pool for maids

Blue : hahaha. Or a maids dinner night

Alice: sweetheart! Did u even listen at all

Derek : of course I’ve been listening. I heard every word

Alice : then why did it seem that I was talking to myself? You’re lying to me

Derek : okay, you said you were planning on going to Glasgow to work on your new job as a secretary right. And that you want me to follow you, so we both could live there and not miss each other

Alice: exactly baby. I know your dad has houses there, we could just live in one together until we get…

Derek : I’m not going to Glasgow with you

Alice: what? Why? That’s not a bad idea at all. It’s just a means for us to be together. Why are you always objecting to what I say. You never support me

Derek : it’s not about support Alice. Look sweetheart, I want to be with you as much as you want to be with me. But I really don’t want to go and live in Glasgow. I mean, I still have unfinished business here

Alice: what’s the unfinished business Derek. Aren’t u out of college, you’re supposed to have a job already

Derek : I’m not out of college yet

Alice: what do you mean

Derek : I’m still on my exams. You don’t even know anything about what I do. What kind of a girl are you

Alice: you’re the one who doesn’t tell me anything. You keep hiding things from me.

He rubbed his fingers on his temple and squeezed his face. This was supposed to be a romantic date and actually it was until she came up with the idea of going to Glasgow and working for a politician as his secretary.

Derek : why do you even have to work for that man anyway

Alice: and why do you care? I thought you didn’t care about me. So what I do is none of your business.

Ahh, Derek was already getting to the maximum tolerance for Alice’s behavior. He was going to blow up if she continues to give him that attitude.

Derek: I said why do u have to work for that man. He’s no good. He’s gonna turn you into a sex slave. And you, you’re just not strong enough for that. I know you’re going to say the money you get is very much. But come on, I can afford anything you need. Don’t just go to Glasgow

Alice: what. Are you just saying that I should put my every needs on you. No way, I want to be responsible. And I’m going to Glasgow whether you want me to or not. It’s none of your business . So stay out of it

Derek was now totally enraged

Derek : well then suit yourself!

His voice was raised and he took his car keys and stormed out of the five star restaurant.

Without even paying the bills.

Everyone seemed to turn and look at her and then to him.

She felt embarrassed and angry at the same time.

She called on the waiter and paid then stormed out herself.

It was 8:30pm when Derek came home drunk. He had gone to the club and drink out his anger.

He managed to drive home safe. He was so dizzy and his eyes were spinning. He was so damn high.

He’s dad had gone out of the country with the king of Edinburgh to Ireland for a meeting so no one was going to scold him.

He had this habit of breaking rules sometimes, tagging him as a bad boy.

Derek carefully went up the stairs not even minding the different bows he got from the servants.

Audrey was in Blue’s room listening to music when she remembered that she didn’t bring down Derek’s curtains to his French door. And the lights were on so everything in the room would be visible from outside.

She begged Blue to help her out with it cuz she was feeling too lazy to get up.

Blue agreed and went to his room and brought down the huge curtains.

She decided to check on Belinda. She knocked and Belinda yelled from inside,

Belinda: the door’s open!

Blue opened the door and got in

Blue : hi Belinda

Bel: hey Blue

Blue : I just came to check on you. Is there anything you’d like me to do for you before bedtime

Bel: well I’m just reading this book. It’s pretty interesting that I don’t want to leave it and get a soda from my fridge. Could you help me please?

Blue: hahahaha. Okay

She got the soda, opened it and handed it over to Bel.

Bel: oh thank you. That’d be all for today. Good night

Blue: good night ma’am

Blue could hear Bel chuckle. Maybe it was because she called her ma’am. She closed the door and walked down the hallway but stopped when she heard someone calling on to her

Derek : hey

She turned back and saw it was him.

Blue: yes sir

Derek : come here!

His voice was like a command and a little harsh. She hesitated when she found out that he was drunk

Derek : I said come here you Blue Maid!

Blue: huh. Blue Maid. I’m I Now blue in color?

Derek : are you stupid? Aren’t u the new maid with the blue eyes. Is your name not Blue? You are the blue maid. And I said come here!

She got a little bit confused. Whether to listen to her boss or move away because he was drunk. But she decided to go to him. She didn’t want him to get angry in his mood.

She was startled when he grabbed her hand and pulled her into his room. Banging the door behind him.

She let out a scream and tried to wriggle free out of his front when he pinned her to the wall.

To Be Continued

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