Adebimpe, The Facebook Girl ???? (Season 7) Episode 1 - 32

Adebimpe: The Facebook Girl – Episode 178

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We hanged out with henry and his family throughout the Christmas day and it was fun all through ranging from drinks to dance and eating. I brought gifts for Daniella and BIMPE to show my appreciation to them and later in the evening, henry and I sat down to discuss one on one on how we would go about meeting his daddy.
HENRY: Mr onihaxy, so how do you think we can go about it because I have thought about it and couldn’t get a clue
ME: I’m thinking of getting her pregnant before the revelation so that daddy won’t have any other choice.
HENRY: ****smiled*** so, you want to fire shots at my sister isn’t it?
ME: ****Smiled******
HENRY: it’s a nice suggestion though. but are you really ready to take her responsibilities when this thing happens?
ME: of course sir, I’m always prepared
HENRY: Hmmmmmmmmmmm. no problems sha. I’m also thinking if I can talk to two or three of daddy’s friend to help us in appealing to him about the issue.
ME: I think that one too is ok.
HENRY: anyhow sha, when two of you are back from akure, we will discuss better and finalize on any approach we need to follow.
ME: Ok sir, thank you very much sir.
HENRY: you are welcome.
we discussed and had more fun until late night when we are about to go back home but Henry and his wife insisted that we must sleep over, Betty and I stayed back after so many pleas and we stayed in Betty’s room.
In the morning on December 26th, we are set to embark on our journey to akure, Henry gave a sum of N200,000 to Betty for her trip and to also get something’s for grandma in Ekiti. we left lekki and came back to my house in Maryland to big our bags and gift items we have prepared to give to my family and her own Family. Betty and I departed from Lagos at 12pm for Akure.
two days earlier, I have informed my siblings to help me in going to my apartment in akure and clean up the place for me before I arrived, I was so sure that dust and cobwebs must have taken over everywhere since it had been long I left the room. I used to live in the second house built by my parents and the house is a bit far from my family house. Betty and I arrived akure at around 6pm in the evening and my mother and siblings were so happy to see us. I became to talk of the street that evening as I came home with a very pretty woman and a car and people began to stop over to greet me. mummy and my siblings met Betty and they started flowing in deep Yoruba language. one thing I liked about Betty is that when she speaks English, she is always fluent in American accent like a real American, and when she speaks Yoruba, she is also fluent in it like someone born and brought up in the village. Betty gave out the numerous gift items she brought for my family and they were so happy.
Betty faced some set of interview from mummy as I overheard mummy asking questions about state, town, religion, background and so on while I was charting with my immediate sister outside who was hailing me for bringing home the best wife ever seen. “brother, that girl is so pretty and fresh, you are very lucky oooo”. I later overheard both Betty and mummy laughing out loudly from inside the living room and I was like ” for them to be laughing out like that, Betty must have passed her interviews”.
mummy prepared pounded yam and Betty helped her in preparing the soup, soon, the food was ready and we ate and had a family discussion during the meal. At few minutes past 8pm, it was getting dark at the outside and I told mummy that Betty and I wanted to start going home, “going home to where?, she is sleeping here with me tonight. if you want to go, you are free” was what mummy said to me while Betty was seated beside her smiling. ” Betty, is that true?” I asked her and she told me that her mother in law has the final say. oooooh!!!!, see conspiracy ooooooo!!!!, I shouted as I sat back in the chair to also stay behind since I have no other choice. later at 11pm, mummy went into her room to sleep and Betty with my sister and I remained in the living room and was watching movie till 2pm when my sister was about to go to her room and she insisted that Betty must sleep with her. “haha, what is all this now?” I said and I asked Betty if she accepted and she told me her inlaws have the final say. both of them left me and I slept alone in the living room till day break.
At 10am in the morning, we were set to leave mummy’s place to go to my own apartment with an agreement to first stop over at segun’s place before going home. we drove to segun’s house and segun was so happy to see Betty, they hugged each other and started discussing as if they have met each other before. segun brought out drinks from his fridge and we started conversations.
SEGE: Betty. thanks so much for taking good care of my friend. it really showed on him that some actually cared for him.
BETTY: Haba!!!!, why thanking me na??, if I don’t take care of my husband, who will.
ME: ****Laughed******
SEGE: and thanks for introducing Sandra to me. I so much appreciated it
BETTY: don’t mention Jor. how far with the two of you, hope you guys are getting along?
SEGE: of course we are. I just spoke with her nit quiet long.
BETTY: and she never gave me updates oooo.. she only said you are nice and caring, that’s all.
ME: you know the adage says “when husband finally meet his wife,, the intermediate will have to step aside”
BETTY: meaning?
ME: she might not be able to update you again
BETTY: You are not serious, who is the intermediate?, I’m uncle segun’s mother in law in case you don’t know. I can decided to withdraw Sandra from him right away and nothing will happen.
SEGE: Haaaaaaa!!!!!, Betty, please don’t do that oooooo. onihaxy, please don’t call her intermediary again, she is my mother in law.
we all laughed as we continued to chat and have fun until 4pm when we decided to leave , segun hugged two of us and followed us to outside where we entered into the car and drove off. we got home I realized that there was nothing to eat or drink at home as everywhere was empty. I told Betty to sit down on my bed while I went out to buy drinks , foodstuffs and ingredients for us to use. I picked my photos which I kept in an envelope from the trolley and gave it to her to go through and keep herself busy before my arrival. 40 minutes later, I was back into the house with drinks and food items. I dropped the drinks inside the fridge and kept me foodstuffs in the kitchen.. I noticed that Betty was moody all this while that I was moving all the things.
“Betty, what is. wrong with you?”, I asked her and she replied me saying that nothing happened. we both went into the kitchen, prepared meal and some other things and j still observed that Betty was still moody. I continued to pester her to tell me what happened and she still insisted that nothing was wrong with her. we had our dinner in the night at 7pm and we fell back on the bed thereafter.
BETTY: onihaxy, for how long have you been staying in akure?
ME: since I was born
BETTY: waoooh, you mean you spent all your years here before coming to Lagos?
ME: not really, I attended my primary and secondary school here in akure and my university was at another town here in ondo state too.
BETTY: what about service?
ME: I served in Ogun state. I thought I told you before,
BETTY: Yeah, I remembered. so you mean you have never been elsewhere aside south west?
ME: yes, except for once when I travelled to Niger state for a test, I later stopped over to check on a friend in abuja and spent like a day or two before coming back to this side..
BETTY: hmmmmmmmmmmm
ME: so why did you ask?
BETTY: Ok, from what I heard, aunt BIMPE grew up in portharcourt till her tertiary education level before relocating to Abuja and Lagos about few years ago. So where and how did two of you got to meet each other in the first place?
ME: *******Chaiiii!!!!!, I am bursted!!!!!!******** yeah I remember. I think it was when I was in abuja with my friend I told you about.
BETTY: but I thought you told me the other day that it was at a filling station in portharcout that you guys met each other.
ME: yeah, it was at a filling station but it was in Abuja and not portharcourt. maybe it was a slip of tongue from me.
BETTY: no problems.
ME: ***scared**** why did you ask?
BETTY: nothing, just felt like asking. that reminds me, how about your cousin whom you told me about that he dated two sisters or something, how did he later resolve it?
ME: Its been long since I heard from him oooooo, i don’t know how he later resolved it sha.
BETTY: *****smiled****** Onihaxy!!!!!!!!!
ME: why calling my name that way.
BETTY: onihaxy, i just want you to tell me the Truth and nothing but the truth. what really happened between you and aunty bimpe.
ME: what happened as how?
BETTY: hold on ***** brought out 3 pictures from my photo album and showed it to me and I was shocked to see that it was bimpe’s pictures which I collected from her when she visited me in akure***** onihaxy, take a good look at this pictures from your album, this are pictures of my brother’s wife and she appeared to be much younger here. and from the watermarks on the pictures, they are showing that they are campus pics. not only that, I never saw these pics at your house in ado ekiti, neither did I see it in Lagos until I found them here in akure. I have also checked through her social media account and couldn’t find any of this pictures there which shows that it was printed out from internet, and her pictures is the only female picture in your album . so, can you give me the explanations I demanded for now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
ME: ******* chaiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, finally,, my secrets has been exposed!!!!!!!!!!!!*************

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