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Thank You Next – Episode 7

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We just had our last practice for the main day and I was so excited. I have always loved to perform since my childhood. I did ballet, I joined the school opera, the school music club in 3rd grade, and now I’m a cheerleader.


“Who was that guy?” Thelma asked giving me a mischievous look.



“What? What guy?” I asked absentmindedly as I opened my locker in the girls locker room.


“Oh Nicole, I’m your bestie! I’m not trying to steal him away like the other girls.” She said honestly.

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“He was my crush when we were little.” I smiled and she seemed even more excited.


“Butttttt…” I stressed


“He moved out years ago so whatever we had for each other is gone.” I said and she looked at me like I just bursted her bubble.


“Are you sure?” She teased.


“Thels!” I chuckled.


“What was he doing here anyway?” She said untying her hair from a bun.


“Guess who’s a newbie!” I giggled excitedly.


“No way!” She squealed.

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“That’s the perfect guy to get back at Max with.” She added.


“I really don’t-”


“It’ll be cool!” She exclaimed.


“We really shouldn’t-”


“Come on please! Just for the fun of it!” She pleaded.


“Okay fine. But nothing too extreme?” I obliged.


“Yea yea.” She said and mocked a yawn.







“Okay bye Thels.” I said and hung up. Since we brought our separate cars, she decided we talk on the phone while we drove home.


_I know, crazy Thelma_


I got down from my car and made sure it was locked before stepping inside.


“Mom!” I called and got no response.


_Maybe she’s at the grocery store. Oh well!_


I went upstairs and opened the door to my room and boom!


“Max!” I exclaimed and he just sat on my bed, smirking.


“What are you doing here?!” I freaked and threw my bag on the floor.


“What are you doing with him?” He asked, standing up.


“With who?” I folded my arms in a defensive manner.


“With the grey eyed guy you were gushing all over for.” He was coming closer, probably trying to intimidate me but I chose not to move. If nothing else, his height was really intimidating, but he was compensated for that with his cute baby face and light brown eyes with blonde hair to match his eyes.


“I owe you no explanation.” I said looking up to him straight in the eye. He had his face really close to me, I could smell his alcohol breath, I just had to move a little.


He clenched his fist and frowned his face at me like he was going to hit me.


“Hey have you been drinking?” I asked trying to ease up the tension in the air.



He looked back and pointed at the floor where all the empty cans he had already drank laid and he did all that in my room! I freaked out.


“Max you can’t do that! This is my room!” I yelled.


“And you’re my girl!” He grabbed me by my hips which were a little too wide for my age but I guess it’s a blessing for the women of the Blues family.


Mom’s words, not mine.


Next thing I knew, I was pressed against his rocky body, engaged in a hot kiss. His tongue made it’s way through my lips and I obliged, I felt like he was sucking every bit of anger out of me. I loved him but I also liked Nathan and what’s worse, my childhood crush was back!


“Max stop.” I managed to say after a long kiss. I held him on his chest and gently pushed him away.


“Nicole you don’t have to do this please. I’m sorry.” He said and I could see a tear forming in his eye. But I guessed it was just one of his tricks to get me tied up again in the abusive relationship. Come on not physically but he was abusing my heart with all the girls that flocked around him, he was the school’s best soccer player so I saw it coming the very first day I said yes to him.


“Yes I do.” I said, walking away from him to my bed which I sat on.


“But why? It was just a kiss.” He said.


“Which you enjoyed.” I snapped.


“It won’t happen again Nicole.” He pleaded.


“Oh that’s what you said when it happened with Emily and Bailey and Alexa and Fiona and Flora and–” he shut me up with a kiss and that was when I noticed he was also sitting on the bed with me.


“C’mon, it was a long time ago.” He said.


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“Yea. And I’m tired of it.” I snapped.


“Can you please forgive me.” He pleaded.


“You see? That’s exactly what I’m tired of… Forgiving you. Only for you to repeat the same things over and over again and I just keep forgiving you like a no good desperate bitch.” I said.


“But–” he said and I cut him off.


“No buts, I’m done okay? I’m so over with this.” I said, standing up and walking to the door.


“Now please leave.” I opened the door gesturing for him to leave.


“I… Didn’t come in from there.” He said with a tone of sadness in his voice and I suddenly felt bad for him.


“Then get out the way you came in!” I yelled.


“Okay.” He said with so much sadness in his voice but just when I thought the drama was over, he walked over to my window and jumped out.


_What the!_


“I’ve gotta tell mom to cut down that tree.” I muttered.


There was a tree close to my window, making it easy for anyone to climb into my room.












Okay guys let’s talk. If you were in Nicole’s situation, would you forgive Max again for the umpteenth time???!!!!

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